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Civics 1st meeting

civic induction

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Civics 1st meeting

  1. 1. Civics
  2. 2. information Goal: (in this section 45 minutes X 2 = 90 minutes) • Students able to explain and understand the essence of civics • Students understand of civics and its benefits. • Students able to express & communicate their learning through media (poster, etc)
  3. 3. Instruction • You have to work in group (2/3 students) • You can choose your partner freely • Every group must present of group work • You will be assessed by your team working, tolerance and presentation (report & communication) • Working time: 30 minutes
  4. 4. Guiding questions • 1st group Why do you learn civics? Justify your reason through 4 reasons with examples. 2nd group How do you learn civics in your daily life? Justify your reasons through examples.
  5. 5. continue • 3rd group What are the benefits and disadvantages of learning civics? 4th group In what ways civics is significant to learn?
  6. 6. continue • What is civics according to your opinion? • What are the theme/topics that you have learn in civics? • (every group must answered of these questions)