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202 vp watch of the year 2002


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SHAPE Society

Published in: Health & Medicine
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202 vp watch of the year 2002

  1. 1. A Note from the Editor VP Watch – December 31 VP Watch of the Year 2002VP Watch of the Year 2002 Morteza Naghavi, MDMorteza Naghavi, MD Assistant Professor of MedicineAssistant Professor of Medicine Division of Cardiology University of Texas at HoustonDivision of Cardiology University of Texas at Houston Center for Vulnerable Plaque Research Texas Heart Institute, TX, USA
  2. 2. Dear VP Watch Reader: In the year 2002, we have provided you with: 52 Weekly VP Watch, 260 daily VP Watch, 10 Supplements for ACC, ISMRM, ESC, ESA, TCT, AHA, and RSNA meeting
  3. 3. Dear VP Watch Reader: Also, we have managed to keep up the website to serve you. Our community of users has grown rapidly from maximum 100 hits a day last year to the following: Highest per day hits 56778 Highest per day unique visitors 1154
  4. 4. Dear VP Watch Reader: Also in the year 2002, we have organized: The 3th Vulnerable Plaque Symposium during ACC 2002 The 4th Vulnerable Plaque Symposium during AHA 2002 The contents of both have been available to you immediately after the symposium.
  5. 5. Dear VP Watch Reader: All of the above, and a lot more, could not be possible without the hardworking of “ Team”, who are primarily investigators and staff scientists at the Center for Vulnerable Plaque Research, in Texas Heart Institute. (Houston, Texas, USA)
  6. 6. Team Happy New Year!
  7. 7. Best wishes from AEHA to all of you who wish to witness “eradication” of heart attack in your lifetime! Happy New Year!