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Coming of Age in a Digital World: The battle of Old Vs. New


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Coming of Age in a Digital World: The battle of Old Vs. New

  1. 1. Coming of Age ina Digital WorldImage: Stuck in Customs
  2. 2. Being born in the early partof the 90’s, childhood waslargely absent of socialconnections like Facebook,Twitter, YouTube and for alarger portion……the accessible internetImage: Stuck in Customs
  3. 3. Image: Jose Luis Mieza PhotographyWith the inception of these social mediums, thedevelopmental social landscape of childhoodhas changed completely
  4. 4. Image: Stuck in CustomsChildren are now being raised ina world that is very different thanthe one their parents would haveexperienced….…essentially a battle of Old Vs.New
  5. 5. Raising the question: What is the best way toconnect the two together?Image: epc
  6. 6. Many social media sites require a minimum age to access their services andofferingsImage: wwward0
  7. 7. Yet there are 7.5 Million underage Facebookusers, two thirds of which are 10 years old oryoungerImage: Daniel*1977
  8. 8. Image: Reena MahtaniTherefore, the messagethat the websites areproducing are not beingclearly understood…Should responsibility be puton the parents?
  9. 9. Image: Daniel*1977Unfortunately, 78% of parents surveyed (PEW) help theirchildren lie to Facebook about [their] age
  10. 10. Image: CohdraFurthermore, 44% of teenagers admittedto lying about their age to gain access to aweb site
  11. 11. The idealized childhood is underattack from mobile phones and tabletsas wellImage: dai-kon
  12. 12. Image: Paul MayneA study in 2010 shows thattwo-thirds of children ages 4-7 had used an iPhone
  13. 13. Image: Alvimann“As technology become ubiquitous in ourlives, American parents are becoming more,not less, wary of what it might be doing totheir children”- Hana Rosin
  14. 14. Image: bjornsk“On the one hand, parents want their children to swim expertlyin the digital stream that they will have to navigate all their lives;on the other hand, they fear that too much digital media, tooearly, will sink them”- Hanna Rosin
  15. 15. Image: Ol’1 eyeParents end up treating tablets like precision surgical instruments, gadgets that might performmiracles for their child’s IQ…but only if they are used just so….[or they] could end up one of those sad, pale creatures who can’t make eye contact and hasan avatar for a girlfriend. – Hanna Rosen
  16. 16. When we look back and consult Hanna Rosen, she states that“every new medium has, within a short time of its introduction,been condemned as a threat to young people”…Image: Antimidia
  17. 17. Image: S Richards PhotographyAlthough there have been no studies on the effects of early screen time inchildren I don’t think we should discount them just yet…
  18. 18. Image: rolfkallmanIntroduction oftablets, smartphonesandaccess/membershipto several websiteswill only helpimprove digitalliteracy and helpclose the divide inthe upcoming years
  19. 19. Image: Stuck in CustomsMobi l e devi ces and t he i nt er net enabl e l i f e-l ong l ear ni ngas wel l as connect i ng us t o essent i al ser vi ces l i kemobi l e heal t h and mobi l e banki ng
  20. 20. It is under these advantages that one must remember when tryingto bridge the gap between the old style of childhood and the newstyle
  21. 21. Sources:• The Touch-Screen Generation. By Hanna Rosen. The Atlantic. March2013.• Coming of Age in the Digital Age. By Kevin Makice. WiredMagazine. February 2013.• Course Lectures