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Email marketing ideas that may increase your jewelry business


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Email marketing is one of the online promotions, valuable to consider. Create a place on your website for prospective customers to join an email list, and then deliver e-mails when you have new designs to show them.

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Email marketing ideas that may increase your jewelry business

  1. 1. Email Marketing Ideas That MayIncrease Your Jewelry BusinessBy:
  2. 2. Inception• The internet world provides different ways tomarket your jewelry business, and it expandsyour reach far beyond your local area market.Email marketing is one of the onlinepromotions, valuable to consider. Create aplace on your website for prospectivecustomers to join an email list, and thendeliver e-mails when you have new designs toshow
  3. 3. Ideas to Increase sales• Here are some creative email marketing ideasthat help in increasing sales for your jewelrystore.• Send special emails• Share about yourself• Send personal emails• Offer free coupons• Deliver newsletters• Run forward to friend
  4. 4. Send Special Emails• One of the mostprevailing ways to graspsomeones interestthrough email is to sendthem an email on theirbirthday and weddinganniversary with the plainsubject line "A specialbirthday or weddinganniversary wish fromyour jewelry store."
  5. 5. Share About Yourself• Use your e-mail contactsto share informationabout yourself such asbackground information,i.e. how you got intojewelry business, thingsor people you like,inspiration for your work,etc. Allow yourprospective customers toknow who you
  6. 6. Send Personal Emails• When it comes to e-mailyou never want to groupsend all the e-mails toeveryone with a birthdayin a particular month. Thebest strategy is to sendpersonal e-mails on thedefinite day. Within thatemail you can give a giftor discount coupon fordesigner
  7. 7. Offer Free Coupons• Preferably you could offeryour customers a couponfor a free meal at a localeating place, but theyhave to come into yourjewelry store to get it. Fordeals like this, you musthave specialarrangements withanother local or familyowned
  8. 8. Deliver Newsletters• Apart from email marketingon unique dates, you shoulddeliver a usual informationalnewsletter to customers.These email newslettersshould not just be a saleproclamation as analternative you should use itas a way to keep your brandactive through
  9. 9. Run Forward to Friend Contest• With an appropriate,ingenious forward tofriends contest throughyour email marketingcampaign, your jewelrysales will be a steadyincrease. Yourcustomers will bethankful for gettingyour
  10. 10. Conclusion• Increasing customerreliability is an essentialpart of marketing yourjewelry products. Everymarketing expert knowsthat once you haveescorted the customerthrough the sales cyclesuccessfully, they will mostprobably want to buyagain in the near
  11. 11. • To know more detailsabout email serversplease have a look