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Kostas Kastrantas | Business Opportunities with Linked Open Data


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Published in: Technology
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Kostas Kastrantas | Business Opportunities with Linked Open Data

  1. 1. Hello
  2. 2. We are What we do?
  3. 3. We find, connect and deliver agriculture & food information worldwide (for the past 8 years)
  4. 4. So yes, we consider ourselves pioneers
  5. 5. We help organizations to build a better future for all of us using open agriculture and food data
  6. 6. We work with major institutions and initiatives
  7. 7. At the same time, we work in Greece
  8. 8. We look at each project separately, focusing on the needs of people in the institution and helping them deliver their vision But how we do that? OUR FIRST RULE AT WORK
  9. 9. We are a flexible, intuitional team of experts that delivers Expert in strategy design Designs the most efficient solutions Expert in customer needs identification and analysis The Strategist The Architect The Perfectionist Nikos Manouselis Giannis Stoitsis Babis Thanopoulos Expert in data and technology solutions Kostas Kastrantas The Doer
  10. 10. The rest of the Dream Team
  11. 11. Blending domain experts, computer engineers and information scientists
  12. 12. #WESUPPORT
  13. 13. Strategy BuildDesign Engage The elements
  14. 14.  Define a data strategy  Which open data policies and how to comply  How to position data-powered services  How to set up the right team  Which key collaborations can maximize impact Strategy
  15. 15.  Move from users challenges to applications requirements  Select appropriate open source tools and technologies  Apply data interoperability standards  Select relevant open data sources  Specify data management workflows Design
  16. 16.  Data representation and storage  Integration workflows  Data enrichment and linking services  Data powered portals and applications Build
  17. 17.  Connect with global stakeholders and initiatives  Develop customized engagement plans  Support and guide content providers  Monitor usage and generate analytics Engage
  18. 18. 6 Success Stories 3
  19. 19. AGRIS
  20. 20. 8 million bibliographic records 350.000 visitors per month Serving 200 data providers 20% of the total FAO visits
  21. 21. We aggregate and serve agricultural scientific information to maximise the impact of AGRIS
  22. 22. TAPipedia A G20 initiative
  23. 23. GWPPGlobal Water Pathogen Project
  24. 24. UNESCO, P&G and Gates Foundation are supporting the Global Scientific Knowledge Hub for Water Pathogens
  25. 25. 6 Linked Open Data: The AGRIS Case 3
  26. 26. Collect Agricultural Collections through AGRIS data help desk
  27. 27. Process multiple data ingestion formats
  28. 28. The AGRIS data integration workflow Data/Informati on producers Open Data repositories – OAI Web resources Custom APIs and RSS XML dumps Metadata collection Ingestion module (API) Ingestion module (dump) Ingestion Module (crawler) OAI harvester Processing Clean metadata Transform (CG Core, DataCite, RSS) Normalize Semantic Enrichment Add Organization URI Add location URIs Add AGROVOC URIs Add author URI Metadata publishing RDF JSON Search API (ElasticSearch)Filter
  29. 29. Support data enrichment Input: no subject and location URIS Enrichment Output: Subject and Location URIs added powered by * * FREME: H2020-funded EU programme. More info at:
  30. 30. Link publications with AGROVOC URI and other resources Corresponding FAO AGRIS Record search/ 027578
  31. 31. 4 Thank you