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5th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018


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5th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018

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5th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018

  1. 1. ffi$M 5*^ $"* Fifth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Design of RG Structural Elements Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80 Note: 1. Answer FIW full questions, choosing one full qaestion from each module. 2. Use of I545G2000, SP16 permitted Module-1 I a. Differentiate between working stress method and limit state method of RCC design. (05 Marks) b. Define: i) Partial safety factor for load and materials. ii) Characteristic load. iii) Characteristic strength. c. A simply supported beam of rectangular section spanning over 6m has a width of 300mm and overall depth 600mm. The beam is reinforced with 4-25mm bars on tension side. The beam is subjected to moment of 160kNm. Check the beam for serviceability limit state of cracking. Assume M25 and Fe415. (08 Marks) OR 2 a. Derive the expression for stress block parameter for compresive force Co, tensile force Tu and locate the depth of neutral axis y -0.42 xu fromtop of the beam. (05 Marks) b. Explain briefly under reinforced, over reinforced and balanced sections with sketch. (03 Marks) c. A simply supported beam of rectangular section 250mm wide by 450mm overall depth is used over an effective span of 4m. the beam is reinforced with 3 bars of 20mm. Two hanger bars of 1Omm diameter are provided. The self weight of the beam is 4kN/m and service load is 10kN/m. Assume M20, Fe415. Compute: i) Short term deflection; ii) Long term deflection. (08 Marks) Module-2 3 a. Define simply and doubly reinforced beams.list the situations when they are adopted. (05 Marks) b. Determine moment of resistance of T-beam for the following data: Width of the flange : 2500mr& effective depth : 800mm, width of the web = 300mm, number of bars:8 of 25mm diameter, depth of flange: 150mm. Assume M20 and Fe4l5 steel. (11 Marks) OR 4 a. A simply reinforced concrete beam 250 x 450mm deep upto the centre of reinforcement is reinforced with 3-16mm bars with an effective cover of 50mm. The effective span of the beam is 6m. Determine the central point load that the beam can carry excluding self weight. Assume M20 and Fe415. (08 Marks) b. A doubly reinforced beam is 250mm wide and 450mm deep to the centre of tensile reinforcem€nt. It is reinforced with 2-16 compression reinforcement and 4-25 as tensile reintbrcement. Calculate the ultimate moment of resistance of the beam. Assume M15 and USN C) O () (n ! o" Cc ah 6n O (o o) E9co* o,;= .5a, (lJU 5v) uo ll coo .= c(!$ b i.0 o)C €g E2 9€ bU (€O o!coic,6 CB €! )e.? CE !s= 'o6 -2" ts 5lrAa o. 6- tro. 5d b'E iioatE EE t0) =rt > ({- cb0 (l)= LL. S) X6J () o< ;oi o z o o. (03 Marks) Fe250 steel. I of 2 (08 Marks)
  2. 2. ModuIe-3 a. Design a reinforced concrete beam of rectangular section using the following data: Effective span : 5m, width of the beanr =: 250mm, overall depth : D.L + L.L. : 40 kN/m, effective cover : 50rnm. b. A T beam slab floor of an office comprises of a The effective span of beam is 8m. Assume live Fe415. Design one of the intermediate 'I beams. slab 150mm thick resting on beams 3m c/c. load on the floor as 4kN/m'. Use M20 and (09 Marks) 15CV/CT5l 500mm, (07 Marks) b. OR a. A reinforced concrete beam over an effective span 5m carries a load of 8kN/m inclusive of self weight. Assume }r. {l20 and Fe415. Design the beam to satisfy the collapse and serviceability limit states, (08 Marks) A cantilever beam of 4m span carries a load of 40kN/m. The width of the beam is 230mm. Design the beam for flexure and shear. Sketch the details of reinforcement. Assume M20 and Fe415. (08 Marks) Module-4 Distinguish between one way slab and two way slab. (04 Marks) Explain the importance of bond, anchorage length. (04 Marks) Design a two way slab for an offtce floor of 3.5 x 4.5m simply supported on all sides with corners prevented from lifting. Take tive load of 4kN/m'. Assume M20 and Fe415. (08 Marks) 8a. b. 7a. b. c. 10 a. b. OR What is development length? Write the expression for development lengrh. ModuIe-5 a. What is the role of transverse reinforcement in columns? What are design the transverse reinforcement? b. Design the reinforcement for a column