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The Changing Face of Instructional Design: Modern Workplace Learning

The deck is an overview of some of the skills we need to develop as instructional designers to facilitate modern workplace learning.

The Changing Face of Instructional Design: Modern Workplace Learning

  1. 1. Designing the Social Learning Experience
  2. 2. A Special Social Learning Experience!
  3. 3. Making change happen… Our mantra: Learn Unlearn Relearn
  4. 4. Key Words for #MWL
  5. 5. Paradigm shifts… Past Present/Future Information scarcity Information abundance Stable and predictable work Changing and unknown work Valued traits:intellect, diligence, obedience Valued traits: initiative, creativity, passion Work tied to location Work freed of location; anytime, anywhere First learn, then work Work is learning, learning is work Individual,siloedworkers and orgs Ubiquitously connected workers and orgs
  6. 6. The top 3trends… “SoLoMo” Social Local Mobile #MWL
  7. 7. Five skills for the future #ID Past Present/Future Designing courses Designing the learning experience Creating formal training programs Designingthe spectrum –formal to informal Focused on learning objectives Focused on performance& business outcomes Content gathering& chunking Content aggregation & curation Managingthe LMS Facilitating communities Building personallearning networks (PLNs)
  8. 8. Formal to Informal –the “Spectrum” Social Workplace Learning Continuum Social Training Organizing/Managing Social Learning & Collaboration Encouraging/Supporting 1. Augmenting formal training with social approaches 2. Facilitating online / collaborative peer learning 3. Supporting online Communities of Practices (online) 4. Supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing in work teams 5. Fostering connections across the org to build collective intelligence Enterprise network / social collaboration platform Social Intranet LMS Reference: Jane Hart
  9. 9. Collaboration Framework Outside the org Inside the org Reference: Harold JarcheEncourageFacilitate
  10. 10. Begin with a tool Follow people Ask questions Share links Work out loud Participate Solve problems Have fun! Building your #PLN!
  11. 11. Bringing Formal and Informal together
  12. 12. Designing the ecosystem
  13. 13. Implementation Change Management •Onboarding •Enabling •Support Content Management •Aggregate •Curate •Connect Community Management •Governance •Facilitation •User experience Start Build Grow
  14. 14. Practical Tips #1 Create Key Groups Define Objectives Seed with Content Design Information Architecture Have a dedicated Community Facilitator
  15. 15. Practical Tips #2 Talk to key advocates and members Who will the users be? Where are they? What are the burning needs and issues? Why shdthey collaborate? Define the purpose Will the users mainly consume content? Will they primarily use the group for discussions? How will joining the group help them? Explore current communication channels How do the users currently communicate? How might this impact their participation? How much change will the “new way of learning” bring?
  16. 16. Design content layout Tag carefully to make it findable Move content to the group Find existing content Do not launch an empty group! Make sure users have relevant contentto engage with when they join. Practical Tips #3
  17. 17. User Generated Content Welcome! ContentType Purpose Blog posts Personal opinion, project experience, sharing of ideas Documents Preserve team thought, capturegood practices, document lessons learned Discussionforums Ask questions, seek feedback, debate and ideate Status updates Work out loud, share quick tips, keepin the loop, share interesting finds
  18. 18. Anatomy of a Collaboration Space
  19. 19. Housekeeping tips Clean up tags Relocate content Add widgets to aggregate Delete duplicates Branch out discussions Indicate if questions are answered Highlight unanswered questions
  20. 20. Hugh McLeod -Quote
  21. 21. Useful Books
  22. 22. About Me
  23. 23. Thank You! Let’s keep collaborating and sharing and learning…

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The deck is an overview of some of the skills we need to develop as instructional designers to facilitate modern workplace learning.


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