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Webinar: How To Use Web Analytics To Improve Website Conversions


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Today we had our webinar on this subject. You can view the recorded presentation by visiting

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Webinar: How To Use Web Analytics To Improve Website Conversions

  1. 1. How to Use WebAnalytics to ImproveWebsite Conversions
  2. 2. Comments & Questions During Webinar• GoToWebinar Chat Room• Twitter – Tweet @SEOcom• Use #SEOwebinar hashtag• We are recording today’s webinar• Slides will be online tomorrow• Recording early next weekTweet @SEOcom questions – Hashtag #seowebinar
  3. 3. About SEO.comTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  4. 4. Claye Stokes Director of SEO
  5. 5. High Level First, Then Drilling Down• Can’t track what we’re not measuring!• Make sure you’re tracking all of the following with event tracking: – Form submissions (lead generation, newsletters, etc.) – Downloads – Wishlists – Reviews – Comments – Step completion (in multi-step forms and checkout processes)Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  6. 6. High Level• If a dollar sign can be attributed to any action on your site, then use ecommerce tracking! – Transactions (default)• Even if users don’t actually pay, use ecommerce tracking to quantify: – Product inquiries – Samples – Offline orders (Nissan)Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  7. 7. Event Tracking• First, locate a meaningful action to track• The code looks like this: <input name="submit" type="submit" id="submit" value="Post Comment“ onClick="_gaq.push([_trackEvent, comment, submit, ‘title of post“ />Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  8. 8. Event Tracking• The report will look like this:Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  9. 9. This Won’t Help Improve Conversion• Visits• Pageviews• Pages/visit• Another website’s conversion rateTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  10. 10. What Will• Knowing your current conversion rate, in context – How it has fluctuated in the past, and why – How does it vary among channels?• Landing page analysis: top vs worst converting• Site speed• The lifetime of a sale• Meaningful touch points that lead to sales• The usual – Bounce rate – Exit rate on key landing pagesTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  11. 11. Current Conversion Rate PLEASE don’t pay (much) attention to your global conversion rateTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  12. 12. Current Conversion Rate• Segment! – How do new visitors convert, vs current visitors? – Blog readers, vs visitors that land on your services/product pages? – Branded, vs non-branded terms?Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  13. 13. Segment ChannelsTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  14. 14. Then Ask Questions• What landing pages rank so well in Yahoo? Why do they convert well?• Why aren’t our CPC visitors converting at a higher rate?Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  15. 15. Landing Page Analysis• Compare top converting vs worst converting pages• Rely on percentages, not volume• Segment content so that you’re comparing apples to apples – PPC landing pages – Blog pages – Product pages – Category pages – Service pagesTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  16. 16. Landing Page Analysis1. Go to the Content->Landing Pages report2. Click “Advanced Filter”3. Segment your landing pages in a useful way4. Consider entering a minimum # of visits, to keep the data statistically relevant5. Sort by Goal Conversion Rate (or Revenue)Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  17. 17. Landing Page AnalysisTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  18. 18. Landing Page Analysis• Takeaways – Inspect and record best practices shared among top converting pages • What does that page convert? Quality of content? Strong calls to action? Strong testimonials and proof of your value? – Pay attention to the nature of badly performing landing pages, why aren’t they performing? How can they be fixed?Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  19. 19. Site Speed• “For every second slower your site loads, conversion rate drops 7 percent” – Avinash KaushikTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  20. 20. Site Speed• bounce rate for page loads greater than 5 seconds is 16% greater than the bounce rate for pages that load in fewer than 5 secondsTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  21. 21. Site SpeedTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  22. 22. The Lifetime of a SaleTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  23. 23. The Lifetime of a Sale• Takeaways – Need long (adequate) cookie life for returning visitors – Give users an interactive experience by reminding them where they left off last time (items in the cart, previous items viewed, etc.) – Watch the behavior and touchpoints of users that take more than a few days to make a purchase. Was social/PPC/email involved? Etc.Tweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  24. 24. Meaningful TouchpointsTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  25. 25. Meaningful Touchpoints• Takeaways – Consider putting more focus on paid search, organic search, email, or any other channel that is contributing to sales but may not be a current area of focus – Most impactful for customers that take more than a day to purchaseTweet @SEOcom questions - Hashtag #seowebinar
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Claye Stokes Director of SEO with SEO.com