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Organic Architecture


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Nature inspired building form organic architecture

Published in: Design, Business
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Organic Architecture

  1. 1. Nature Inspired Building Form Prepared by Ar. M. Senthil
  2. 2. “Organic Architecture”
  3. 3. Nautilus Shell
  4. 4. Taiwan's Bioshell Center for Disease Control Complex Inspired by a Nautilus Shell designed by Arco Architects
  5. 5. ACME United Nations Memorial Space Inspired by Cells designed by london based firm ACME
  6. 6. The Water Cube Olympic Stadium A form inspired by the natural formation of soap bubble DESIGNED BY ARUP ARCHITECTS
  7. 7. A form inspired by the natural formation of soap bubble
  8. 8. Brazilian EcoHouse Inspired by Giant Leaves
  9. 9. A cactus sprouts as a new office tower in Qatar Designed by Bangkok-based Aesthetics Architects
  10. 10. Architectural Blossoming of the Lotus- LOTUS TEMPLE DESIGNED BY Fariborz Sahba
  11. 11. Sydney Opera House, Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon
  13. 13. Vincent Callebaut Unveils Stacked Pebble-Inspired EcoFarmscrapers
  14. 14. Vincent Callebaut Unveils Coral-Inspired Carbon Neutral Eco Village for Haiti
  15. 15. The Ascent at Roebling's Bridge by architect Daniel Libeskind
  16. 16. Aqua Tower,local architect Jeanne Gang, principal and founder of firm Studio Gang Architects
  17. 17. Namaste Tower,Mubai designed by Atkins, Dubai
  18. 18. Onion shaped space saving furniture was designed for a gyms lobby area. The concept was based on the peeling of onion.
  19. 19. ALGAE FORM Nature accompanies all dimensions and relief, the water, reputed to be inconstructable. The form of the resort echoes the bulbous growth pattern of algal matter, suitably modified to the demanding function to derive a harmonious result which results in an iconic structure along the coast. The geometric roof is engineered to accommodate algal matter combined with L.E.D systems to give a dynamic roof structure which acts as a mini bio-reactor by itself.
  20. 20. Transformation L'Hemisfèric (Planetarium) (1991) Valencia Science Centre, Spain The eye with its emphasis on the pupil intrigues Calatrava and is a prominent motif in his drawings and design. The pool alongside the building reflects the semi-elliptical Planetarium, completing its form to the full shape of the eye.
  21. 21. SANTIAGO CALATRAVA Turning Torso, Malmö, Sweden The 190 meter tall concrete and steel tower turns 90 degrees from bottom to top.
  22. 22. The Turtle House in desert It's a restaurant for a tourist-camp near the flaming cliffs, Gobi, Mogolia.