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Researching with social media and Google


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Get 150+ tips for better research with social media and Google. 2013 edition.

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Researching with social media and Google

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS AND RESEARCH CHEAT LIST - List by Henk van Ess - Report errors to and get an updateWant a workshop in your company? Contact me via http://www.searchbistro.comSearch engines Link What is it? Acccess NotesSocial Mention Real-time social media search and analysis Free Slow, but effectiveIcerocket Search Twitter and Facebook FreeWhos Talking Social Media Search Tool Free A lot of social media includedCurate Me Get news from your Twitter/Faceb streams Free, accounts neededTopsy Search social Web Free Click the tabs for moreQwant Meta-search engine Beta In beta, promisingGeotaggingVisual search Search and monitor by location Paid trailLocation search Search the newest tweets Free Change language to USPeople Melt See tweets on a map, pick your location Free Buggy, but keep tryingGeochirp Only searches around your location (<50m) FreePhotosearchTwicsy Search twitter pics, even private accounts FreeJotpix Search Flickr. Picasa, YouTube FreeStatigram Search for hashtags and users Free, account neededTwipho Searches photos through hashtags Free, account neededImgOps Swiss knife for photo validation FreeTwitterSnapbird Search for words in timelines FreeAdvanced search Find people on the scene FreeBing Map Search Search on a map Fre Click Search to change cityTwitterfall Watch breaking news and trends Free, with Twitter accountBacktweets Try to find out the original source of link Free Click "More tweets" for Put a + after any link Get statistics about the link Free Example: bio search Search and browse bios FreeTwicsy Find photos from Twitter accounts Free A lot of adsTweetstats Find reply statistics and more Free SlowProminent search Discover prominent people FreeFacebookFriendbrowser Search for city, employer, education etc Free, with Facebook accountGoogle-trick intitle:cocaine Find words in a link of Facebook FreeFacing Facebook Tries to find more than Faebook does Free Try your own nameType in email If email exists, full user is shown Free, with Facebook accountProfile Pics Search Click on Camera and upload profile pic FreeLinkedInAdvanced Search Search for (ex)-employees Free, Linkedin acc. NeededGoogle-trick "nuclear power plant" Search for topics without being member Free Find specialistsGroup directory Search groups Free, account needed Find communitiesCompanies Find company details Free, account needed Alerts are possibleValidation Type job details and in Google Disclose anonymous accounts FreeValidationBe More Skeptical General principles of validating social mediaFree Good startThe Pope Case Case of validation under pressure Free Validating claims and photosSpokeo Find if a nick is uses in other places Paid, with trial Click UsernameNamecheck Cheap version of Spokeo Free Click on "Taken"Information checkin What are signs of (un)reliable posts? FreeTwiangulate Find relations between Twitter users People Research Simplified Free Aimed at companiesAnalyze followers Analazy followers and sort them Paid, one run is free
  2. 2. OrganizingZite Aggregates news and shares it Free, registration needed Only iOs or AndroidFlipboard Magazines for breaking news Free, registration needed Only iOs or AndroidAddictomatic Create a topic page out of a buzzword Free Includes normal searchSproutsocial See the impact of yourself Paid, trial See how others see Follow news streams Free, registration neededStoryful Validated news from social media Free, registration neededHootsuite Dashboard for social media Free up to five accountsRebelmouse Your social frontpage Needs soc. Med. AccountsScoopit Curation tool, find specialists + articles Free, registration neededPrismatic Connects to newsfeed you find interesteing Free, registration neededSpundge Digital story telling Free, registration needed BetaSeeSaw For Twitter only : shows whos talking Free, needs account/reg BetaOneQube Claims to make your streams smarter Free, needs account/reg BetaRapportive Checks contact details iN Gmail Free, needs account/reg Add-on for browsers av.If this, than to that Combines alerts in social media Free, accounts needed Can be techyMonitoringTrendsmap Search for local trends Free, account neededKlout Ego tool but handy for person search Free<account>Peerindex Id, but handy for person search Free<account>Cheatsheet ResearchWhat: Example Details Use it to1. Quotation marks "Albert Einstein, born on" Predict language Predict an answer2. Asterix "Albert Einstein, born on * * ,1879" Replaces full words Find words between words3. Filetype PDF/DOC/PPT and more Search for documents4. Minus sign river phoenix -"river phoenix" Get rid of what you hate or –“….” is allowed5. Find the title allintitle: songtext Alanis Morisette Search title document Find docs with certain titles6. Search Site: site: edu or Search one source only Overrides search engine source7. What? define: adhd or “adhd is” Explains something Get rid of non relevant sources8. Why? "whales strand because" “Because” = why question Predict the answer9. When? Custom range f.e 1-1-2000 to 1-1-2001 Click “Show Search tools” Find specific publication date10. Not exact enough Verbatim Click “Show Search tools” Overrules personalization11. Numbers range Ipad “300…500 euro” or “1961…1966” Powerful with “…” Find a cheap iPad. Or years.12. Check owner site Look for REGISTRANT (Historical) owners of sites13. Check site In Google: info:( Check for LINKS Who refers to the source?14. Error 404 Google Cache (>6m) or (>6m) Your time machine Type cache:(source)Filtersearch, use site: (…..).aero 2001 1995 United States 1995 United States 1998 Organizations established by international treaties between 2005 International community of human resource 1995 United States militaryThree Golden Rules1. Find a source you trust. Only if you can’t find one, use Google2. Remember a search engine of a trusted source is not always as good as you hope. Search again with (term)site( in Google3. Don’t ask questions but try to predict the answer for difficult research. So don’t type bio Putin but “Putin has * children”SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS AND RESEARCH CHEAT LIST - List by Henk van Ess - Report errors to and get an updateWant a workshop in your company? Contact me via