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Branding A City


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What are great cities made of and how can we create a brand new city and build it like a brand.

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Branding A City

  1. 1. BrandingA City
  2. 2. “Nations are like human beings, the mostrespected ones are those that have a greatsoul..
  3. 3. “a lifetime of passion andpersistence is what creates anenlightened soul
  4. 4. When it comes to cities there are casesof meticulously planned cities becoming dream destinations while at the same time there are cities that went through natural evolution with society and became iconic.
  5. 5. A case of Natural Urban Evolution The city of the world- New York What makes NY the symbol of vibrant life
  6. 6. • History- – the city of the immigrants Key • Demographics – Diverse age and ethnic mixFacts • Advantages – Thriving diversity of Culture • Little Italy in NY • The china town – Freedom to practice – culture, religion, art – Thriving economy – port city, businesses • Branding – Mayors initiative – city budget for marketing • Iconic cultural branding • I love NY • Projected City Brand – The big apple
  7. 7. A case of Planned Social Harmony Singapore One of the Best Destinations to Live, Visit and Work
  8. 8. History Key • A case of good governance – best public policy and urban planning example in the worldFacts Demographics – Multi ethnic and Multi religion Results  8% economic growth  Lowest infant mortality rate in the world  95% literacy, highest performing in math and language test avg in the world.  No homeless or no slum areas  Highest avg. life expectancy 79 years  No political instability or war conflict  Environment management- 85 % clean air, 100% clean water  Culture- performing arts, theater, museums ,
  9. 9. • Branding Initiatives Key – Iconic cultural branding • Singapore Airlines • Tourism SingaporeFacts • Projected City Brand – East meets west –harmony of culture and religion, first world country in one generation – City of water – from water dependant to self sufficient to intellectual capital of water management – City of Gardens – greater bio diversity than USA- 00.8% of its size
  10. 10. Key Learning from the Two cities The Body The Spirit Infrastructure Diversity Economy Culture Safety Creativity
  11. 11. Branding
  12. 12. The The SoulBranding The Emotional IntangiblesPyramid Culture Diversity Creativity Soul The Functional Rationales Livability Legality and Policies Emotional Exclusivity Intangibles Technology Accessibility Functional Rationales
  13. 13. Branding Values Matrix for aCity Brand Collective The heart Soul Culture Emotional intangibles Creativity Diversity Livability TechnologyFunctional rationales Legality Accessibilit and y Policies Exclusivity
  14. 14. “The real essence of a citycomes from its inhabitants
  15. 15. Defining the Creative ClassA social segment identified as a an important population group which isThe foundation of modern socio economic theories. Creative Class or Idea Workers , by Richard Florida Carnegie Mellon University Economist
  16. 16. The difference between the Creative Class and the other classes, referred to as the Working Class or Service Class, is that the latter are paid to execute the Creative according to plan, while Class are primarily paid to create, to ‘think’ for a living, and have more flexibility than the other classes do. Ideaworker
  17. 17. The core of the Creative Class is a broader group of creative professionals in business, finance, law, health care, and related fields. This group engages in complex problem solving that involves a great deal of independent judgment Idea and requires high levels of education and human capital.worker
  18. 18. The world economy is moving from industrialization to service sector 20 % of the workforce creative 80% of the economic valueWhy are the Attract the talent, the corporationsimportant? will follow them there
  19. 19. So what will take it thecreative class toembrace a new city?
  20. 20. “The functional rationales will begeneric and will become tangible asdevelopment progresses so let usfocus on the emotional intangibles
  21. 21. CultureDiversityCreativity
  22. 22. For example Architecture Literature Festivals & Poetry Food Photography CITY Filmmaking Music Art Entrepreneurship Technology
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