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Week 2 Speaker Deck keryn sharon travis


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Week 2 Speaker Deck keryn sharon travis

  1. 1. Slow typists who receive a large volume of email andface psychological barrier(s)that inhibit them from using existing tools. Done by: Keryn, Sharon, Travis for d.compress13
  2. 2. Slow typists who receive a large volume of email Loss Lack of perceived Uncertainty, not being able Aversion self-efficacy: Fixed to visualize the outcome of mindset change Transitioning from old habits takes Not knowing work, a lot of time, BARRIERS about them and cognitive effortFear of the Not able to accept new information, feeling Problems not New psychological threat, salient enough. and judgement of Low priority. Overwhelmed by incompetence technology Tutorials Filters on typing Existing Tools Tags/ Keyboard Labels Shortcuts Archive Tasks
  3. 3. Primary related email products and services TypingTutorials Gameson typing Applications Educational tools Email Tips & Tricks on blogs Filters Tools within Email Tags/ Labels Tasks Archive Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. 4. NOI about existing technologyThe true problem is not a lack of technology, but psychological barriers that inhibit people from using existing technological tools
  5. 5. Opportunities & Intriguing Qn● Which psychological barriers are the most common and inhibitory for our user group?● How can we then find ways to overcome them?