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No 1 Digital Media Agency


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A quick-view on what will differentiate a digital media agency - An insiders view.

Published in: Marketing
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No 1 Digital Media Agency

  1. 1. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Consumer behavior is changing. It is time for agenciesto change. Agencies accept the change. Else advertiserwill change you.
  2. 2. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan 1. Media Planning and Buying 2. Platforms 3. Audience and Data Management 4. Audience and Campaign Insights 5. Media Buying and Optimization 6. Team Recommendations Want to be No.1 Digital Media Buying Agency? Below 6 points to be considered to achieve the goal
  3. 3. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Digital Media Planning and Buying
  4. 4. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan 1. Team should able to take-on every brief from the client and challenge it. 2. Data backed research tools, industry study and experience will support digital media planning. 3. If the brief is for a new client; be ready to be in client shoes to start planning. 4. Get a “differentiator” for the client in the planning stage and prepare for the delivery. 5. Always think as a consumer while pursuing as brief. 6. Make a plan that one can buy and not a “bookey”. Digital Media Planning and Buying Research Tools and Industry Studies backed with Experience and Insights and More!
  5. 5. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Digital Platforms
  6. 6. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Platforms Improve Digital Campaign Management and Optimization Campaign Manager Analytics Demand Side Platforms Bid Manager Display E-mail Search Social Ad Exchanges Owned & Earned Remarketing Tag Management Audience Segmentation Marketing Analytics Audience Manager (Team) DMP Client (Brand + Technology + Marketing + Channel + Product) Platform Expertise's needed by Agency
  7. 7. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Audience and Data Management
  8. 8. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Audience and Data Management Audience Signals and Intent will drive digital planning and buying 1. Data was never small; Audience Data is always an asset to advertisers. 2. Platform required for customizable segmentation to drive advertisers goals. 3. Data management for advertisers, partners, 3rd party and unstructured data required. 4. Real-time Analytics and campaign data crunching is a must.
  9. 9. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Audience and Campaign Insights
  10. 10. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Audience and Campaign Insights Advertisers Campaign. Advertisers Insights 1. Provide Full Transparency 2. Building or adapt detailed and granular reporting. 3. Close-loop Optimization for insights and future buying Some Examples: 1. Impressions Vs Total Impressions / Frequency Cap 2. Total Search Traffic Vs Re-targetable Prospects 3. Filtered Placement / Keywords Vs Prospects 4. Performance over FBx Impressions Vs All-other Publishers More!
  11. 11. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Media Buying and Optimization
  12. 12. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Media Buying and Optimization It’s time to stop the waste 1. Full Transparency 2. Provide viewable data and true frequency cap with every media buy. 3. Closely monitor media waste and get technologies to deliver viewable impressions. 4. Integrate with analytics, DMP, etc to reduce the waste.
  13. 13. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Team Recommendations
  14. 14. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Digital Team Platform expertise, clarity and optimization will drive New Digital Business It is not easy to get out of “silos” out of a digital agencies, but it was never impossible. There is fair bit of “Account Management” along with “Audience Insight” expertise required to sail your customers for Digital Success .
  15. 15. Ryan GovindanRyan Govindan Please Note: Why you should read it? I could have used the term “Trading Desk” may be called as “ReallyMadDesk” for all programmatic buying and this includes all real-time systems for digital marketing but instead thought to present something that Agencies decision maker in India understands. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you. Ryan Govindan +91.9821736550