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130709 united rebranding(interbrand)_final


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This was a rebranding effort I undertook for a large consultancy. It details an analysis of the history of United, the competitive landscape, and a branding solution to refresh the iconic company.

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130709 united rebranding(interbrand)_final

  1. 1. Rebranding U N I T E D Restoring brand value and promise to the world’s greatest airline
  2. 2. Rebranding United Answering the 3 questions: 1. Who is United’s audience? (Hint: there are several of them …) 2. What are their problems? 3. What is the solution?
  3. 3. Rebranding United History of United’s brand and business Service has suffered from lack of brand vision What are other airlines doing? Looks like customers are liking that. How do you get them back? Answer: New brand, new marketshare.
  4. 4. Rebranding United History: Both Continental and United were born during adversity.
  5. 5. Rebranding United And it seems like they were a perfect match.
  6. 6. But problems were afoot, and the brand was beleaguered by the age-old “airline fees” gripe. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Rebranding United
  7. 7. Rebranding United And it wasn’t just a customer complaint …
  8. 8. Rebranding United United Continental on Mend After ‘Awful’ Year, CEO Says –
  9. 9. Rebranding United And the critics started bellowing …
  10. 10. … though their complaints weren’t unfounded. Rebranding United
  11. 11. Rebranding United Funny enough, United was and is improving …
  12. 12. The problem is: Nobody knows about it. ^^^ United’s intranet, Rebranding United
  13. 13. Rebranding United Additionally, the merger resulted in a significant boost to the United company’s fleet size.
  14. 14. Rebranding United “Mature = Better with Age” or “Mature = Old”? “Mechanicals” cause chaos. Customers having to make up for lost time in very creative ways.
  15. 15. Though I’m not sure they’re smiling this much.
  16. 16. Rebranding United
  17. 17. Rebranding United T O D A Y ?
  18. 18. Rebranding United
  19. 19. Following the Asiana Crash, United Responds United, a Star Alliance partner to Asiana Airlines, sent its own crew members to assist with the July 6 crash at SFO with fire and medical emergencies.
  20. 20. Rebranding United But even despite these recent efforts, the latest customer service satisfaction ratings rank them as the lowest airline.
  21. 21. Rebranding United What are other airlines doing?
  22. 22. Rebranding United Airline Known For: • Cheapest flights? • Coolest in-flight experience? • Newest technology? • Nicest global flights? • Most routes? (Trick question…) • Best frequent-flier and premium-flier programs? • Best customer service? My Answers: • Southwest, Virgin, JetBlue • Lufthansa, Virgin, KLM, Qatar, Delta • Virgin, Delta, British Airways • Lufthansa, Qatar, Singapore • American + US Airways, United, Lufthansa, Delta • Air Berlin, Virgin, Lufthansa, AirTran, United, Southwest • ?
  23. 23. Looks like customers are liking that.
  24. 24. How do you get them back?
  25. 25. Largest + Leading = GREATEST
  26. 26. Rebranding United Answer: Develop a new brand, attract a new marketshare.
  27. 27. Brand Story Travel. It's in our blood as Americans. We left in search of something new. We left to follow our dreams. United was born during adversity, just like most of you were—if you're human, there's difficulty. And the airline has seen America through some of its toughest times. It has flown you to meet loved ones after disaster and toward the horizon of your brilliant new career. It has united moms and dads with grandparents seeing their grandchild for the first time. It has united adoptive parents with their new baby setting foot on foreign soil. It is an iconic American company whose triumph over setbacks has proven it will refresh its attitude, revamp its look and rebuilt its assets to keep its customers and maintain its indelible imprint on the global psyche, the new frontier of American business. We are growing, changing and maturing just like you are. We get excited about progress and never stop working for perfection, just like you do. Its pilots are the men and women who went the extra mile in school to become, for some, the first "female pilot" their families knew, and to ensure their excellence was the thing that took you up and brought you down safely. Its flight attendants, ground crew and travel agents are your mothers, sisters, cousins and brothers who live to travel, just like you do. Its founders wouldn't settle for just an American airline, they wanted a global one, just like you do, with hubs in every place your heart desires to be and stops in every city on your bucket list. We said "Yes!" to the future just like you did. This is United: a triumph of human spirit and expansion, along with you on the journey to the new frontier. And it's not just the exploration of space that we seek, but the mapping of every internal and external place worth going. Be united with your dreams. AUDIO CLIP:
  28. 28. Rebranding United All that is to say, the new Brand Proposition is here: We’re in the business of uniting people with their dreams. Brand Proposition in Practice: Streamlining essentials, customizing the rest.
  29. 29. Rebranding United Everything else cascades from the Brand Story and Brand Proposition, “We’re in the business of uniting people with their dreams.” The rest of the downstream business details will be put to the test: Does this meal create a memory for me? If not, which brand can we bring in to co-partner with to make it memorable? Is that a dreamy voyage? Am I floating through this experience, among the clouds? If not, start over.
  30. 30. Rebranding United Tagline: A Breadth of Fresh Air. Speaks to the width of: • Travel scope or places to go • Greater spectrum of choices as a consumer • One of the largest and most diverse fleets in the industry
  31. 31. Rebranding United Ad Idea: Why be in the clouds without the cloud? Introducing wi-fi on 787 Dreamliner™ flights. Giving you the technology you need to work and the inspiration to finish the job.
  32. 32. Rebranding U N I T E D Restoring brand value and promise to the world’s greatest airline