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Finding bugs, categorizing bugs and writing good bug reports

Finding bugs, categorizing bugs and writing good bug reports, priority, severity, sample bug reports

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Finding bugs, categorizing bugs and writing good bug reports

  1. 1. Finding bugs, categorizing bugs and writing good bug reports
  2. 2. How to find critical bugs? How to categorize bugs? How to write a good bug report?
  3. 3. How to find critical bugs?
  4. 4. understand the functionality in-depth so that you know all the ins & outs of the AUT
  5. 5. domain knowledge is a serious advantage
  6. 6. attack the application with incorrect data, for example:  use numeric data where only words can be entered,  use v e r y l o n g data in character fields,  try entering gibberish data or special characters, empty spaces etc.
  7. 7.  load /stress  test the AUT to see where the performance actually breaks or degrades. And was this expected?
  8. 8. run tests
  9. 9. use different browsers & environments
  10. 10. How to categorize bugs?
  11. 11. Priority how bad a bug is? both are independent of each other Severity importance of fixing a bug bug should be categorized properly as per both priority & severity
  12. 12. Lets have a look at Severity
  13. 13. Showstopper issue for which no workaround is available issue that blocks some important functionality of any application or major module (Severity 1) issue that affects all users for example not able to login, not able to deploy a build
  14. 14. issue that affects major functionality in an application issue for which there might be a workaround it also typically affects all users and prevents testing of a main use case for example there's an exception on clicking a button on a page, an important service is not available frequently
  15. 15. issue for which there is a workaround issue which does not affect the main functionality Medium (Severity 3) all features can be used with little added effort for example if any action in an application generates history and that generation of history is somehow not working in the application
  16. 16. Low (Severity 4) issue that may or may not be fixed depending on time, risk, resources etc issue which does not have a noteworthy effect on the functionality of the product for example any cosmetic issue or some thing not at all severe like spelling mistake or color inconsistency for couple of fields etc
  17. 17. Lets have a look at Priority
  18. 18. Priority 1 critical loss or corruption of client data etc needs to be fixed by EOB today, cannot wait to fix it tomorrow if a customer bug then provide hot fix or patch etc
  19. 19. Priority 2 important may be a frequent failure of important functionality or service needs to be fixed ASAP, may be before the tester gets the next build/release
  20. 20. Priority 3 infrequent failure of important functionality or service there is a workaround and should be fixed latest by next release
  21. 21. Priority 4 cosmetic bug not affecting the functionality will be fixed when there is no other high priority work left for this application or module
  22. 22. These 4 severities/priorities are not carved in stone. There can be cases when there is a crash or an exception in an application. Also there are few spelling mistakes in menu names etc. That crash/exception is rare or for example occurs after following lengthy steps. So, for some, the spelling mistakes is a high priority bug from selling point of view and the crash/exception can be a high severity bug with low priority.
  23. 23. How to write a good bug report?
  24. 24. Steps to reproduce, What you expected to see, What you saw instead (actual).
  25. 25. Example of a bug report Bug Title: Entering new information and clicking save crashes the application. Area Path: Sprint 12working_with_users Build Number: XX_AV_1.2290 Test Type: Regression testing Changeset: 6302 Severity: 2 - Critical Priority: 2 Assigned to: Developer Name Reported By: Tester Name Reported Date/Time: 15.8.2013 14:20:45 Reason: Defect State: New/Open/Active Environment: Mac OS X 10.6 Description: Application crashes on clicking the SAVE after entering mandatory information. Steps To Reproduce: 1) Log into the Application. 2) Navigate to Module X. 3) Click New Form button and enter all the mandatory fields. 4) Click on Save button. Expected: there is an unhandled exception. Actual: there should not be any exception and the information entered should be saved.
  26. 26. Examples of bug reporting page of popular tracking tools
  27. 27. Trac
  28. 28. Zoho
  29. 29. Apache Bloodhound
  30. 30. Bugzilla
  31. 31. MS TFS

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Finding bugs, categorizing bugs and writing good bug reports, priority, severity, sample bug reports


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