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in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?


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in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  1. 1. EVALUATION – QUESTION ONE1. In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?My Product Typical My Production – Comparison to Thriller/Horror use, develop or Existing Conventions challenge? ProductsTitling – colour, font The typical conventions In our film called saving Our film inand style of a horror genre are that grace we use white comparison to they are usually dark and skinny letters that are in others is pretty representative colours so capitals and this is different and could things like reds and because we want to be compared to blacks. The font is give the idea of very few film but a normally quite large and innocence fading away film like the shining bold in an attempt to and that’s why we would match it as it make it seems more make the letters fade doesn’t fit with a lot imposing and as well as out at the end of the of conventions as it this there’s normally a shot to make it show uses blue skinny very plain font. this. This is mainly letters. challenging conventions though.Camera In the thriller genre they In our film we tend to Our film is veryMovement- pan, normally tend to do a lot stick to a lot of the similar to a lot if thetrack, crab, crane of canted shots, close conventions of thrillers other films out ups and panning shots with panning shots and there in this genre and this is intended to close ups as well and mainly because a cause a close this is ok because it lot of the shots that relationship with the singles the film out as a we used are ones character whilst at the thriller. used by all genres. same time a mystery.Framing a shot A lot of the shots that are We mainly used a lot of For our openingECU, CU, MS, LS, used are close ups and long shots because we few minutes we doELS or extra long shots and don’t want there to be use a lot of wide these are commonly an obvious connection shots and this is used because it gives with the character from commonly used you the establishing shot the very beginning. amongst other and then the close up films so not to give personal shot. away to much in the opening few minutes.
  2. 2. Camera Angle A lot of different films We don’t use that many There isn’t thatHigh, Low tend to use a lot of different camera angles many different films different camera angles in our film apart from that don’t use that in an attempt to portray the ones looking down much of a wide one feeling or another on the pictures and this range of angles about a certain scene is because once again and from the films and or character and this we don’t want the that I have viewed can be played out in a audience to have none of them does number of different ways. perceived a certain and this stands our view of the main film out from the characters as we intend crowd. to bring that in later through the film.Mise-en-Scene They would normally use We used quite a lot of Things like more horror-based ideas Mise-en-scene for scream also use like dangerous items and instance the hooded hooded clothing knives and a lot of dark jumper used by the but once again it and dingy scenes. main character is normally the develops the norm man that would because it’s usually a man in the hooded wear it. jumper but we used a girl.Editing – jump cuts, They would use a lot of We didn’t use that There are somematch cuts, reverse jump cuts and maybe use many different cuts as slower editedshots, cutting a quick cutting rhythm we used jump cuts a lot psychologicalrhythm that adds to the because we where thrillers but most of suspension of the film using two totally them are quick different scenes and it paced to add was to distinguish tension. between the 2 sections but at quite a slow pace. This follows a lot of the conventions but challenges them in some point to make it slower because we have a slower paced filmSound Low and tense music We used eerie and There aren’t really with deep melodies. tense music as well as another religious using a voice over at and eerie-based the beginning and this music in adds to the tension and psychological with it being a biblical thrillers. speech that the voice over is saying it adds to
  3. 3. the idea of the religious feel to it. And this means that we challenged it.Narrative Theory There is normally one We also used the same The orphan uses person in the film who is narrative theory and the idea of using a the film who is seen as character profile for our young girl as the the ‘bad’ person and one film or though we ‘baddy’ rather than or more who are seen as changed it somewhat the other more the ‘good’ people and its as it was a girl who was stereo typical normally a conflict the ‘baddy’ and this is characters. between the two of them. opposed to the character normally played by the male role.