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Upscale dining live


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Upscale dining live

  1. 1. UPSCALE DINING Restaurant Marketing is experiencing a distinct paradigm shift. Previously, marketers controlled the conversation with consumers through television, radio, newspapers and magazines. With millions of people now using Social Media for their primary buying signals, there is a new open dialogue that now takes place in real time. Restaurnants that do not adapt run the risk of marginalizing their Brands.Leveraging the Power of Information, Media & NetworksSuccessfully Creating Value to Empower our Restaurant ClientsIt takes more for a restaurant to succeed than simply knowing how to prepare the perfect California Roll or serve themost trendy cocktail. It takes creativity not only in the kitchen, but also in knowing how to market your brand andconnect with the customer. Ah, if it were only that simple people would be packing into restaurants at record numbers.Well it is, but most Restaurants get lost in translating that message to potential Customers. That’s where we come in.Consumers often first know of a particular restaurant through its advertising. However, their perceptions of theRestaurant are shaped by a combination of competitors advertising, personal experiences and most importantly SocialMedia. We now live in an era where Social Media accounts for most of the buying signals that people receive.We bring restaurants closer than ever before to their customers by utilizing a vast array of Social Media tools thatempower and give new breathe to their brands. Our Restaurant Clients converse and connect with their customerand know definitively that their marketing efforts are not being ignored.Choosing a favorite restaurant is a very social experience and people like to share social experiences with otherpeople. Therefore, we believe that it just makes perfect sense to leverage social behavior in creating value for ourRestaurant Clients.Let’s face it, in today’s soft economy people are continuing to eat out. The difference is When and Where they chooseto eat out. As the Masters of Idea Translation, there is no company today that is better positioned to assistRestaurants in attracting more new customers and rewarding more loyal customers than live.sanjika. No One!