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Hinduism/ Vedas• Rig-veda (1500 BC) A Brief History of God


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Hinduism/ Vedas• Rig-veda (1500 BC) – Polytheism • Solar gods (Adityas): Varuna (god of the cosmic order) is the supreme god, his brother Mitra (son god), Surya (sun god) and his wife Ushas (the dawn), etc • Gods of the air: Indra (god of war, later becomes more popular than Varuna), Rudra, etc • Gods of earth: Agni (the fire god), Soma, etc – Asuras and Devas • Asuras deities of moral phenomena (e.g. Varuna) • Devas deities of natural phenomena (e.g. Indra) • Later: Devas" angelic and "Asuras" demonic 63

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