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Listening vs Hearing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Listening vs Hearing

  1. 1. Are you listening or hearing? Its not mere semantics. Prem Kumar Aparanji
  2. 2. Social Media Monitoring Receive
  3. 3. Digital Monitoring Receive
  4. 4. Enterprise Feedback Management Receive
  5. 5. What if …Receive
  6. 6. we add a new step? Review Receive (Parse)
  7. 7. Hmmm … what about scalability? Review Receive (Parse)
  8. 8. Get help from …• Text Analysis• Machine Learning• Semantic Analysis• Dedicated work force – Data Stewards? – Outsourced BPO?• And how about getting help from Communities? E.g., community filtering?
  9. 9. Can we Coordinate, Cooperate or Collaborate*? Route Review Receive (Parse) *
  10. 10. Why, what, how?• Functions & Departments – Sales, Marketing, Service – Finance, Invoice, Shipping, etc.• Business Rules – Don’t forget Priority, SLAs, Escalations, etc.• BPM vs ACM vs Social
  11. 11. Systems of Record still needed … Route Review Receive (Parse) Research
  12. 12. along with Systems of Engagement Route Review Receive (Parse) Research Respond & Record
  13. 13. Rinse+Repeat makes it Listening? Route Review Receive (Parse) Research Respond & Record
  14. 14. Only if youMEASURE & ANALYZE TOO
  15. 15. Do you still think you are Listening? Route Review Receive (Parse) Analytics Research Respond & Record
  16. 16. Thank youPrem Kumar Aparanji,Evangelist - Social CRM, Cognizant@prem_k |