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Coventry 2011 presentation


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Coventry 2011 presentation

  1. 1. News in the making: features andchanges in health coverage inPortugal Felisbela Lopes Teresa Ruão Sandra Marinho Rita Araújo University of Minho Communication and Society Research Centre
  2. 2. Research Project‘Disease in the News’, FCT 2010Communication and Society Research CenterUniversity of Minho PROBLEM Portuguese media coverage on Health/Disease issues Content level of analysis • Themes, news angle, news genre, newsworthiness, news sources, intertextuality Production level of analysis • Journalists: perceptions, routines, values and rules related to health issues • News sources: their organization, perceptions, expectations on health news coverage
  3. 3. METHODOLOGYNews analysis of three national newspapers (differentperiodicity and editorial criteria): Weekly broadsheet: Expresso Daily broadsheet: Público Daily popular: Jornal de Notícias
  4. 4. Analysis of 7 variables: Presence/absence of news sources Number of quoted sources Geographical location Gender Identification Status Medical area of expertise
  5. 5. THEORETICAL BACKGROUND Health Communication Health Journalism Health Media Relations
  6. 6. Health Communication “Is concerned with the powerful roles performed by human and mediated communication in health care delivery and health promotion” (Kreps et al., 1998).
  7. 7. Health Communication Its primary levels of analysis: intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational and social communication; In our work, we emphasize social analysis, concerned with the health information dissemination process, including investigations that seek to understand the social construction of health in news texts. This level of analysis also looks into understanding media impact on health, providing a background for social interventions in the field (Kreps & Maibach, 2008).
  8. 8. THE RESEARCH2008 to 2010: an overview
  9. 9. 2008 to 2010:4415 news articles analyzed “Público” • 1914 news articles JN • 2177 news articles “Expresso” • 324 news articles
  10. 10. 2008 to 2010 2nd level of 1st level of analysis analysis/disease coverage/variables Periodicity of Sources newspapers: daily vs weekly Diseases Editorial line: broasheet vs popular Location of Newsworthiness newsrooms: geographical Newsframing
  11. 11. RESULTS
  12. 12. 2008 to 2010: Themes 1261 news texts • Health Politics 1135 news texts • General Overview 727 news texts • Risk/Alarm situations 402 news texts • Research 346 news texts • Clinical acts 333 news texts • Health Economics 159 news texts • Prevention 50 news texts • Others
  13. 13. 2008: Dominant Themes Health PoliticsDifferent communication strategies used by the Portuguese Health Ministry• Health Minister Correia de Campos (until 29.01.08)„The steward‟ (van Ruler, 2003)Constant presence in the media, through direct contact with journalists• Health Minister Ana Jorge (from 01.02.08 onwards)„The facilitator‟ (van Ruler, 2003)Presence in the media through indirect contact (public relations, events…)
  14. 14. 2009: Dominant Themes2009/ THEMES Influenza A • 655 news articles • Half of the news is on „Risk/Alarm situations‟ and „General Overviews‟ • High media coverage • December/ 69 deaths by Influenza A in Portugal • A media pandemics
  15. 15. 2010: Dominant Themes• Various Themes• Diversity of topics is low General Overview Oncology services Health Economics
  16. 16. 2008 to 2010: Diseases 236 news texts • 1/3 of news articles • Cancer is about diseases 671 news texts • Influenza A 110 news texts • HIV-aids • Diseases media pay 68 news texts more attention to • Ophtalmological diseases 61 news texts • Obesity 55 news texts • Transplants 38 news texts • Diabetes 36 news texts • Mental diseases
  17. 17. 2008 to 2010: Diseases 2008 2009 2010 • Cancer • Influenza • Cancer • 81 news A • 78 news articles • 588 news articles articles
  18. 18. 2008 to 2010: Cancer in the news • Priority given to Research topics • News genre is the most used one • „Direct‟ and „straight forward‟ tone
  19. 19. 2008 to 2010: News sources Sources Specialized Sources Status Characteristics Sources Identified Oficial Doctors Specialized Male and Researchers institutional National
  20. 20. 2008 to 2010: Place of the news• National news• When they don‟t refer to a particular place within „National‟:- No place- News depends on the newsrooms location• International news:- Mostly european and american continents- Southern hemisphere is invisible
  21. 21. 2008 to 2010: News Genre 1st • News 2nd • Report 3rd • Interview
  22. 22. 2008 to 2010: Problemsa) Texts contain errors of precision (health/science topics)b) Ambiguous titlesc) Sources identification often incompleted) Place of news often non-existente) News articles often give little information
  23. 23. 2008 to 2010: ConclusionsOn health news coverage in Portugal:1. Predominance of political sources and themes2. Interest in risk and alarm themes3. Most highlighted disease is cancer4. News tone is usually positive5. Preference for organized news sources6. Some silent margins: women, patients and their families, common citizen
  24. 24. Thank youFelisbela Lopes, felisbela@ics.uminho.ptTeresa Ruão, truao@ics.uminho.ptSandra Marinho, marinho@ics.uminho.ptRita Araújo,