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What we learned: Refined value Innovation at 50x 031616


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What we learned: Refined value proposition
for enterprise...
Share & Tell…
...helps better understand your target's online &
omnichannel shopping & purchasing behavior
• What is purchased on
• What is my online/omni market share? Why?
• Where else does my target shop? Why?
• What does my target do before they buy? What
is their shopping path? Why?
• What products does my customer buy / not buy?
What do they buy with my product? Why?
...helps better understand your target's persona /
where to reach them
• What online behaviors (sites, apps, etc…)?
• What media consumption habits?
• What do they search for online?
• What activities, interests, hobbies?
• What demographics?
...provides ability to more directly and
narrowly communicate with your target
• Direct messaging / promos on S&T platform
• Better targeting on existing ad networks
Week 4