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introduce to el-get

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introduce to el-get

  1. 1. Introduce to el-get
  2. 2. This is meShigenobu Nishikawa @shishi4twPHP, Perl, RubyJapanese Symfony user groupShinjuku.rbTDDBCI use Emacs everyday, of cource.
  3. 3. Why English?
  4. 4. I don’t know!!
  5. 5. What is el-get?el-get is a elisp installer, manager (like auto-install, package.el)el-get can use resource of package.el oremackwiki, http, tar, many vcs, and any otherelisp!el-get have many way for super flexiblesetup
  6. 6. el-get have many useful feature... el-get load managed elisps lazily user create recipes easily self-update, update-all, re-install and more!
  7. 7. my blog article aboutel-get (a little bit old) 2012/04/el-get-emacs.html
  8. 8. End