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Launchpad Methodology/Process 1. Applying the Innovation at 50x 031616


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Launchpad Methodology/Process
1. Applying the scientific method to business model is extremely useful
a. treating all ideas as hypotheses prevents attachment to bad ideas
i. also encourages rapid iteration to get to better ideas faster
b. using MVPs as tests of ideas rather than finished products avoids
wasting tons of development time
1. Interviews
a. what people initially say is not what they would actually do
i. need to push commitment to see what they actually do
b. interviews with experts are a quick way to get a lay of an industry
c. it’s surprisingly easy to get interviews with experts with a warm intro,
student status, and the purpose of learning as much as we can
d. need to clarify customer segment as early as possible to interview the
right people
i. early interviews should focus on figuring out who they are