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Hasin: Bangla Input Manager jQuery Plugin

SQABD Lightning Talks 4

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Hasin: Bangla Input Manager jQuery Plugin

  1. 1. From Big-Bang to Area51
  2. 2. 2001, we created a VBA based project to let you type phonetically, in Microsoft Word We used inter-process communication to protect our intelligent property We sold it for 300K BDT ☺
  3. 3. Bijoy Probartan Alpona Proshika Avro SCIM based solutions You need to install them in your machine!
  4. 4. They are open source and cost nothing at all Easy to integrate in your web apps Visitors can type in Bangla Instantly in their favorite method without installing ANYTHING!
  5. 5. Bangla Dictionary and Bangla Emailer Ascii Based GD and Freetype used for Rendering Bangla texts Mainly Internet Explorer based
  6. 6. Introduced an improved version of Unijoy Still ascii based, used WEFT to embed the font Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox compatible.
  7. 7. The year of phonetic You type Amar Desh BanglaDesh You see Unfortunately, Still Ascii
  8. 8. We converted all input scripts (phonetic and unijoy) to unicode version Released under LGPL Now you can embed these scripts anywhere, anytime…
  9. 9. ASCII , wK Lei fvwMbv, AvQ ‡Kgb? Unicode , ,
  10. 10. Four input methods (Unijoy, Phonetic, Inscript and Probhat) Sized from 11-14 KB Redundant helper routines Complex event management Hard to extend or fix a bug
  11. 11. Works very good ☺
  12. 12. <input type=‘text’ id=‘bangla’/> <script src=‘phonetic.js’></script> <script type=‘text/javascript’> ▪ makePhoneticEditor('bangla'); ▪ //element id </script>
  13. 13. Everything is managed by a central input manager All input processor (drivers) are working as adapter Event is managed by IM IM invokes the driver callback routine for special key-processing Renders the output
  14. 14. InputManager is now only 5 KB Phonetic Driver is 3.5 KB, Unijoy is 2.5 KB, Probhat is also 2.5 KB And that’s without any compression!
  15. 15. <input type=‘text’ class=‘bangla’/> <script src=‘jquery.js’></script> <script src=‘bim.js’></script> <script src=‘driver.phonetic.js’></script> <script type=‘text/javascript’> $(".bangla").bnKb() </script>
  16. 16. <script type=‘text/javascript’> $(".bangla").bnKb( 'switchkey': 'y', 'driver': phonetic ) </script>
  17. 17. Robust, Lightweight and Cross browser compatible Smart event management Huge community Excellent plugin architecture
  18. 18. Almost all major bangla blogging platform Newspapers Individual Wordpress users Almost all major bangla forums
  19. 19. Virtual Keyboard Firefox Extension TinyMCE Plugin
  20. 20. Hasin Hayder Omi Azad Manchu Mahara (A.K.A Sabuj Kundu)
  21. 21. You have 5-10 minutes!! – lets rock-n-roll