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WordPress Backups


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I describe how you could configure a WordPress based backup solution, PressBackup, to work with Amazon S3 for potentially unlimited backup capability for free (initially) or relatively low cost.

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WordPress Backups

  1. 1. PressBackupHow to backup your WordPress site toAmazon S3 (or Dropbox)
  2. 2. What we will talk about● What to and Why backup● Installing PressBackup● Getting started with PressBackup● Configuring PressBackup● Getting Started with Amazon S3● Configuring Amazon S3● Backup Automation● Manual backups● Sleep easier
  3. 3. What and Why BackupWe can backup:● Themes● Plugins● Uploads folder● Database● All of the above● Flexible schedules● 5 generations of backup (more with paidoption)● Automatically and manually
  4. 4. Why Amazon S3Pros:● Free for 12 months up to 5GB● Limitless storage beyond that (almost)● Low ongoing costs● SecureCons:● Pricing can be a little confusing● Interface a little clunky (but getting better)
  5. 5. Installing PressBackup● In WordPress Admin Dashboard● Plugins● Add New● "pressbackup"● Install Now● For Multi-site install in the same way andNetwork Activate or activate on a per-sitebasis
  6. 6. PressBackup Plugin
  7. 7. Configuring PressBackup● Click on PressBackup in WP Admin● Create (free) account● Note: PressBackup emails the email addresstied to the WordPress login used
  8. 8. Create PressBackupaccountCreate your PressBackup account
  9. 9. PressBackup configuration
  10. 10. Getting started withAmazon S3● For PressBackup we need the Access andSecret Keys for your account● Login to your Amazon account● And / or goto● Sign up (login)● Provide Credit card details● Choose S3
  11. 11. Amazon S3 KeysFrom this page:
  12. 12. Amazon S3 - signup
  13. 13. More Amazon S3 signup
  14. 14. First backup● Once PressBackup is configured andconnected to Amazon S3 the first full backupis performed● The backup, as a zip file, is stored in aspecially named pressbackup folder andcontains the Database, Plugins, Themes,Uploads● PressBackup defaults to backup everythingdaily● Changes can easily be made
  15. 15. PressBackup configuration
  16. 16. PressBackup configuration
  17. 17. Amazon S3 BucketsAfter logging in to Amazon S3 console you willsee storage for all your backups is in thelocation like the one shown below:
  18. 18. PressBackup fileThe contents of a PressBackup zip file
  19. 19. PressBackupZip of files includes (if complete is chosen):● database SQL dump● themes folder (as a zip)● to wp-content/themes● plugins folder (as a zip)● to wp-content/plugins● uploads folder as a zip
  20. 20. PressBackup schedule● Change the PressBackup schedule to meetyour needs● Database and uploads at least weekly(unless you change content more frequently)● Themes monthly - unless you are developingthemes (use version control instead),tinkering or a theme-aholic● Plugins monthly
  21. 21. OK - so my sites failed● There are many scenarios for site failurerequiring different approaches to fix.● Assuming we have a full backup availablewe can restore the site to that point● Dependent on host, technical ability thesesteps might take some time :-)
  22. 22. Site restoration● Restore all the files from the PressBackupzip to a new or refurbished WordPressinstallation● You can upload and plugins.zipthen unzip to your webspace
  23. 23. Restore database● Start with an empty database● Import the database.sql file● Database is restored to the time of backup
  24. 24. Storage alternativesAs an alternative storage to Amazon S3PressBackup offers:● PressBackup (free and paid plans)(more accounts and pricing options:● DropBox (up to 150MB)● Server folder
  25. 25. Amazon S3 linksUseful links: