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Africa         Aaj tak         Argon
I   ndiaI   mage               Easy
IdliE nglishE mail
oo   ps   oo   ty
U   ruguayoo   ps      oo   ty
A   pril           E   mma
Ai   hwarya
Ai   hwarya              O              O                  bama
O   wl         Au   rangabad
U   mbrellaUnder
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Marathi alphabets with pictures


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Marathi alphabets with pictures

  1. 1. AmericaAkshayAffection
  2. 2. Africa Aaj tak Argon
  3. 3. I ndiaI mage Easy
  4. 4. IdliE nglishE mail
  5. 5. oo ps oo ty
  6. 6. U ruguayoo ps oo ty
  7. 7. A pril E mma
  8. 8. Ai hwarya
  9. 9. Ai hwarya O O bama
  10. 10. O wl Au rangabad
  11. 11. U mbrellaUnder
  12. 12. Aha