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A Better WordPress Workflow with WP-CLI


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Slides for my presentation on WP-CLI for the Mauritian Developers Conference 2016 -

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A Better WordPress Workflow with WP-CLI

  1. 1. A better WordPress workflow with WP-CLI By Rikesh Ramlochund
  2. 2. WP-CLI › WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations › Install a WordPress website › Update WordPress core, plugins, and themes › Automate repetitive tasks › Make your own commands › ssh on your server and run the commands
  3. 3. WP-CLI Installation › Installation and upgrade: › Download the wp-cli.phar file
 curl -O wp-cli/builds/gh-pages/phar/wp-cli.phar › Check if the file works
 php wp-cli.phar —-info
  4. 4. WP-CLI Installation › To be able to type just wp, instead of php wp-cli.phar, you need to make the file executable and move it to somewhere in your PATH. › chmod +x wp-cli.phar › sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp › wp —-info
  5. 5. WP-CLI Installation › WP-CLI can also be installed via Composer or Homebrew › Debian and Ubuntu users can install WP-CLI via a .deb package › WP-CLI can also be installed on Windows › Read more about WP-CLI Installation: docs/installing/
  6. 6. WP-CLI Command Anatomy › wp plugin install jetpack › wp: All WP-CLI commands start with wp › plugin: command › install: subcommand › jetpack: options/parameters (here it is a plugin name)
  7. 7. Node.js Wrapper › npm install wp-cli
 Node wrapper for Wordpress CLI with functionality matching the WP-CLI API.
 Learn more:
  8. 8. Installing WordPress using WP-CLI › Download the WordPress core:
 wp core download
 wp core download —-locale=fr_FR
  9. 9. Installing WordPress using WP-CLI › Generate the wp-config.php file
 wp core config --dbname=devconwp 
 --dbuser=devcon --dbpass=somePassword › Create the database file (dbname value from command above)
 wp db create
  10. 10. Installing WordPress using WP-CLI › Run the WordPress installation process
 wp core install —-prompt › Installation done :) › Note: ——prompt is a global parameter of WP-CLI, and it prompts the user to enter values for all command arguments
  11. 11. Installing WordPress using WP-CLI › Recap: › wp core download › wp core config --dbname=devconwp 
 --dbuser=devcon —-dbpass=somePassword › wp db create › wp core install —-prompt
  12. 12. WordPress Core commands › Check for update via Version Check API
 wp core check-update › Update WordPress
 wp core update and wp core update-db › Verify WordPress files against checksums
 wp core verify-checksums › Display the WordPress version
 wp core version
  13. 13. Plugin Management › List all plugins
 wp plugin list › List plugins with pending updates
 wp plugin list —-update=available › Plugin Installation
 wp plugin install advanced-custom-fields
 wp plugin install jetpack —-version=“3.6”
 wp plugin install
  14. 14. Plugin Management › Install premium plugins via zip file. › Advanced Custom Fields Pro allows you to download a zip file using your private key › wget -v -O “http:// p=pro&a=download&k=YOUR_ACF_PRO_KEY” › wp plugin install --activate › rm
  15. 15. Plugin Management › Some plugins like Jetpack also implement WP-CLI commands. › For example:
 wp jetpack status
 wp jetpack module list
 wp jetpack module activate carousel
  16. 16. Plugin Management › Activate a plugin
 wp plugin activate jetpack › Deactivate a plugin
 wp plugin deactivate jetpack › Update all plugins
 wp plugin update --all
  17. 17. WordPress Maintenance › Keeping WordPress up to date › wp core update › wp core update-db › wp plugins update --all › wp theme update --all › Don’t forget to backup your files before doing updates!
  18. 18. WordPress Backups › Export WordPress database via WP-CLI
 wp db export › Compress the WordPress directory
 tar -vczf backup.gz .
  19. 19. Database Migration › Moving a WordPress installation to another server (eg. staging to production) › Step 1: Export staging database
 wp db export › Step 2: Move database to production and import
 wp db import › Step 3: Update URLs from staging to production
 wp search-replace “http://” “”
  20. 20. Managing Options › Read option value
 wp option get blogname › Update option value
 wp option update blogname “Awesome WP” › Delete option
 wp option delete optional › List options
 wp option list
  21. 21. Useful Commands › Regenerate thumbnails
 wp media regenerate › Generate x posts, using some Lorem Ipsum text
 curl | wp post generate --post_content --count=x › Run a query saved in a file
 wp db query < debug.sql › Command helper
 wp help plugin install
  22. 22. Useful Commands › Import WXR file
 wp import posts.xml › Bulk importing images as attachments
 Import all JPGs from the user’s Pictures directory
 wp media import ~/Pictures/**/*.jpg › Import a specific image and assign it as post thumbnail for that post
 wp media import ~/Downloads/image.png -- post_id=123 --title="A downloaded picture" --featured_image
  23. 23. Useful Commands › Delete all transients
 wp transient delete-all › Delete all expired transients
 wp transient delete-expired › List registered post types
 wp post-type list
  24. 24. Useful Commands › Update user password
 wp user update 1 —-user_pass=newpass › List all posts
 wp post list › List all users
 wp user list
  25. 25. Scaffolding › _s Theme scaffolding
 wp scaffold _s devconmru --theme_name="The Devconmru Theme" —-author=“Devconmru” 
 —-sassify › New post type
 wp scaffold post-type books —-theme › Create a child theme
 wp scaffold child-theme devconmru-child -- parent_theme=devconmru —-theme_name=‘Child Theme'
  26. 26. WP-CLI Internal API › Extend WP-CLI with new command
 WP_CLI::add_command() › Execute callbacks for a specific hook
 WP_CLI::do_hook() › Displaying messages
 WP_CLI::error() //script exited after this one
  27. 27. Custom WP-CLI Commands › Extend WP-CLI with your own commands › No performance issues since the code is only loaded when accessed through WP-CLI
 if ( defined('WP_CLI') && WP_CLI ) {
 require __DIR__ . '/wp-cli-command.php';
  28. 28. Custom WP-CLI Commands › 
 function post_count_callback(){
 //Write code here
 WP_CLI::add_command('post-count', 'post_count_callback'); › New command available! 
 wp post-count
 Demo code: post-count

  29. 29. Thank you! › Questions? › If you have any questions after the presentation:
 Tweet me at @rrikesh
 Mail me on