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Homonyms vs homophones by saúl armas


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Homonyms vs homophones by saúl armas

  2. 2. HOMONYMS: Homonyms are words that normally have the same spelling, same pronunciation but different meaning. Sometimes these words you can use as verbs or as nouns or in some different situations as adjectives.
  3. 3. HOMONYMS: EXAMPLES Can= Poder or Lata Pet= Mascota or Acariciar (animals) Last= Último or Durar Hand= Mano or Repartir Paint= Pintura or Pintar Face= Cara or Encarar Book= Libro or Reservar Etc…
  4. 4. SENTENCES WITH HOMONYMS: - I can play soccer. / I bought a soda can. This is my favorite book. / I booked a room. Help me to hand this CDs. / My hand hurts. In my break I´ll buy a sandwich. / I break my pen. Green: Verbs / Blue: Nouns
  5. 5. HOMOPHONES: Homonyms are words that normally have different spelling, same pronunciation and different meaning. Sometimes these words are verbs, nouns or adjectives.
  6. 6. HOMOPHONES: EXAMPLES See – Sea (ver - mar) Steel – Steal (acero - hurtar) Tail – Tale (cola - cuento) Eight – Ate (ocho – comer in past) Board – Bored (pizarra - aburrido) Blue – Blew (azul – soplar in past) Be – Bee (ser/estar - abeja)
  7. 7. SENTENCES WITH HOMOPHONES: I can see you. The sea is beautiful. My dog´s tail is black. This tale is interesting. She is eight years old. She ate a fish yesterday.