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  1. 1. Struggle for women rights in Pakistan  1947 Foundation of W.R.C (Women Relief Committee)  1955 General Ayub Khan devotion for the creation of the commission of marriages.  1970-1977 Democratic regime of Zulfiqaar Ali Bhutto “ARE WOMEN EQUAL TO MEN’’
  2. 2. ‘’There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.” (Mohammad Ali Jinnah,1944) DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES REGARDING WOMEN
  3. 3.  1978-1988 Zia ul Haq’s islamization campaign. 1993-1996 Benazir Bhutto’s era. She was the first Muslim Prime Minister in Muslim world. “ARE WOMEN EQUAL TO MEN’’
  4. 4.  1999-2002 “Women's Protection Bill”  2008-2012 Establishment of VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRES and BENAZIR INCOME SUPPORT PROGRAMME “ARE WOMEN EQUAL TO MEN’’
  5. 5. ‘’Women is like a tea bag, you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her into hot water’’ POLITICAL REVIEW
  6. 6.  1993-1996 Benazir Bhutto’s era.  She was the first Muslim Prime Minister in Muslim world.  She was prominent lady of Pakistan and the 11thPrime Minister.  She was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim country. BENAZIR BHUTTO
  7. 7. • She is Pakistani states woman and economist who is current and foreign minister of Pakistan. HINA RUBANNI KHAR
  8. 8. Asma Jahngir • She is a leading lawyer and human rights activist. • She is President of Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan. • She is author of many publications and books. “ARE WOMEN EQUAL TO MEN’’
  9. 9. Is this the end of story?? Are women always been too popular or respected as these are?? NO! “ARE WOMEN EQUAL TO MEN’’
  10. 10.  Story of woman's deprivations.  “Honor-killings”  Karoo Karri CULTURAL AND SOCIAL DEPRIVATIONS
  11. 11.  Forcefully Marriages CULTURAL AND SOCIAL DEPRIVATIONS
  12. 12.  Article 25A ,34 ,38 The fundamental rights of every individual in the state.  Health Sector: Education Disparities DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES REGARDING WOMEN
  13. 13.  Girls making name in the world after getting high education  Sadia Shahid World’s highest scores in A-levels biology and chemistry.  Dr Farzana Shaheen Pakistani woman scientist. DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES REGARDING WOMEN
  14. 14.  Sumbul Syed World record in English literature by taking 9th position.  Dr .Shamshad Akhtar The first female governor of the State Bank of Pakistan. DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES REGARDING WOMEN
  15. 15. Holy Prophet (S A W) said: “Education is mandatory for men and women.” DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES REGARDING WOMEN
  16. 16. You educate a man You educate a man You educate a woman You educate generation DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES REGARDING WOMEN
  17. 17.  Employment DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES REGARDING WOMEN Total Male Female Augmented Female Pakistan 45.7 69.3 20.64 37.5 Rural 49.2 71.0 26.4 50.6 Urban 39.2 66.2 10.1 13.1
  18. 18.  Almighty ALLAH has declared in Holy Quran : “He has created you from a single being then from that He made its mate of the same kind” (39:6)  Muslim scholars & Ulemas • Male-female equality is against nature ACCORDING TO ISLAM WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN
  19. 19.  Islam, Woman & Marriage  Pakistani TALIBAN ACCORDING TO ISLAM WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN
  20. 20.  Holy prophet (S A W) said : “O, people fear from Allah in the matter of women, treats them carefully and fairly as Islam teaches you.” ACCORDING TO ISLAM WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN
  21. 21. Personal view Conclusion PERSONAL VIEW
  22. 22. Any Questions???? AQ’S