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Link Building Basics


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Link Building Basics for newbies in SEO

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Link Building Basics

  1. 1.  What Are The Back Links  What Is Link Building  Quality Of Links  Types Of Links  How To Build Links  Tasks  Do's And Don'ts
  2. 2. Back links helps for better ranking on SERPs and for increasing traffic on a website.
  3. 3. Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A hyperlink is a way for you to navigate between pages. Search engines will crawl the links between the individual pages on your website, and they will crawl the links between entire websites.
  4. 4.  Relevancy (From a relevant source)  From a trusted source  Sends Traffic  Link In-content  On a page with Page Rank/DA/Alexa Rank  Backlinks to Authority Websites  No to Reciprocal Links  Number of Backlinks on the page
  5. 5. NoFollow Dofollow  Nofollow : <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>  Dofollow : <a href=””>Google</a>
  6. 6.  Create Foundational Content  Link Submissions  Guest Post on Another Sites  Publish Press Releases  Review products, apps and services  Research your competitors
  7. 7. •Optimize your anchor text •High-quality content •Be active •One Way Links •Article Marketing •Putting your links on low-quality and irrelevant sites •Do not buy links. It never helps •Don’t spam! •Do not have duplicate content
  8. 8. Tasks  Blog Posting  PPT Submission  Document Submission  Classified Ads  Business Listing  Tired Linking  Infographics Submission  Product Submission  Profile Links  Video Submission  Q&A Sites  Forum Posting  Press Release Submission  Competitor Following  Guest Posts