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If U Dont Want To Be Ill - Speak

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If U Dont Want To Be Ill - Speak

  1. 1. If U don’t want to be ill … Speak
  2. 2. After we Learn to Speak * Its a joy to see a child grow ... When it turns over, crawls, holds on to something and stand.. •As parents we want the child to reach its mile stones quickly. • When the child says those first Words ... Mama ... Dada • After it begins to speak we often ask it to stop talking
  3. 3. As adults we speak about ... Shoes Cars Our Children Weather Career Often we DO NOT Speak things that matter ...
  4. 4. Speak Out Speak out your Emotions ... Feelings • We release emotions that are usually positive making things look good • We talk about our joys n achievements, desires n dreams ... Many times the mundane things • We rarely speak about our inner hurts ... Things that weigh us down. Speak your heart to someone who cares
  5. 5. Speak Out Speak out your Emotions … Feelings Emotions - feelings that are hidden are harmful to health. Repressed emotions lead to illness like … ulcer, pains & spinal problems
  6. 6. Speech is a Powerful Remedy • If you DON’T Speak -- In time, repression of feelings degenerates to cancer. • Dialogue … Speech … the Word is an excellent therapy
  7. 7. Speech is a Powerful Remedy Repressed feelings – emotions have two major reactions – • Illness and outburst. • A person who bottles his feelings when released it is damaging. • Anger, hatred, bitterness ... Flows uncontrolled in all directions. • Sometimes this release seeks physical hurt ... Acts of crimes are committed. • Example - In Indian army we read quite regularly about soldiers shooting their commander.
  8. 8. Season for Everything … A time to tear, And a time to sew; A time to keep silence, And a time to speak; ECC.3:7 So Speak when Necessary.
  9. 9. Take TIME to Speak * Speak to God • Speak to your Friend(s) • Speak to your pet • Speak to Plants / Trees • Write your feelings / emotions in a journal – speak aloud
  10. 10. Take TIME to Speak • Talk to God ... He is always available. • He is a good listener • Tell Him what happened – that you are upset • Tell Him how you feel • Tell Him the things you imagine doing in return ... Talk to Him anything you want. • Prayer is talking to God as to a Friend.
  11. 11. Psalmist Experience in Prayer • I pour out my complaint before Him; Ps. 142 : 2 “I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare before Him my trouble.” “He heard my voice from His temple, and my cry came before Him, even to His ears.” Ps. 18 : 6
  12. 12. Take TIME to Speak •Talk to your friend – someone who cares – someone whom you trust • Sometimes you feel worse after talking to your friend coz the news got around – your friend has another close friend. • Talk to a friend who is not in your city / town to avoid your personal matters being published. • Chat over the net with someone you don’t know much
  13. 13. Take TIME to Speak •Have a Pet • Speak to them • They understand you • You can trust your pets. • They (dogs n cats) can offer warmth & caring that a child, lover or close friend can offer Doctors see Fewer Pet Owners.
  14. 14. Pets & Human Mental Health Pets can help people • Out of depression • Can reduce anxiety • Can rekindle an individuals will to live • Can provide real companionship • Most of the studies on depression and anxiety is done with dogs • Dogs are virtually identical, emotionally to humans. • Those who have pets live longer
  15. 15. Take TIME to Speak Hug a Tree … Save the Tree and your Tears • Gardeners have noticed that when plants are watered they lean towards humans • They touch the caretakers • Talk, Laugh, Cry to a Tree they can nest your sorrows and give wings to your desires.
  16. 16. Uncle’s Papaya tree • We lived in an campus – 62 houses in it • In each of our garden there were fruit trees and flower beds. • But my uncle who lived on campus claimed that his papaya tree bears the biggest and sweetest fruits. • To me that’s NOT possible – all gardens had a papaya tree from the same seedbed. • When I ate the fruit from his garden it was better than those from our garden. • What was the secret – He spoke to the trees & flowers beds as he watered them.
  17. 17. Take TIME to Speak • Go out of the house /office • Find a calm place – a place that brings fond memories • Avoid a new place to reduce anxiety and for safety. • Write your thoughts – feelings • You could use a notebook, laptop, mobile phone, etc. • As you write speak out your thoughts – feelings aloud. • This is how most autobiographies are written. • As you write speak aloud. As you leave - Leave behind your problem. Nature has better mechanism to cope with problems.
  18. 18. Jesus says “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Math. 11 : 28 Come to Jesus NOW.