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Surah bani israil


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Surah bani israil

  1. 1. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 1:• Isra and Miraj ---- Physical journey and visual observations ----The opening words of this verse:"Glory be to Him, who transported His Servant..." however, clearly show that it was a super-natural event which was brought about by the unlimited power of Allah. --- “Abd” servant,combination of body and soul• 25 Sahabah narrated the events details. ----- Rasolallah(SAW) gave detail description of acaravan and Baitul Maqdas.
  2. 2. ICNA Sisters Wing
  3. 3. ICNA Sisters WingMiraj Rock: The rock from which the prophetMohammed ascended to heavenSIDRATUL MUNTAHAThis is the last frontierbeyond which creaturesknowledge ends.Here Prophet (SAW) was alsoshown Paradise (JannatulMawa)
  4. 4. ICNA Sisters WingGifts of Miraj1. 50 Salah reduced to 5.2. Last ayah of Surah Baqara.3. 14 Commandments in Surah Isra. Good news that the time of persecutionwill soon be over.4. If a Muslim avoids Shirk, he will eventually enter Jannah.
  5. 5. ICNA Sisters WingObservations on 1st Heaven• People cutting their harvest ----- Mujahedeen• People whose heads were crushed with stones ----- missed morning prayer• People wearing clothes with patches and grazing grass ---- did not pay Zakah• A man collecting woods but when he could not lift it ----- heavy burden of responsibilities• People whose tongues and lips were being cut with scissors ---- speakers of Fitna• A rock developed a small opening from which a big bull came out,that bull tried to go back in the opening but could not ----- bad spoken words cannot return• People cutting and eating their own meat ----- Insult and satires on others• People who had sharp copper nails & they were scratching their faces & chests ---- Back bitters• People whose lips were big like camels and they were eating fire ---- usurp Orphan’s property• People with big stomachs full of snakes ---- Devour Interest• People who were eating rotten meat rather than nice roasted meat ---- Adulterers• Meeting with Hell’s warden, Malik and dreadful view of Hell.
  6. 6. ICNA Sisters Wing• Purpose of this journey: Transfer of Imamate, observation of His Signs, Excellence ofRasolallah(SAW)• Two transgressions of Jews and punishment --- Bakht Nasr and Tetus• Admonition for us --- Avoid track of Jews• Quran is the guidance and glad tiding --- Hold it firmly
  7. 7. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 2:• Man’s hasty nature and its disadvantages.• Night and day --- Universal law of succession.• The sense of book of deeds tied to the neck --- Kiraman Katibeen, Effects of our deeds on ourbody and environment.• Personal responsibility ---- Individual and collective sins and their responsibility.
  8. 8. ICNA Sisters Wing• Affluence leading to destruction.• One who only desire this world receive the world what ever Allah wants but have no share inHereafter.• Allah appreciates the efforts of those who strive for Hereafter• No body can hold the provisions of others - Every body recieves what he has destined.• Real exaltation of here and Here after for those who seek Hereafter, fear Allah and are obedient.
  9. 9. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 3:• The main basic principles for Islamic society .( Summary of Torah’s injunctions)1. Oneness f Allah --- Tauheed --- Avoidance of Shirk.2. Respect and obey parents, fulfill their rights, do not say to them even "fie“, humble and tender ----Supplication Ayah 24 --- Hadith3. Fulfilling the rights of relatives vigilantly – Do not bypass them.4. Rights of needy.
  10. 10. ICNA Sisters Wing5. Rights of Wayfarer.6. Prohibition of spending wastefully --- Difference between Israf and Tabdhir --- Israf is spendingbeyond level of need while Tabdhir is spending in sin or show off.7. Speak kindly to needy, near of kin and wayfarer.
  11. 11. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 4:8. Moderation in spending -- between miserliness and extravagance -- Wealth donot decrease by charity9. Killing children on fear of poverty --- family planning10. Forbiddance of fornication/ adultery and all things which leads or stimulate it.11. Unjust killing --- Blood money12. Caution in handling the property of orphans.
