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Gossip magazine & celebrity culture


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About Gossip Magazines and Celebrity Culture. Media

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Gossip magazine & celebrity culture

  1. 1. Gossip Magazine & Celebrity Culture Tom Meads & Rosie Harbridge
  2. 2. The good about Gossip Magazines: • Lots of people - especially woman, buy gossip magazines every week to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and true life stories that has hit the tabloids. Most people believe they need to know the celebrity gossip - which lets be honest, we all love to know what's going on as were all incredibly nosey. • Celebrity Gossip Boasts Our Self-Esteem. • helps us bond with our friends. The act of gossiping - talking, listening, sharing secrets and stories - bonds us together and helps us to form friendships and distinctive group identities. • Celebrity Gossip gives us a common Vocabulary. • teach us lessons. we learn about the social actions and interests of those around us. We learn how to act - and how not to act - in certain situations.
  3. 3. The bad about Gossip magazines • Gossip magazines are unhealthy as they promote celebrity lifestyles which aren't realistic to normal life. • Gossip often hurts people and creates negative opinions of celebrities in peoples minds on facts written in these magazines which aren't necessarily true. • Talking about people is a bad habit and these magazines do this as the basis of there articles and makes readers copy this behaviour which creates many problems such as insecurity and loneliness.
  4. 4. The Good about celebrity culture. In a fantasy world we’d be motivated purely by the love of justice and our generosity. But most of us are not like that. We need a lot of encouragement – a lot of persuasion – before we direct or thoughts and money and effort, to distant strangers. Therefore celebrity culture is a good things as we watch celebrities help people we feel the need to idolize (copy) them and do the same. Without celebrity culture the majority of people wouldn’t feel like they needed to help people.
  5. 5. The bad about celebrity culture • Celebrities are role models for many, but mostly the younger generation. Celebrities breaking laws and having public scandals are at an all time high which affects how young people think and what they think is right and wrong. An example of this is pop star Justin Beiber who was arrested for hitting a paparazzi. The star has a huge fan base around the world and who mostly consist of young girls. If they see there role model hit a paparazzi, what's to stop them thinking its okay to do the same.