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Unicorn Nest Pitch Deck NOV 2020


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Unicorn Nest Pitch Deck NOV 2020

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Unicorn Nest Pitch Deck NOV 2020

  1. 1. We recommend the most relevant investors from a comprehensive, verified and constantly updated database for startups, and build an effective workflow for the fundraising process. Unicorn Nest Denis Dovgopoliy
  2. 2. We set industry standard for venture capital for fundraising and investor relations as a continuous process, from the first institutional rounds to the exit to affect the $500B capital market. Vision
  3. 3. - Founders' core competencies lie in building and expanding businesses, not raising funds. - Most famous VCs are overloaded by deal flow and due diligence. - Startups are forced to allocate a large number of resources towards VC reporting systems at the expense of funding their own operations. Problem Fundraising is a complicated and resource- intensive process for startups.
  4. 4. Big Picture Traditional methods are no longer applicable for today's funding landscape. Sources: Reaction Wheel, USSBA, HuffPost, InnMind, TheFunded, VentureBeat
  5. 5. Capital Market $350B in 33k deals (all rounds raised at 2020, annual growth 17% during last 20 years). PAM - $12B total spent for fundraising (consultants, IB, legal, travels, services etc.) by startups. TAM - $4B total spent for Linkedin, Crunchbase, Pipedrive, investors, advisers bases and other products to support fundraising now. SAM - $1B (up to 20% of all startups in fundraising process can spend $1000 per annum for our products). SOM - $200M (potential of Annual Revenue in 7 years). Market for Problem
  6. 6. Unicorn Nest is a SaaS that recommends the most relevant investors from a comprehensive, verified, and constantly updated database for startups looking to raise seed, series A and B funds. Value proposition: save your time with good false negative/false positive ratio and prioritise your resources on fundraising process. Scoring: Funds (founding date, # of deals, # of exits, # of unicorns), Geo (geo of funds, geo of portfolio, geo of birth, study, work) Magic: We can show “invisible” investors Matching: Industry, Amount, Geo, MRR, market, biz model etc Product: Value UN for startups: $150 for 150 hrs & relevant list
  7. 7. Search + Info about startup, CRM + Using CRM, AI Product: Involvement 20202020 20212021 20232023 Longlist (100 - 200) of most relevant investors Shortlist (20 - 50) of funds +AI, matching Most relevant funds (up to 20) + communication improvement More involved - finer selection & communication
  8. 8. Search Pay-as-you-go + Info about startup, CRM Subscription + Using CRM, AI Transaction fee Business model 20202020 20212021 20232023 Longlist (100 - 200) of most relevant investors Shortlist (20 - 50) of funds +AI, matching Most relevant funds (up to 20) + communication improvement Finer selection & communication - more involved
  9. 9. Data collection is carried out in 2 ways: Automated tools: Web-spiders collect structured information from the web: VC data providers, social networks, regulatory filings Semi-manual ML-empowered tools: A team of junior analysts using our own software enriches the dataset with extra data from unstructured sources. Data collection
  10. 10. Our targeted ecosystem provides the consistent work of such elements: A flock of web spiders (I) that collect data for our dataset (II). User interaction with our database using our matching rules (III). Reaching relevant investors (IV) through the built-in IRM. Receiving feedback from them, which is also aggregated into our dataset (V). UN data ecosystem
  11. 11. Competitors
  12. 12. Where we are now Existing dataset: 38k funds, 250к deals, 46k startups with proprietary methodology of analysis and the first version of AI. Unicorn Nest is already available, with hundreds of paying customers, and twofold monthly growth since March. Our Detailed Fund Profile & Analytics, Media portal is running (9,000 MAU). 10,000+ downloads of Unicorn Nest Fund Dataset (publicly available dataset of 26000 funds). Successful Product Hunt campaign (top 3 product of the day with 1200+ upvotes). Established Unicorn Nest s.a.r.l (Luxembourg), BIL Bank Account, Business permits, R&D accrediation, residents of Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (since March, 2020).
  13. 13. Initial $300,000 funding – Founder’s contribution. Angel seed round of $250,000 - recognition from Ukraine’s Angel Investors side. USF Seed Grant of $50,000 - recognition from Ukrainian government side. Lux House of Financial Technologies (LHoFT) membership - recognition from Luxembourg start-up community. One of only 100 companies in Lux with R&D Accreditation - recognition from the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg. Next milestones coming soon Recognition
  14. 14. Timeline
  15. 15. Revenue projection
  16. 16. Use of Funds Operations €200,000 - AI/ML €250,000 LUX office setup €50,000 R&D Legal, GDPR, Grants €50,000 TOTAL €1,000,000 We are raising a seed round €1,000,000 (min €100,000 in syndicate) - Site, IRM €200,000 - Data collection €100,000 Marketing & Growth €150,000
  17. 17. Funding Goals 1. Improve Key metrics - DAU, RR, conversions, revenue. 2. Conduct regular updates of our database. 3. Create MSP CRM/IRM and get first traction. 4. Collect data from CRM/IRM workflow and create an MVP of the AI-powered recommendation system to support the process of fundraising. 5. Use the round as a «matching financing» for grants in Luxembourg and EU (EUR 500K-2M) in 2021-2022. Establish a research center in Luxembourg using grant financing. 6. Prepare to Round A (EUR5-10M) in Q4’2021-Q1’2022.
  18. 18. Exit strategy Marketplace going to IPO with EUR500-600M MCap or M&A by strategist (Big IB) in 7 years in Europe
  19. 19. Denis Dovgopoliy, CEO Victor Zakharchenko, COO Olexander Udodenko, CIO Valeria Temple, VP of Business Development Andrey Khantil, Legal/Administrative Sviatoslav Sviatnenko, Head of Non Equity Financing Andrey Dekhtyar, CTO Vlad Samoletov, Head of Web Development Anna Scherbak, Product Manager 3 Junior analysts, 3 Journalists/interviewers, 10 Junior Researchers, 5 developers Team
  20. 20. Denis Dovgopoliy, Thank you!