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Working on an RS or Cz exam question


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Using SOLO to support students in developing a detailed answer to an explanation question. Explain the reasons why it is important to vote in elections

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Working on an RS or Cz exam question

  1. 1. GCSE exam questionsExplaining
  2. 2. Learning objectivesTo review the main reasons why peopleshould vote and support and volunteer intheir local council.To build skill in tackling an examquestion that requires explanation.
  3. 3. The Peacehaven Manifesto a policy suggestion for makinglife better in Peacehaven. Write it onyour whiteboard.
  4. 4. Ms Pook’s top five:Ms Pook will choose five of herfavourite policies.Vote for your favourite policy – not yourown one though.
  5. 5. How to answer an exam question and gettop marks.At the beginning of the exam you don’tknow what the questions will be.
  6. 6. Prestructural
  7. 7. You are then given the questionand the marks you will get for it:Explain why it is important to vote inelections.[8 marks]
  8. 8. What is the command word?What is the topic?If the answer is worth 8 marks howmuch are you going to write and in howmuch detail?
  9. 9. Unistructural
  10. 10. Create a key word list with definitions:
  11. 11. Multistructural
  12. 12. On each hexagon write down a main point thatwill answer the question, i.e. write down a reasonwhy people should vote.
  13. 13. Relational
  14. 14. Create each paragraph one at atime.Each hexagon with a reason why we should vote will beyour paragraph topic. Create three hexagons whichgive more detail about it and one with a supportingexample.This meansthat...So..ConsequentlyAs well asthis..Resulting in...For example
  15. 15. Write the paragraph out in your book.Link what you have written back to thequestion.This shows that...
  16. 16. Repeat this process for paragraphs three tofour.Extended abstractGive detailed and up to date examples.Or to extend your work to A or A* work addarguments for and against the point that youhave made, integrate it with related topics suchas human rights and law and order. Compare itwith an alternative system.
  17. 17. Mark the work of the person next toyou.