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Effective SEO in any niche. Why strong teams win - Victor Karpenko (SeoProfy)

Presentation from Finadtech conference in Warsaw

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Effective SEO in any niche. Why strong teams win - Victor Karpenko (SeoProfy)

  1. 1. Effective SEO in any niche. Why strong teams win Victor Karpenko SeoProfy
  2. 2. Structure 1. What is SEO Today? 2. How to create strong teams that deliver 3. The Process: KPI, people, results, scale 4. FAQ
  3. 3. Quick introduction 12 + years in SEO, 10+ on English speaking markets CEO of SeoProfy (100+ people SEO Company) Tools: Rankinity, LinkChecker, WatchDog (coming soon), Niche Eye (coming soon) Most impressive accomplishment is getting 2 500 000 unique visitors in a day from Google to one project in dating niche Experience in niches like: casino, dating, payday loans, auto insurance and others)
  4. 4. What’s SEO Today? Backlinks: from anchor list to quality and quantity of sites, tier 2-3 Content: facts, structure, LSI, intent, design User behavior (CTR, Bounce Rate, Last Click) = the product Structure: SILO, relevance Keywords: Proper research Technical issues: Page speed, Meta, Scripts, All general, Mobile Negative SEO: how to deal with them?
  5. 5. Quick research – starting from keyword
  6. 6. Quick Research – getting info
  7. 7. Quick Research – Creating keyword list
  8. 8. Quick Research – making dashboard
  9. 9. Quick Research – making structure
  10. 10. Quick Research – Keywords, Dashboard for every main keyword list
  11. 11. We need to understand how to WIN?
  12. 12. So again.. Research Keywords Structure Content Backlinks User behavior System process
  13. 13. Link building strategies
  14. 14. Simple dashboard says a lot
  15. 15. For example
  16. 16. Then Structure Content Backlinks Other traffic sources
  17. 17. Structure
  18. 18. Analyze all top traffic share web sites structure
  19. 19. And then create your own
  21. 21. For example – after research we see 1. Its ok to go with new domain 2. We need at least 50-100 pages of content 3. And up to 300 links 4. To make to top 3 5. We can generate about 7000-1000 visitors per month = 250- 330 per day 6. Its approximately 25-30 registrations and 8-15 new depositors per day = 250-450 new depositors per month 7. That will generate approximately 50k$-150k$/month
  22. 22. This is KPI Positions/traffic Registrations/new depositors Money
  23. 23. Now we need right team SEO team lead = run all the process non stop with focus Outreacher = guest posts, other paid links Link builder = all possible free links Copywriter/editor
  24. 24. The main point – we do it fast Right expertise HR process KPI setup Teamwork Result
  25. 25. Actually, this is the main point Understanding the strategy Find right people Give clear KPI Make them work to deliver Get expected result
  26. 26. For example
  27. 27. For example
  28. 28. For example
  29. 29. For example
  30. 30. Niche doesn’t matter, understanding how to make it – DOES
  32. 32. Its so simple Clear strategy: reality + budget Right expectation Focus 24/7/365 on project Hard work Result
  33. 33. In any area of life Research Structure all detail Make it happen
  34. 34. Its always about the plan…
  35. 35. Everest 2020
  36. 36. Thank you for attention!) Facebook: Email: Site: