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Snomed ct worked example dental interface terminology


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A worked example of post-coordinated expression and mapping to interface terminology using SNOMED CT

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Snomed ct worked example dental interface terminology

  1. 1. SNOMED CT: Worked Example Dental Term Example of “Interface Terminology” Extracted from “Introduction to SNOMED CT” © By Dr SB Bhattacharyya, Published by Springer™
  2. 2. Excerpt from Chapter 9 Using SNOMED CT Dr SB Bhattacharyya 2016 2
  3. 3. Extraction of 36 (To Be Found In Dental Information Systems) • An example of “Interface Terminology” • Interface terminology are terms that allow users to interact easily with clinical concepts through common colloquial terms and synonyms and generally embody a rich set of flexible, “user friendly” phrases • For those unfamiliar with dental “lingo”, the “36” – pronounced as “three six” – above refers to the “permanent lower left first molar tooth”. The dental procedure refers to the simple extraction of the permanent lower left first molar tooth. The “permanent” is implicit through the use of “3” in the “36” above. Dr SB Bhattacharyya 2016 3
  4. 4. Extraction of 36 • Let us look at how this particular procedure can be captured. • A few of points need to be considered first. • That this is a procedure and so, the entire term should either be available in the | procedure | hierarchical tree or needs to be composed on-the-fly. • The procedure is performed on a permanent tooth. • The procedure has a site that is direct, which in this case is the | permanent lower left first molar tooth | that corresponds to the “36” mentioned above. • Through studying the SNOMED CT subtype hierarchy, one finds a concept called | extraction of permanent tooth |. This is a fully defined concept. It has two defining attributes (“has a”) of | method | and | procedure site – direct |. Dr SB Bhattacharyya 2016 4
  5. 5. Extraction of 36 • It is important to note that there is no single concept with the term “extraction of permanent lower left first molar tooth”. This means that this clinical idea will need to be expressed as postcoordinated expression as no corresponding precoordinated expression for the same exists. • This | procedure site – direct | relates to the concept | body structure |. • Under this concept, the term | permanent lower left first molar tooth | is a synonym for the concept whose FSN is | entire permanent mandibular left first molar tooth (body structure) |. Dr SB Bhattacharyya 2016 5
  6. 6. Extraction of 36 • Thus, the procedure name “extraction of permanent lower left first molar tooth” can be expressed as the postcoordinated expression as below: • 57703000 | extraction of permanent tooth | : 405813007 | procedure site - Direct | = 245604007 | permanent lower left first molar tooth | • Let us consider that this specific term “extraction of permanent lower left first molar tooth” is one term amongst a list of terms available to a dentist from within a Dental Information System for data entry as “Procedure Performed”. Dr SB Bhattacharyya 2016 6
  7. 7. Extraction of 36 • The list of terms needs to be treated as an interface terminology and mapping would need to be done to a series of postcoordinated expressions. This is since all this 11 (representing the upper first incisor) and 36 (representing the lower left first molar) etc. cannot be found as precoordinated expressions in the SNOMED CT. • There are two simple enough ways to approach this. Dr SB Bhattacharyya 2016 7
  8. 8. Extraction of 36 1. Ask the dentists to choose from a different list of terms – not something that the dentists will be very thrilled about since their existing list will be the ones that are closest to what they prefer to record their procedures as. 2. Painstakingly map each term to its corresponding expression – mostly postcoordinated although some precoordinated may also occasionally be found – this will not be something that would delight the personnel concerned with mapping, but will nevertheless need to in be done order to keep the end-users happy thereby ensuring the successful and continued use of the system. Dr SB Bhattacharyya© 2016 8
  9. 9. Introduction to SNOMED CT by Dr SB Bhattacharyya available at • Bhattacharyya/dp/9812878939/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453269681&sr=8- 1&keywords=introduction+to+snomed+ct – hardcopy only • Bhattacharyya/dp/9812878939/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453269722&sr=8- 1&keywords=introduction+to+snomed+ct – hardcopy only • – ebook and hardcopy • – chapter-wise online access only 9Dr SB Bhattacharyya 2016
  10. 10. 10Dr SB Bhattacharyya 2016