  12. 12. ICNA Sisters Wing13. Fulfillment of covenants and Implementation of contracts.14. Prohibition of giving weights and measures short15. Avoid suspicious --- Do not pursue of which you have no knowledge --- Accountability for all actions16. Do not walk showing arrogance and pride.
  13. 13. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 5:• Rationale to negate shirk.• Glorification( Tasbeeh) of Allah by Heaven, earth & everything b/w them - Obedience• Attitude of people who do not listen, ponder & take heed from Quran is always same.
  14. 14. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 6:• Daee always avoid foul language and harsh talk.• Provocations of Satan to create hate, stubbornness and enmity between each other in order toeffect the dawa work.• Reality of Waseelah --- Seek the means of closeness to their Lord --- According to Hadith Onlygood deeds can become the means.
  15. 15. ICNA Sisters Wing• Hope for His mercy and fear for His punishment.• Purpose of miracle ---- admonition ---- Unbelievers do not take heed withphysical miracles• Trials for people of Makah ---- Miraj and tree of ZaqqumHOPEFEAR
  16. 16. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 7:• Story of Iblis and Adam ---- Arrogance and Jealousy of Satan• Promise of Satan to subdue progeny of Adam• Voice of Satan ---- All calls for disobedience of Allah, abused language, dance and music, all thoseparties which make you forgetful of Allah and His remembrance(late night shows)
  17. 17. ICNA Sisters Wing• Satan’s Rally(muster) of horsemen and footmen ---- Peer pressure, fashion, society, united front• Sharing of wealth and off springs with Satan ---- Unlawful earnings and raising your kids Immorallyor according to polytheist believes.• Promises by Satan and their reality ---- Enjoy this life, do not impose restrictions, Allah will forgiveus, hope of intercession.
  18. 18. ICNA Sisters Wing• Satan’s allurement and deception works on weak minded people who are already ready.• Satan’s decption will not work on those who will trust in Allah and believe in His guidance andhelp.• Calling Allah in distress --- Example of sea travel.• Superiority of man over other creatures.
  19. 19. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 8:• The blind in Here will be blind Here after --- Blindness from guidance• Steadfastness and fortitude comes from Allah ---- Make Dua.• An indication of migration of Rasolallah(SAW) ---- downfall of Kuffar of Makah• Allah’s Sunnah for chastisement.
  20. 20. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 9:• The injunction of five prayers - Salah and patience are the best defense against enemy hostility --Salah = Connection with Allah, serenity & training of patience• Fajr prayer --- Long recitation of Quran --- Angels of day & night unite• Tahajjud prayer ---- Nafl/ Sunnah Muakkadah• - Praised station, honored position - place in Paradise for intercession
  21. 21. ICNA Sisters Wing• Supplication Ayah 80 for important objectives & purposes• Indication of Migration & glad tidings of conquest of Makah.• Quran is healing & grace (Shifa/ Rahma) --- Cure from Kufr, shirk, Jealousy, cattiness, disingenuity• Do you feel love with each other due to Quran as connection.• Denial from Quran = loss & misfortunes• A person who loves dunya --- stupefaction in prosperity & despair in adversity.• Deed and Intention ---
  22. 22. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 10:• What does “Ruh” signify? --- Spirit/soul --- Revelation from God• Explanation of things in Quran in diverse ways to make people understand the Message.• Demands of miracles and its answer ---- I am Human being and my work is to convey The message.
  23. 23. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 11:• Only a human being can be a messenger from Allah.• Punishment in Here after will be similar to deeds Here --- walking backward, prone upon theirfaces, blind, deaf and dumb.• Rational for life after death ---- Human body itself• Intolerance of human being --- Miserliness, niggardliness
  24. 24. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 12:• Pharaoh --- Dictator --- He cannot even imagine that somebody can stand up to him, so he calledMusa(AS) bewitched.• Similarities between deeds and finis of Pharaoh and unbelievers of Makah.• Revelation of Quran in parts gradually --- slowly with deliberation, to suit particular occasion.
  25. 25. ICNA Sisters Wing• Pious people of the Book recognized Rasolallah(SAW) and Quran.• Recitation of Quran increases faith and humility.• Salah --- Loud and low voices --- Middle course• Surah starts and ends with glorification of Allah.