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Surah an nahl


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Surah an nahl

  1. 1. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 1:• Three meanings of Word “Rooh” ---- spirit in every living being, angel, message from Allah• For our physical survival, universe and its resources are created but for spiritual survivalmessenger were sent to guide us.• Harmonization in universe is proof of Tauheed.
  2. 2. ICNA Sisters Wing• Animals as pleasing possession --- Quantity, quality, meat, wool, skin, carrier --- Our cars (senseof beauty and embellishment)• Allah’s blessing to show us right path , forced guidance is not Allah’s will.
  3. 3. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 2:• The blessing of water and its advantages ---- Ponder• Sun and moon/ day and night --- ---- Use reason to understand• Various colors of numerous things ---- ---- Take heed / accept advice• Benefits of oceans --- ---- Be grateful to Him• Benefits of mountains, rivers, tracks, landmarks and stars --- to find our way• We cannot count Allah’s blessings.
  4. 4. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 3:• Denial of Hereafter --- Arrogance --- Rejecting Truth and degrading others• Calling Quran tales of olden times --- Ignorance --- Misleading due to lackof knowledge --- burdens of themselves and whom they mislead
  5. 5. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 4:• Plots against Truth --- Allah uprooted them from their foundation --- Disgrace andpunishments Here and Here after.• The world of Barzakh ---- Proofs from Quran and Hadith• Quran is best (excellence) --- Good fortune of Here and Hereafter both are in it.• Comparison of life of believer and non believer in Barzakh.
  6. 6. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 5:• Making lawful forbidden and the forbidden lawful is a form of Shirk.• Difference between Allah’s will and His pleasure ---- Making Allah’s will an excuse for covering upone owns crime.• Taghut is everything which makes human being disobedient to Allah and instead being obeyede.g. King, government, Satan, ones own soul or desires.• Lessons from Human history --- Punishment on unbelievers• Rational and moral requirement of Here after --- Revelation of reality & accountability
  7. 7. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 6:• Merits of Migration ---- Migration from evil towards good ---- Journey of moral self correction• Patience and Tawakul Ilallah ---- Good abode in Here and Hereafter• Ayah 44 ---- Rasolallah was expositor of Quran ---- Hadith is necessary to understand Quran
  8. 8. ICNA Sisters Wing• Three kinds of punishments in three Ayahs ---- Torment from earth or skies, punishments duringtravel, punishment which act slowly & effect whole society• Prostration of everything in this universe --- physical laws --- Obedience of Allah(SWT) ,humbleness, avoiding arrogance, fear of Allah(Taqwa).
  9. 9. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 7:• Do not take two Gods ---- Zoroastrians( goodness/light, evil/darkness)• Shirk = Ingratitude to Allah(SWT)• Feelings on the birth of daughters --- What are we doing? --- Allah is MostMighty, Most Wise.
  10. 10. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 8:• If Allah seize people for their transgression, no creature on earth will be spared ---- Allah’s willnot to wipe out unbelievers and polytheists.• Assigning things to Allah which even they dislike for themselves.• Satan make our evil deeds attractive to us.• Remove the disunity/ contradictions through Quran and Sunnah ---- Guidance and mercy
  11. 11. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 9:• How milk is produced ? ---- Transformation of food into blood and then milk.• A hint to the prohibition of wine.
  12. 12. ICNA Sisters Wing• Honey bee -- Discipline, Obedience, Collectiveness, Altruism--- Haroon Yahya’s documentary ----Benefits of Honey ---- Shifa• Abject of old age -- How it gradually occurs? --- Supplication for seeking refuge from evil of age Source minerals and vitamin2. Antioxidants3. Weight Loss4. Improving Athletic Performance5. Skin Care6. Soar throat, Stomach Ache
  13. 13. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 10:• Distribution of Rizq --- The difference in degrees of economic status is mercy for Mankind.• Divine arrangements for survival of Human race.• Shirk = Ingratitude ---- Owner & slave are not equal/ Creator & creation are Incomparable• Comparison of authorities and then attributes.
