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Race Day Essentials for Hybrid Events

The Race Day plan from Race Day Ninja Crisp McDonald. In addition to supporting timers, Crisp has been a pioneer in hybrid events, and will break down everything from start line management to virtual results - and how timers and race directors can work together for a successful event.

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Race Day Essentials for Hybrid Events

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Race Day Essentials for Hybrid Events 2 ▷ The Hybrid Approach ▷ Pre-Race Planning ▷ During Race ▷ Post-Race ▷ Timers as a Resource
  3. 3. Why Hybrid Race 3 ▷ Rising Covid rates = regional changing rules, hesitant athletes. ▷ Offering options appeals to local officials and participants. ▷ Use virtual as backup plan instead of potential refunds. ▷ Virtual options broadens reach to national audience. ▷ Challenge option offers broader reach beyond typical athlete. ▷ Greater revenue for you and your events. Flexible options essential for success in 2021
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Pre-Race: Planning 5 ▷ Hybrid Race Options ▷ Timing Results ▷ Bibs ▷ Socially Safe Environment
  6. 6. Planning Stage: Hybrid Race Options 6 Decide which options are best for your race. Flexible options are essential for 2021. Keep simple for easier registration and results management.
  7. 7. Timing 7
  8. 8. Planning Stage: Results 8 On-Site Scored Results Virtual User Submitted Results RaceJoy Auto Submission You Timer is resource for setup and management of Results.
  9. 9. 9 Digital Bibs 9
  10. 10. Bibs (Digital Bibs) 10 ▷ Consider adding Digital Bibs for ALL your events ▷ Take some time and create a branded bib or mimic the real bib (include sponsors) ○ Participants will then print and wear in public.
  11. 11. 11 Staff Management and Safety 11
  12. 12. Staff Management and Safety Plan 12 ▷ Many athletes will not be wearing masks at the race site while racing. ○ Take necessary precautions to limit you and your staff’s exposure. ■ Set up early and tear down later. ■ Wipe down all touch points with approved disinfectant. ○ Provide PPE for your staff ▷ Consider Providing No Touch Services and Limit Exposure ○ Remove any touch points that are unnecessary. ■ No result kiosks or printed pages: point athletes to the results website or RaceJoy. ■ Offer self managed water, foot pedals, etc. ○ Offer RaceJoy’s GPS timing and support and communicate remotely. ○ Timers able to do remote timing.
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Race Day 14 ▷ Packet Pickup ▷ New Start Line ▷ Defined Course ▷ RaceJoy
  15. 15. Packet Pick Up 15
  16. 16. Packet Pick Up 16 ▷ Packet Pick Up: Plan for social distancing. ○ Spread stations out, if possible. ○ Have plan to manage/limit crowds and enforce social distancing. ○ Use cones/flags/dots on ground to show safe distances. ▷ Consider mailing out packets. ○ Keep in mind the extra costs, decreased lead time for orders, and lost bibs in mail. ▷ Use RunSignup’s Check-In App for efficiency. ○ QR Code scanning of digital bibs and QR/barcode applied to bibs. ○ Ensure settings are uploaded to the cloud for use on multiple devices. ▷ Consider providing shirts/giveaway items at the end of the race. ○ Avoids participant going back to car.
  17. 17. Packet Pick Up 17
  18. 18. Packet Pick Up 18
  19. 19. The Start Lines : Defined Course 19
  20. 20. Different Start Line Options: Planning for On-site Events 20 ▷ Supporting Social Distancing at Start Line Tactics ○ Add multiple course options (same distances, different locations). ○ Increase the dates for the event to spread out participants. ○ Set up staggered starts, corral times, etc. ▷ Determine Event Start Logistics: ○ Single day or multi-day event? ○ Is the event on closed roads that MUST be open by a certain time? ○ Plan for enough equipment/power/staff to man multiple splits.
  21. 21. Different Start Line Options 21 ▷ Mass Start ○ Everyone starts at once. ■ Pro: It feels like Pre-COVID, everyone is through the start line quickly. ■ Con: COVID-19!!!! NOT A GOOD IDEA RIGHT NOW!!! ▷ Limited Wave Start (Corrals) ○ Ex: 10 athletes every 2 minutes. ■ Pro: Athletes feel like they’re racing each other, even if it’s in groups of 10. ■ Con: Still groups of 10 and may be confusing who is in what wave/corral. ▷ Time Trial Start ○ Ex: 1 athlete every 10 seconds ■ Pro: Athletes spread out and less contact ■ Con: Start can take longer, some athletes don’t like TT starts because it’s less of a race against others and more of a race against the clock.
