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Getting the most from SharePoint


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Keynote from Congres SharePoint September 2012 Utrecht.

Employee \ user adoption challenges for SharePoint intranets and extranets.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Getting the most from SharePoint

  1. 1. Getting the most from SharePoint Sam Marshall Congress SharePoint 25th September 2012
  2. 2. ClearBox Consulting Intranet, SharePoint & Digital Workplace  Strategy  Governance  Implementation  Collaboration  Training @sammarshall
  3. 3. What would get you to cross?
  4. 4. The adoption problem
  5. 5. Use of social tools gets so far then stalls “Only 13% of IT professionals believe their internal social networks have been a success” – Information Week Survey 2011 “enterprises with several years of Enterprise 2.0 efforts under their belt have failed to reach the tipping point and cross into mainstream adoption of social collaboration” – Laurie Buczek “The big failure of Enterprise 2.0 Social Business”
  6. 6. Only a fraction of SharePoint gets used 80% of organisations with SharePoint continue emailing documents back and forth -- Usamp survey 2010
  7. 7. In some companies, the intranet is seen as the last resort “Whenever somebody tells me that the answer is on SharePoint my heart sinks. I know I’ll never find it” -- Employee survey response [Anon]
  8. 8. Balance of resources given to system vs. adoption implementation team technical team
  9. 9. (it’s not just a SharePoint issue) 25% office workers bored ‘most of the time’ “...they resort to minor acts of vandalism and stealing post-it notes for stimulation”
  10. 10. How should we think about “Adoption?”
  11. 11. Not just good content or ease of use
  12. 12. These sound like hygiene factors If that’s all we have, SharePoint will only ever be in the background
  13. 13. Nobody cares if SharePoint is used apart from you Should your SharePoint be essential? “People spent twice as long on my intranet” Is that good or bad?
  14. 14. What matters is that people are productive
  15. 15. SharePoint is like a Swiss army knife...
  16. 16. ...but if only it was that simple
  17. 17. The trick is to not deploy everything
  18. 18. The Benefits Map Capability Benefit Outcome Strategic Goals Feature Customer satisfaction Corp-Wide Comms Single identity “One” Organisation All employees see same msg. 2-way comms channel Employee engagement Less churn Time savings Response times faster Fewer outages Better stock control Social media Single CMS ERP Dashboard Quicker data access Single place to collaborate Flexible project resourcing Best people on a taskTeam Sites
  19. 19. Does this mean your people will care too? Maybe ...but it’s not as simple as WIIFM SharePoint team Employee
  20. 20. Do happy people work harder? “we analyzed the 64,000 specific workday events reported in the diaries: of all the events that engage people at work, the single most important — by far — is simply making progress in meaningful work.” “we asked 669 managers from companies around the world to rank five employee motivators in terms of importance, they ranked “supporting progress” dead last. Amabile & Kramer in “The Progress Principle”
  21. 21. 4 Levels of Adoption (MARS model)
  22. 22. 1) Mandated
  23. 23. Mandated - pros & cons Works best for services Efficient use of asset Compliance Who will enforce? Resentment
  24. 24. 2) Accepted
  25. 25. Acceptance goes beyond launch
  26. 26. Awareness
  27. 27. Removal of negatives Usable Attractive Accessible Trained Supported Won’t look foolish Won’t backfire
  28. 28. Trust and value in content Expiry dates Owner name Owner photo Publishing process
  29. 29. SCANA champions
  30. 30. Training & sandpit
  31. 31. Normal / Legitimised Windows Mobile useriPhone users
  32. 32. nGage analytics
  33. 33. Leaders set example
  34. 34. Break old habits 3 Things that are hard to kill
  35. 35. example Intercept workflow Make intranet easiest option Accept that change will take time
  36. 36. 3) Rewarding
  37. 37. “Drive” by Dan Pink
  38. 38. Extrinsic value It can kill the kind very creativity and problem- solving that intranets are there to promote
  39. 39. Finding value takes experimentation NationalField designed to hook into value proposition learned in Facebook
  40. 40. Recognition can be reward enough
  41. 41. 4) Stimulating
  42. 42. Autonomy Home workers 20% more productive than office- based colleagues --BT
  43. 43. BYOD 40% of students would accept a lower paying job if they could choose their work device --Cisco survey 2011
  44. 44. Freedom to choose how to collaborate ‘Friction free’ collaboration Connecting to the right people Access to information without barriers
  45. 45. Self-expression “When the company imposed rules prohibiting workers from blogging about their non-work interests, work postings dropped. When the company allowed workers to post freely, blogging and reading went up and employees exchanged more information about both work and play”
  46. 46. Mastery Learning New ideas Experimentation and curiosity
  47. 47. Demonstrating mastery Tap into the topics that people are passionate about
  48. 48. Finding the right expert for the job © Microsoft 2010
  49. 49. Purpose Connection to higher objective Vocation Resilience to setbacks
  50. 50. Connecting employee to outcome
  51. 51. CAFOD example
  52. 52. 4 Levels of Adoption (MARS model) 1. Mandated 2. Accepted 3. Rewarding 4. Stimulating
  53. 53. How to get people to fill in their profile? © Microsoft 2010
  54. 54. 4 Levels of Adoption (MARS model) Requirement for expenses system1. Mandated 2. Accepted 3. Rewarding 4. Stimulating
  55. 55. 4 Levels of Adoption (MARS model) Fill in as much as possible from other sources Show % employees complied Ensure leader profiles completed 1. Mandated 2. Accepted 3. Rewarding 4. Stimulating
  56. 56. 4 Levels of Adoption (MARS model) Employee of the month Feature profile with any activity Show % individual profile complete 1. Mandated 2. Accepted 3. Rewarding 4. Stimulating
  57. 57. 4 Levels of Adoption (MARS model) Connect with like-minded people Get involved as an expert Place to express yourself 1. Mandated 2. Accepted 3. Rewarding 4. Stimulating
  58. 58. Can you overdo it? People think process intrinsically good and forget about business value (Morten Hansen ‘Collaboration’) Silos can be powerful ‘Good’ adoption is not all employees using all tools
  59. 59. ClearBox Consulting Intranet, SharePoint & Digital Workplace  Strategy  Governance  Implementation  Collaboration  Training @sammarshall
  60. 60. Photo credits: Paper planes: Mandy Jansen Starburst chain: gesika22 Rocket: t0msk iChing bathroom image © Yum! Brands Inc. screenshot © Badges: drewm Man using laptop on beach: zzathras777 Books Screenshots from CAFOD, Aviva, Unilever nGage and COWI by kind permission of the companies.