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How technology change the business


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How technology change the business

  1. 1. Technology changethe businesss1180012Chiaki Kawasaki
  2. 2. Contents● How has change business● Technology● What changed things?● Future
  3. 3. How has change business● Before ○ Not all people uses Internet ○ If connect over the world, we must used tolk or letter● After ○ A lot of people use Internet ○ Use e-mail, so we connect all over the world
  4. 4. Technology● We use Internet● We manage personal information● We have the Computer each otherand so on...
  5. 5. What changed things?● writing letter ====> send e-mail● person manage information ====> computer manage information● a lot of paper document ====> stocks file taxes online
  6. 6. Future● More our lives will be comfortable.● Technology will develop more and more● Computer will be more smart
  7. 7. Thank you for listening.