of size 300 x 500mm to 500kN and a factored moment of 200 kNm. Assume }l{20 re inforcement details. (04 Marks) Design one of the flights of dog logged stair case spanning between landing beams using the following data: Number of steps in the flight : 10 Tread : 300mm Rise : l50mm Width of landing beams : 300mm Assume lyl20 and Fe415. (12 Marks) the codal provisions to (05 Marks) support a factored load of and Fe4 1 5. Sketch the (l I Marks) OR Explain the different between short columns and long columns. Why is reduction coefficient applied to long column? (04 Marks) Design a isolated forting for a rectangular column of 300mm x 500mm supporting an axial load of 1500kN factored. Assume SBC of soil as 185 kN/m2. Use M20 and Fe415. Sketch the reinforcement and perform the necessary checks. (12 Marks) {<*{<{<* 2 of 2
  3. 3. I USN 15CV53 2018 (08 Marks) (06 Marks) clay backfill with thrust on the wall (10 Marks) (08 Marks)6a. b. a) 3 O t- (t) () c) li 8vco* -c "o ll coo .= c Pi;()=d1) *.a r^ :: ;l 7) o0c 'ee -d :"J 3o'-^ ch- io5l o- =c- oj 'Ja 9 9E1; <) ,h lE 3r d) d.=>',t ooc co0 cJ= o- :'i -: =(J 5: (-< J c.i () Z ts a a. b. a. b. foundation. DefinewithneatSketchAt,est,A.tiuIandP'aiiveearthpreSSure. A retaining wall. 8 m high with a Snii,rrth vertical back. retains a C' :15 kN/mt, 0' : l5o and y: l8 kN/nrr. Calculate the total active assuming that tension cracks may develop to the full theoretical depth. OR Explain the causes for slope iaiiure and also list the type of slope tbilures. Fifth Semester B.E. Degree Exarniuation, June/Jul Applied Geotechrllcal Engineering Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80 Note: Answer any FIVE futl questions, cltoosing one full question from euch module. : Module-1 a. What is subsurfbce expioration? Whut ut= obj..tives of soil exploration? (08 Marks) b. What are Geophysicai irrethods? E,xplain seismic refraction method with neat sketch. (08 lIarks) OR a. List and explai,.r different types of samplers used in soil sampling. (08 N{arks) b. What are thc rnethods available fbr dewatering? E,xplain dewatering by well point system. (08 Marks) Module-2 a.. Derive the expressions for vertical stress and shear by using Boussinesq's theor,v. Alst; vvrite .r sl1p1ession for Westerguard's theory. (08 [Iarks) b. What is Newmark's influence chart and also describe construction procedure for' , 1OA Marks) OR What are the types of settlement? Explain them with equations. (08 Marks) A soft. normally consolidated clay layer 18 m thick. The naturai w'ater content, saturated unit weights specific gravity and liquid limit are 45o/o, l8 kN/nr3 .2.70 and 63oh respectively. The vertical stress increment at ..ntr. of the lay'er due to the fuundation load is 9 kN/m2. The ground water level is at the surface of the clay lay'er. Determine the settlement of the A 7m deep canal has side slope of 1:1. The properties of soil are C,, :20 kN/m2,0u: l5o, e : 0.9 and G :2.'/!r, [f'T'aylor's stability number is 0.108. determine the fbctor of safbty with respect to collesion when canal runs full. Also find the factor of safety in case of sudden draw dowrt,' ir'the Taylor's stability number for this condition is 0. 137. (08 Marks) Module-4 a.Writeat'irl1:eonstandardpenetrutionfficorrections.(08Marks) b. Define safe bearing capacity, safe bearing pressure and allowable bearing pressure and also r,rrite cxpressions for the same. (08 Marks) I of2
  4. 4. a. b. a. b. A square footing 2.5mx2.5m is built on I'rcml)genous bed of sand of density l9 kN/m3 and having an angle of shearing resistance o{'30", 'fhe depth of foundation is l.5m below ground surthce. Calculate safe load that can bt: applied on the footing with factor of safety 3. Take OR Discuss the etlbct of ground water table on beitring capacity of soil. bearing capacity factors as N. :2i. pn, " 30 and Ny : 35. Module-5 Explain the types of piles a,nci aiso mention their uses. 15CV53 (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (04 Marks) (04 Marks) (04 llatks) (tr.{ NIarks) 200 mm diameter, 8 m long piles are used as foundation fbr column in a uniform deposit of medium clay (q,: 100 kl.l/mr).The spacing between the piles is 500mm. There areg piles in the ground arranged in a square pattern. Calculate the ultimate pile load capacity of the l0 group. Assume atliresion fbctor: 0.9. Writo short notes on : Piles itr granular soils Senlement of pile group Negative skin friction Pile load tests. OR ,k*{<{<:k a. b. C c. 2 of 2