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Lorenz Lo Sauer portfolio 2013


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Published in: Technology
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Lorenz Lo Sauer portfolio 2013

  1. 1. Top 10 Web ProjectsLo Sauer @sauerlo
  2. 2. A decade of evolution ‘06 ‘01 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘12
  3. 3. Overview
  4. 4. CXP CodeXPlode - A web-app like Content Management System (CMS) Experience in a developer-community site and the lack of good CMS systems led to the implementation of a CMS project in PHP, for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) servers. The CMS operates as a web-app, through client side JS and server-side PHP. CXP includes a dynamic HTML editor, a web based InstallShield-like installer, detailed user statistics,…
  5. 5. MNSP MNSP - Mobile Network Service Platform Implements a secure, flexible Mobile Service Platform that delivers and receives content via SMS as natural language commands. Implements, a full XML logger and parser via PHP and XSLT, SMS Emulator, Flexible Command Parser, well structured interface definitions and DTD and XSL definitions. MNSP was used in ‘0900Secret’; SMS Provider: DIMOCO
  6. 6. CAMS CAMS – Computer Aided Measuring Station A mobile, durable platform for environmental sensors was designed from ground up: electronic design, layout, simulation and actual hardware realization - comprising design, routing, etching, drilling, equipping, and testing. Hardware and Software implementation uses RS232 connectivity, and includes a RS232 wrapper PHP plugin and a web interface.
  7. 7. Cylon A web presentation for a technology and research company Planning and creating the entire web presentation for a technology and R&D company. The project comprised: web design, downloads, extending CXP as a CMS, secure shopping and transactions, user area and content feeds as well as comprehensive user statistics. Requirements: LAMP system, < 100MB, timeframe: 2 months
  8. 8. Gil-Area A web site for GIL - an urban fashion and clothing company Implemented the web-design, web-programming as well as the CMS for an urban, trendy fashion company with various outlets in Austria. Photoshop design files were provided by an intermediary client. Work was rendered on a freelance-basis. Services included full deployment and administration of the project in its initial stages.
  9. 9. Citylight Newsroom A public relations newsroom for an advertisement company ‘Citylights’ are backlit ad-banners at bus stations and other well frequented sites in the city which are operated by gewista Austria. The project comprised the implementation of a dynamic web-site and smart content management system with a clean, easy to use interface. The project included full initial server deployment and administration.
  10. 10. MXL / AVI Diploma thesis: Artificial Vision Interface Implementing an eye tracker based on Hidden Markov Models and an extended .NET wrapper for OpenCV – a computer vision library. A novel .NET user interface library was created, based on Win32 API calls and a browser. The resulting Multimedia eXtended Library enables similar GUI features as Adobe and Macromedia provided at that time.
  11. 11. Rivel A web presentation for an e-sports organization The first goal was to establish the core features for the web-presentation, and overall theme of the site. Sounds and animation were rendered via flash, whilst the CMS and content were delivered via PHP on a LAMP system. Full initial deployment, administration and regular backups were part of the delivered service.
  12. 12. UlcFoods A web presentation for a ultralowcal foods – a novel startup company For a novel food startup company, specializing in low caloric snacks without compromise, the right graphic design, web design and implementation of a web presentation is key to good market performance. Key features are: CMS adaptation, flash design, sound design, LAMP compatibility, optimization for PC and mobile clients.
  13. 13. MIRA MIRA - Metabolomics Interactive Resource Aggregator A search-as-you-type web-application that determines the search input and accordingly queries matching web-service providers in order to aggregate optimal results. As the user scrolls down, more and more results are retrieved. The interface takes a light and clean approach, requiring little to no additional user action. Results are Web 2.0 amenable.
  14. 14. ServicesProgramming Administration•Databases (SQL)•Rich Client Applications•Web Applications / RAD•Distributed Applications P A •LAMP Systems •Databases •VMWare, BOINC•C#, PHP, Python, C/C++, JS, ASMScience Design •Presentations S D•Scientific Data Validation •Photography•Data Mining •Retouching•Scientific Databases •Artwork•Scientific User Interfaces & UX •Digital Content Creation•Consulting & Method Development