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SOHC Future Planning


Published on

May 11th 2015

Published in: Healthcare
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SOHC Future Planning

  1. 1. Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition: Future Planning May 11, 2015
  2. 2. Our Vision for the Future (from 2011 Planning) Five years from now, there has been amazing changes and work done because of the Oral Health Coalition. What were the core values that guided, motivated, and inspired the work done by the coalition? What gave clarity to the group in times when they wondered whether something was a good idea or not? How were decisions made? What allowed this group to become great at what it had to offer?
  3. 3. Core Values • Collaboration • Common Goals • Commitment • Best Practice
  4. 4. What allowed the group to be great? • Accountability • Inclusiveness • Decision-making • Generous Budget – working on this!
  5. 5. Gaps Identified: • Seniors • Long Term Care  • Low income/low socio-economic groups • New Canadians/immigrants/refugees • Maternal Health  • People with mental/physical challenges • Homeless/vulnerable people
  6. 6. What do we want our Coalition to look like? • Broader, for a more well-rounded perspective • Increased membership: more multi-sector, with more representation from federal, provincial, and civic levels of government. More front line workers, from more health care disciplines. And, more representation from funding agencies.
  7. 7. What do we want our Coalition to look like? • Our strength will be in our numbers and having our common cry coming from many different sectors.
  8. 8. What are we agreeing upon, by being in this Coalition? • That there exist huge unmet (and unaddressed) needs in our province. We must raise the governments (and the public) consciousness, to make oral health a priority. • That we are willing to each serve as a resource to the group: to inform, educate, and update on relevant issues, so that all members may reach a common level of understanding.
  9. 9. What are we agreeing upon, by being in this Coalition? • That our own individual agendas will be “left at the door”, as we can’t use a coalition as a means of advancing our own agendas.
  10. 10. Who is missing from this Coalition? Government Representation: • Health Canada (yes) • SK Ministry of Health (yes) • Civic government (no) • First Nations (yes) • Other Health Regions (yes)
  11. 11. Who is missing from this Coalition? • Homecare, daycare, special needs groups (yes) • University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine (no) • School Board representation (yes) • Prenatal educators (invite) • Middle years/adults
  12. 12. Exercise for Today 1. Review Core Values 2. Review What Allows Us to be Great 3. Considering the gaps identified, what future work should we be planning for? 4. Discuss How We Want to Look 5. Review: do we still agree on what it means to be part of the Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition? 6. How do we engage those who are missing?