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Best handmade silver jewelry


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Ruby Love Joy offers a unique selection of handmade silver jewelry for sale online

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Best handmade silver jewelry

  1. 1. Ruby Love Joy - Unique & Designer Clothing Mooloolaba• As a young child designer Georgie Lee Pearce has had the privilege of travelling the world and being inspired by a myriad of cultures and religions. Georgie grew up in the middle east and asia, where her parents were dealers of antique bedouin jewellery. She and her father would sit for hours making jewellery and rummaging through treasures in the back alleys of Oman, India, Turkey and beyond. It was here her passion and deep connection with colour, people, spirituality, design, beauty and adventure was born. RubyLoveJoy was created in 2008 after Georgie returned home from living in Los Angeles. Determined to work for herself and create a label that expressed her love for the natural beauty of all female figures, she opened her flagship store RubyLoveJoy named after her gorgeous dog, Ruby, who is Georgies great teacher of unconditional love, fun and courage. Knowing that your work must feed your soul, Georgie sets abroad every few months to create her next range and be inspired once more. Her entire range is handmade by families and friends she has built a relationship with over the past decade. Small limited editions of each design is made, nothing is mass produced. Quite often Georgie will stumble upon a new artist who make their own inspired designs that she will purchase to add to the RLJ collection. The RubyLoveJoy flagship boutique is unique and always filled with one off pieces, gorgeous feminine clothing, beautiful leather belts, handmade jewellery, Indian headresses, mens tshirts, and fun nicknacks for kids. The boutique and online store is a treasure chest lovingly showcasing pieces that have been made from the heart, and created to be shared.
  2. 2. Ruby Love Joy-Clothing Find the perfect maxi dress in our online shop
  3. 3. Ruby Love Joy-Jewelry Ruby Love Joy offers a unique selection of handmade silver jewelry for sale online
  4. 4. Ruby Love Joy- BagsHandmade leather bags and ladies walletsdesigned, crafted and personalized by RubyLove Joy.
  5. 5. Ruby Love Joy- Contact Us• ng• ery••• r-inspired
  6. 6. Ruby Love Joy-New Offers• Big Shanti Butterfly 40% off sale