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My family and i

a summarized testimony

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My family and i

  1. 1. MY FAMILY AND IMY TESTIMONYABSTRACTThe testimony written in thisdocument is a summary of whatmy life has been up to this age.How my family is and generallywhat God has done for us. Beblessed as you read!Samuel-AmutuhaireJIM
  2. 2. y name is Samuel Amutuhaire, literally meaning that “We asked for him from the Lord, and Hegave him to us” derived from the book of 1Samuel1:20. It was given to me by my dear parentsMr. & Mrs. Kosam Bainomugisha, who, I believe, prayed to and believed God to have me astheir first born. I was born on 24thOctober, 1993, in Ibanda which is currently a district. By thattime, my father had been transferred to Ibanda Integrated Primary School as a head teacher and my mother as ateacher, having been newly and happily married together in 1992.I grew up a healthy and quiet baby boy until I was ready to get into school, after several attempts to find mymother in class teaching, since we were living in the staff quarters, thanks to auntie and teacher, MaudeKebirungi who would make sure I don’t get into trouble. I loved school, my teachers and friends, and generallymy life was interesting all the way through up to primary five. I was also part of the Sunday school, where I hadthe most interesting memories of my childhood.Being a young boy, I did not care a lot about the friends I made and the impact they would have on my life, so inprimary five, my life started changing because of peer pressure and the influence of friends that I had. I startedbehaving badly and doing abnormal things that sometimes got my parents and people around me thinking. Ithought I was enjoying it all, but little did I know that there could be better things that I could do that wouldmake me a different and influential person.After primary five, my parents so a need to change me from that school to another, in order to help me change,perform better and be a better person. So I was taken to Mbarara Junior School, in Mbarara, for my Primary sixand seven levels. I passionately refused to join the boarding section, thinking that I was going to be beaten a lotand all that little kids always think about, I was used to being home. By the grace of God, the family of mybeloved uncle and auntie, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Tibendezana agreed to house me for that year as I study my primarysix. Now, that was the beginning of a whole new life in me.By the time I started living with them, I did not know how to any domestic activity, apart from washing utensils,of which I wasn’t perfect, and may be any other simple thing that even a baby can do. Truth is that I found anew world in that family. They had, and still don’t have, a maid, meaning we had to do everything by ourselves.Gosh, I was shocked at first, but I had to handle. So I gradually learnt how to wash clothes, light the stove, peel,cook, sweep, clean the toilets, eat meat and living happily with a different family all together. This wasn’t aseasy as I write it, but gradually, I started enjoying everything. Of course I made several mistakes here and there,and got some strokes for that, no one is perfect, but I learnt from each and every moment. I greatly appreciatethe work that they did in my life.After that experience, I was ready for the boarding section, so I joined and learnt a bunch of new things therealso. I graduated from the school later that year, 2005, with aggregate 13, and had to join secondary school. Ididn’t personally like the results because I had promised my parents to perform better, after my life hadchanged. More to that, the fact that I missed division 1 by 1 aggregate pissed me off. But all in all I took it in.On 31stDecember, 2005, I gave my life to Jesus Christ on a crusade organized in Ibanda town by the BugolobiChristians and missioners who had come to our home that time. I couldn’t make any better choice at that time. Ifelt I needed someone to make my life better. This ushered me into the New Year, 2006, in which I joinedsecondary school. I got a vacancy at Mbarara High School, my dream school, it wasn’t easy, but God made ithappen anyway. The time I had at this school was and is still remarkable.I was welcomed by many people but above all, by my young uncle, Mark Bijegye, who introduced me in thechapel choir and told something I have never forgotten, “Come and I take you to a place where you will alwaysbe!” I served God in ministry at Mbarara High School as a dancer, a singer, a keyboard player and as a choirleader throughout my six years there. It was awesome and life changing. God did a lot in me and through meuntil I finished high school, and I am who I am now because of him.M
  3. 3. As I had said earlier, am the first born in my family, Jotham Atubasiise follows me as the second born, the PraiseNowomugisha, and finally Elijah Ainebirungi as the last born. We have a cousin brother Joshua Kanyesigye, whohas grown up with us from the time his parents passed. He has become like a biological brother. We also had astep sister, the late Carol Nankunda, her soul rest in peace, who passed way in July 2011, never to forget her. Asa family, we have dedicated our lives to serving the Lord for He holds our Future, He has done great and willcontinue to do great for us. I thank God because we are all born again, and believe and pray for our youngestbrother to do the same when he grows up. One of the things I like about our family is the names that we have,Bainomugisha, Mpiriirwe, Amutuhaire Nowomugisha, Atubasiise, Ainebirungi, Kanyesigye, so encouraging andprophetic. Many time those names have kept us going. That’s why at this moment, I really would like to thankthe Lord Almighty for the things He has done in our family including my dad’s promotion to Inspector of Schoolsin 2007, my dear mother’s healing and recovery from kidney failure earlier this year, 2013, our education andwell-being, I can’t say it all, but am grateful to God sincerely.Sometimes it hasn’t been easy to endure and remain strong, but His Joy has been our strength, He has seen usthrough. I remember when my mother started getting seriously affected by that disease, I personally neverthought it could reach the extent of going to India for a transplant, but time came and we had to look for moneyto facilitate her treatment. At that time, I was preparing to join the university, and you surely understand whatit means. I had to pay more than a million for tuition, then rent, food shopping, in addition to my brotherJotham who was joining senior four, and my sister preparing to join senior one and Elijah in primary one. It wasnot so easy to trust anything. We prayed, we believed but all in all, I thank God who kept a smile on our facesbecause of the joy that the Spirit gives. We didn’t worry a lot because we believed that God had everythingunder control.That’s the beauty of having the word of God rooted in your heart. The bible says in Jeremiah17:7 that “Blessedis the man that trusts in the lord, and whose trust Jehovah is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters,that spreads out its roots by the river, and shall not fear when heat comes, but its leaf shall be green; and shallnot be worried in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.” He kept us strong through it alluntil we all went to school, had our fees paid and God surprised us by making our sister Praise excel in her PLEexams with 8 aggregates. She got a vacancy at Maryhill High School, where she is enjoying. Trust you me, wedon’t know how God did and still does His things but we have not lacked, we have not been in pain, but onlyresting in His love, provision, protection and care.I personally want to thank every individual who supported us in those hard times, whether in prayer, finances,food, care, love, compassion, name it. Thank you so much and may God reward you accordingly. We as a familycan’t do much to thank you, only God can.Currently am at Makerere University doing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2nd year, still stayingwith Mark Bijiegye, the one who welcomed me in high school. All is well. Jotham is at Mbarara High School,completing his S.4, Praise is at MaryHill High School completing her S.1, Elijah is at Ibanda Integrated P/s andJoshua is currently working at the Diocese of South Ankole. God has been so faithful, we can’t thank Himenough.I acknowledge the work that my parents, relatives siblings and friends did to make me the person I am now.Above all, I thank God so much, because I am nothing without Him.Over the years I got a meaning for the name Jim = (Jesus in ME) as in Galatians2:20, that’s why sometimes I callmyself Samuel Jim! May God bless you and I believe what you read has not left you the same.May God keep you hopeful even in the darkest hour, keep strong and His grace enable you to trust in Him eventhough things do not seem to be working out. Always know that nothing is Impossible with God, Luke1:37. It’salways never about you, it’s about God. All you need to always do is trust Him more and more.