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Innovations in Rural Mobility

For the Mobility, Economic Resilience, and Substance Use Disorder Workshop for Southeastern Kentucky on November 17, 2020, David Kack and Karalyn Clouser (Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University) provided examples of Innovations in Rural Mobility. The research includes examples related to active transportation, vehicle-based transportation, technology applications, and more.

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Innovations in Rural Mobility

  1. 1. Innovations in Rural Mobility
  3. 3. Why Rural?
  4. 4. Mobility: A Means To An End
  5. 5. Cost of Mobility Housing 33% Transportation 17% Food 13% Healthcare 8% Entertainment 5% Clothing 3% Insurance& Pensions 11% Other 10% Consumer Spending by Category Source: 2019 Consumer Expenditures. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor Note: In 1917 transportation was 2% of the budget, or the 6th highest expense
  6. 6. Cost of Mobility Annual Cost to Own & Operate a Car Source: AAA Your Driving Costs 2019 Edition Annual Mileage Small Sedan Medium Sedan Large Sedan Small SUV Medium SUV Minivan Pickup Avg. 10,000 $6,060 $7,487 $8,994 $7,182 $8,743 $8,705 $9,163 $8,048 15,000 $7,114 $8,643 $10,403 $8,394 $10,625 $10,036 $10,839 $9,385 20,000 $8,185 $9,817 $11,836 $9,629 $11,819 $11,389 $12,557 $10,747 Note: Based on 250 working days, 10,000 miles equals 40 miles per day 15,000 miles equals 50 miles per day
  7. 7. Are You A One Percenter? 1/24 = 4.2% x 25% = 1.05%
  8. 8. Where to Start: No Simple Formula Imagine an improved transit/public transportation system in the area… What does that look like? Who does it serve?
  9. 9. Defining Terms • Feasibility – “capable of being done or carried out” • Need – “a strong feeling that you must have or do something” • Necessary – “so important that you must do it or have it” Source: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
  10. 10. Rural Mobility Examples
  11. 11. Active Transportation Examples
  12. 12. Bike Share • Koloni Bike Share • Pocahontas, IA (pop. 1,789) • City managed, hybrid bike share program • Refurbished bikes, repaired by local volunteers • Rental cost: $2/hr • Since its formal launch in 2018, has had avg. 75 riders/month • Plans to incorporate other types of bikes (adaptive bikes, e-scooters) Source: Koloni
  13. 13. Bike Libraries • Allen County Bike Share • Allen Co., KS (pop. 12,444) • "Bike Library" model • Rental cost: FREE – just provide picture ID & sign a waiver • Available at 6 locations across 4 neighboring communities • Grant funded through BCBS of KS • Maintained by local bike shop • Millinocket Memorial Library • Millinocket, ME (pop. 4,269) • Bikes, Boats, Skis, Snowshoes – Gear Library • Offers Bike repairs too Source: Thrive Allen County
  14. 14. Blink Rides – E-Scooters • Bozeman, MT (pop. 48,532) • E-scooter share • 100 scooters available in "parking zones" at key commercial districts and downtown • Scooter must be parked in designated "parking zone" to end ride • Rental cost: $1.50 for first minute, $0.30/minute afterwards Source: Blink Rides
  15. 15. Greenways/Trail Systems • Granville Greenways - (Granville Co, NC – pop. 60,443) • Partnership between County, municipalities, and local schools to create a system of trails • Adopted Granville County Greenway Master Plan in 2006 • Proposed 22 trails throughout the County • Funded by Eat Smart Move More NC “How can we not love a strong greenway system which offers people a safe way to get around, whether for transportation or pleasure, using pedal or foot power? Greenways can help preserve our environment and open spaces and provide a connection to the rural world which is such a big part of Granville County’s identity. I am hopeful that as the years pass, Granville County will have an exemplary greenway system that will become a destination for others as well as serve its own residents well.” Jackie Sergent, Commissioner City of Oxford Source: Granville Greenways
  16. 16. Technology-Focused Examples
  17. 17. Vamos Mobility •San Joaquin Co., CA (pop. 762,148) •Stanislaus Co., CA (pop 550,660) •MaaS smartphone application •Fixed-routes and connections to dial- a-ride services •Future updates - trip reservations, buy tickets, access other services Source: Vamos
  18. 18. HealthTran • Administered by the Missouri Rural Health Association • Goal to reduce missed medical appointments due to transportation barriers • Works with local champions and community stakeholders to address mobility needs • Provides support and coordination to connect riders with transportation options including creating a network of volunteer drivers Source: HealthTran
  19. 19. Glacier NP Ride-Match • Developed a ride-matching database • Goal to reduce single-occupancy work trips and reduce congestion on Going to the Sun Road • Website allows park employees to search and match rides • Also used as an informal carrier service Source: Glacier National Park
  20. 20. Vehicle-Based Examples
  21. 21. Needles Car Share Program • Needles, CA (pop. 4,982) • Partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car • 2 vehicles, available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week • Rental: $5/hr (gas card provided) • Provides access for essential trips (groceries, medical appointments, etc.) Source: Victor Valley Transit Authority
  22. 22. Green Raiteros - Rideshare • Electric rideshare program in rural Huron, CA (pop. 7,288) • Connects mostly rural Latino and agricultural families in the Central Valley to Fresno • Volunteer drivers (raiteros) • Riders can book a ride via phone or at the Green Raiteros office • Hope to expand the program with more vehicles and a smartphone app Source: EVgo
  23. 23. Pelivan Transit • Curb-to-curb rural transportation program and tribal transit program in NE Oklahoma • Provides service to 7 counties and 10 area tribal jurisdictions • Service includes employment routes connecting area cities, a trolley loop, education routes, and medical routes • Provided over 172,000 rides in 2017- 2018 • Plans to go green through alternative fuels Source: Pelivan Transit
  24. 24. Handouts • Please share your rural mobility examples here: • Handouts provide additional rural mobility examples and instructions on how to add your mark to the map.
  25. 25. Questions? David Kack Executive Director - Western Transportation Institute Director - Small Urban, Rural and Tribal Center on Mobility Karalyn Clouser Research Associate