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A simple model of consumer behavior


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This basically outlines the Consumer Behavior. It basically focuses from External influences, Consumer decision making and post decision behavior. This infographic is prepared from the exact model in the book Consumer behavior by Leon G . Schiffman and Leslie Lazar Kanuk.

Published in: Education
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A simple model of consumer behavior

  1. 1. CONSUMER DECISION MAKING model in an outline STEP 1 : INPUT Product Place Price Distribution channel 1 2 3 5 4 SOCIO CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT Family Reference groups Non commercial sources Social class Culture and Subculture All of these are external influences STEP 2: PROCESS MARKETING EFFORTS OF THE FIRM 1.Motivation 2.Perception 3.Learning 4.Personality 5.Attitude Psychologicalfield EXPERIENCE Need Recognition Pre purchase search Evaluation of alternatives STEP 3 :OUTPUT PURCHASE 1. TrialPurchase 2. RepeatPurchase POST PURCHASE EVALUATION All of these are consumer decision making A simple model of consumer decision making