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Email Marketing 101: Content


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The content you provide in your messaging is arguably the most important piece to your email marketing program. In this presentation we share the basics of what kind of content (both written and visual) you'll need to create for your marketing emails.

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Email Marketing 101: Content

  1. Email Marketing: Content 101
  2. Written Content
  3. Written Content •  From Address •  Subject Line •  Pre-header •  Header •  Body •  CTA •  Footer What do you need to consider?
  4. •  How your name/email address appears in the recipient’s inbox. •  Avoid using “no-reply” from addresses at all costs! (It’s kind of like telling your customers you don’t want to hear from them.) From Address
  5. •  The line in the inbox that gets people to open your email! •  You can take an informative, witty, or mysterious approach. Subject Line
  6. •  The tiny bit of text that appears after the subject line in the inbox (not bolded) or at the very top of the email. •  Keep this short and direct! Pre-Header
  7. Pre-Header
  8. •  The title of your body text. •  You can test using a header or not. Header
  9. •  The “main course” of your email. •  Keep mobile in mind and limit scroll! Body
  10. •  The most important piece of your message --the call to action! •  Try not to give your users too many calls to action, remember your purpose. CTA Learn More About Email CTAs
  11. •  Where your physical address goes (to be CAN-SPAM compliant) along with your unsubscribe. •  Make your unsubscribe as painless as possible. If users can’t find the unsubscribe, they can find the spam button! Footer
  12. Also, it’s 2015. Down with the batch and blast. Personalize your messages!
  13. There’s a lot we could say about this topic…so for now we just want to focus on 3 things!
  14. #1. Keep a decent balance between your image to text ratio for a good user experience!
  15. #2. Make it easy on yourself and keep it clean& simple
  16. Most importantly… #3. Brand your email! Your recipients want to know it’s you.
  17. Remember when seeking design help… not all designers are email designers. (So choose carefully!) Bonus Tip:  
  18. And that’s just a quick summary of the content you’ll need for your marketing emails!
  19. For information on how to grow your marketing email list: Check out the SlideShare
  20. For information on how to get those marketing emails delivered: Download the Deliverability Guide
  21. Happy Sending!