  14. 14. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 11:• Allah’s blessings ---- Human child, Abilities of our eyes, ears and heart.• Flight of birds and their structure --- Pondering increases our Iman.• Tawakul Ilallah of birds.• Allah’ s blessing which protect us from external influence --- shade, mountain, houses. miracle in the auditory system (Harun Yahya) miracle in
  15. 15. ICNA Sisters Wing• Protection from dress.• Allah makes provision for the minutest needs and necessities of every aspect of human life. Heperfects his blessings for us. ---- We have to submit and obey Him.• Using and understanding all the blessings Allah provide us but forget at the time of obedience ----Ingratitude = Not submitting = Kufr
  16. 16. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 12:• Scene from the day of judgment --- dialogues b/w polytheist against each other• A witness against every community ---- Rasolallah as witness.• The Quran makes manifest everything on which depends guidance or deviation, success orfailure: whose knowledge is essential for following the Right Way: which clearly distinguishesTruth from false hood.• Quran = guidance = mercy = glad tidings for those who submit
  17. 17. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 13:• Three do’s 7 donts ---- enjoins justice, kindness & the doing of good to kith & kin, & forbids all that isshameful, evil & oppressive.• Justice( Adl)- Maintaining the balance, fulfilling rights of others. Equitable dispensation of rights• Ihsan --- Best work, excellence, giving more than its rights, good, generous, sympathetic, tolerant,forgiving, polite, cooperative and selfless
  18. 18. ICNA Sisters Wing• Difference between Adl and Ihsan ---- Effects of Ihsan on society.• Rights of family ---- Do not bypass your relatives.• Fahsh ---- immodest, immoral or obscene or nasty or dirty or vulgar, not fit to be seen or heard -- adultery, fornication, homo-sexuality, nakedness, nudity, theft, robbery, drinking, gambling,begging, abusive language etc.• Munkar ---- evils which have always been universally regarded as evils and have beenforbidden by all divine systems of law.
  19. 19. ICNA Sisters Wing• Baghy ---- vices that transgress the proper limits of decency and violate the rights ofothers, whether those of the Creator or His Creation.• Enjoin covenants --- Three types of covenants ---- Avoid opportunism• Breaking pledge is forbidden --- Example of woman who untwist yarn which she had spun.• Importance of Taooz.• The way of faith and trust in Allah is the way of freedom from the power and control of the Satan.
  20. 20. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 14:• Hikmah of Abrogated Ayahs ---- Allah IS All Knowing, All Wise.• Benefits of gradual revelation of Quran ---- firmness in believe, steadfastness, patience duringhardships, consolation and glad tidings of Paradise.• Permission to utter words of disbelief if one is forced to save his/her life -- Examples of Sahabah
  21. 21. ICNA Sisters Wing• Rukhsah or Azimah ---- What do we choose?• When did Allah set a seal on hearts, hearing and eyes -- When love the life of this world is morethan the Hereafter.• Migration, Jihad and Patience ---- Trials
  22. 22. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 15:• At the day of judgment every body will only be worried about themselves.• Afflicted with hunger and fear ---- Example of a town whom Allah provide security, ease andsustenance in abundance but they were ungrateful.• Serving Allah = thankfulness(avoid disobedience), Halal provision and avoid Haram• Conditions for acceptance of repentance ( ignorance/ forgetfulness) --- Repent, correction
  23. 23. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 16:• Attributes of Ibrahim(AS) ----- Community himself, Hanif , disassociate Himself from Polytheists,Thankful.• Order to call to the way of Lord ;Do Dawa -- 3 principles & etiquettes of Dawa.1. Goodly exhortation ---- convincing the addressee with reasonable & appealing argumentsshowing sincere concern for & the welfare of the addressee.
  24. 24. ICNA Sisters Wing2. Hikmah --- Wisdom --- Keep in view the intelligence,capability & circumstances of the addressees and convey the Message inaccordance with the requirements of the occasion.3. Refrain from indulging in argumentation and controversies --- Listenaddressee carefully, purpose shouldn’t be defeating others, avoid accusationand taunts, softness and good morals.
  25. 25. ICNA Sisters Wing• Retribution is permissible but only in proportion to the wrong done to you.• Patience is better than retribution --- Patience is bestowed by Allah alone.• Forgiveness is the key principle of Dawa --- do not grieve or feel distressed by their evil plans.• Allah is with those who hold Him in fear and do good --- Tawakul Ilallah