  22. 22. Different Start Line Options 22 ▷ Grid Start (can be done in conjunction with wave starts) ○ Everyone starts at once or most start at once. ■ Pro: Everyone starts 6’ apart, everyone is through the start line fairly quickly ■ Con: You must time off of chip time and a bit more setup with cones/chalk/tape ▷ Open Start/Finish ○ Ex: 2 hour window for people to start and finish ■ Pro: Athletes can start when they feel comfortable ■ Con: There still could be running groups/friends who choose to run together ▷ Multi-Day Event - Open Start Finish ○ Ex: 9AM - 5PM ■ Pro: PLENTY of time for athletes to spread themselves out ■ Con: It’s multi-day event, you’re going to be out there for a LONG time
  23. 23. Different Start Line Options 23
  24. 24. Different Start Line Options 24
  25. 25. Different Start Line Options 25
  26. 26. New Defined Course 26
  27. 27. New Defined Course 27
  28. 28. New Defined Course 28
  29. 29. RaceJoy 29
  30. 30. Deliver Real Race Experience with RaceJoy • Create a tangible race experience for on-site and virtual courses. • Safe real-time engagement with participants. • Offer a unique and official branded race experience. • Integrate automated results and performance data. • On-site course map customization options. • Valuable Remote Timing tool. 30 Real-Time Remote Social Engagement Previously, mobile apps only used with more established races. Now it is an essential part of the race.
  31. 31. Key Features • Custom Content/Branding • GPS Live Phone Tracking • Progress Updates Every Mile • Cheer Sending by Remote Spectators • Geo-based, Distance-based Audio Placements • Virtual, Traditional Results Integration • Race Day Monitoring Dashboard • Communications System • Off Course Alerts 31 provides races with a mobile race day experience
  32. 32. Send-a-Cheer Great way to support runners when you are unable to attend the race. The cheer feature is the best!!! The voices and cheers are priceless. Great mile tracking. Tamara R. 32 Includes Personalized Text-to-Cheer Messages
  33. 33. 33 Geo-Based & Distance-Based Cheer Points Add key directional cues for on-site events to reinforce ground markings. *Not to be used for turn-by -turn guidance.
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. Verify Participant Results & Data Your Virtual Megaphone Monitor Who is Active on the Course RaceJoy for Remote Engagement
  36. 36. RaceJoy Creatively 36 ▷ With open source broadcasting software, you can stream a page like the RaceJoy monitoring page live so others can track the event.
  37. 37. 37
  38. 38. Post Race 38 ▷ The Finish Line ▷ Results Delivery ▷ Finish Certificates & Awards
  39. 39. The Finish Line 39
  40. 40. Different Finish Line Options 40 ▷ What should EVERY SINGLE finish line during the pandemic look like? ○ There is no crowd. Period.
  41. 41. In-Person Finish Line Options 41 ▷ Two main options: ○ Separate Start/Finish ○ Shared Start/ Finish ▷ Which type depends upon: ○ Event Distance ○ Event Size ○ Staff/Volunteers Available ○ Equipment Available
  42. 42. Different Finish Line Options 42
  43. 43. Different Finish Line Options 43
  44. 44. 44 In-Person Timed Results
  45. 45. Virtual: User Submitted Results 45
  46. 46. Common Challenges 46 May require data cleanup.
  47. 47. Common Challenges 47 ▷ Participants not understanding results options or process. ○ Communicate in multiple ways how athletes can post results. ■ Point athletes towards the manual submission page. ▷ Participants not knowing bib number and using arbitrary numbers. ○ Send out bib number notifications automatically. ○ Communicate multiple times.
  48. 48. Finisher Certificates & Awards 48
  49. 49. Other Finish Line Factors to Consider 49 ▷ Limiting the Awards Ceremony ○ Pre-place all awards on a table and allow the athlete to come up and take their award ○ Zoom Awards (or something similar is completely acceptable) ○ Mail out awards
  50. 50. 50 RunSignup RaceDay Products
  51. 51. Timers as Your Resource 51
  52. 52. Timers as Race Resource 52 ▷ Registration Setup ○ Hybrid options can get complex. ▷ Results Setup and Management ○ Verifying data and resolving issues ▷ On-Site, Remote Timing ○ Scored timing is one step towards real racing. ○ Consider doing Start/Finish w/timing equipment and supplement with RaceJoy ▷ RaceJoy ○ Exclusively available through Certified Timers
  53. 53. Elevating the Experience 53 ▷ The biggest things to remember to create a successful hybrid race course ○ Make it safe and responsible ○ Emulate a real race scenario as much as possible ○ Use all the tools at your disposal to make the athlete feel the value in their participation
  54. 54. 54