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6th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018


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6th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018

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6th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018

  1. 1. 6* €"'n C v Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Exarinination, June/July 2018 Gonstruction Managemerat 5nd Entrepreneurship Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80 Note: Answer any FIVE full queslions, cltoosing one full question from euch module. Module-1 I a. Define Construction management. Explain the objectives of construction management. cla'ys requLed to complete the work. Draw the cllticafathe tne worK. uraw lca Event Duration (Days) Preceders A 2 B 4 C I A D 6 B E 7 C.D a. Explain the importance of resource management in the construction of a project. (0s Nlarks) b. E,xplain (i) Minimum wages act 1948 (ii) Labour product'ion rate of productivity. (08 Nlarks) OR Explain the advantages of utilization of construction equipments in construction field. List Describe material management and objectii,es oimaterial management. (08 Nlarks) M.g.sIule-3 a. Define quality. Describe quality conirul and quality assurance. (08 Marks) b. E,xplain the importance of saibt,v in construction. Explain the safbty measures during (i) Excavation (ii) Drilling anrJ blasting (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (06 lVlarks) (04 Nlarks) least nunrber of' (08 NIarks) (04 NIarks) (04 Marks) (08 Nlarks) (08 Nlarks) ,Yq IJ El E d IYI E E USN .jtu . -/^$,d n - -,. *J {.f 15CV61. -/^*.dr: --,.*J l?rrl 'l-,+++C,fi)r (,) C) o(d L o- .',, a.) !.) !r t)Xbo- J) ';'^ -oo ll trco .E or - OIJ tu(.)E - (., Etsr'- 3q ;; !Y '2 C) -i!63O o0c rl- >*/G L= L -, 6j, : OJ tt! 9E,,J ArE L(J C.='s,'* boc C OIJ c.)= -: =uvL () U< - a'l 'i) Z ts o 2a. b. c. b. What are the functions of management? Explain any trvo of them. OR What is cuastruction planning? List the objectives of construction planning. Explain Bai: chart or Gantt chart. Write its limitations. Draw the network for the project based on the following data of events: Find Early start time. Eariy flnish time. Late finish time. and determine the OR a. Describe the safety inburance. Explain constructors all risk insurance. b. Differentiate betv,leen morals and values. c. List the professir:nal rights. a. What ,is economics? List the goals of:..o*rni.r. b. Diffe-rentiate between Microecononrics and Macroeconomics. a. b. 5 I of 2
  2. 2. t - 15CV61 OR,, a. Explain : (i) Tirne value of money (ii) Sinlpic interest (iii) Compound interest. (10 Marks) b. Mr. X is planning to build his own houise. Iie plans to deposit Rs. 40,000/- every year fbr next l0 years in a bank. The bank gives lToh interest rate compound annually. Find the maturity value of his account after l0 1ear. (06 Marks) a. Explain in brief the role of entrepreneurship in economic development. (08 Marks) b. What do you mean by'snrall-scale industry? List the characteristics of small scale industries. (08 Marks) OR l0 a. What is business plan? Explain the importance of business plan. b. Explain in detail the contents of a good project report. (08 Marks) (08 Marks) 8{<r<*{< 2 of 2
  3. 3. r-lill' ....j- ..., .. .1, .-(ii'1'..; ,,.. , USN 3a. b. tscY62 (06 Marks) C) () () (t ! (g a (3 0) .i() E9w X= -v, ) dJ 7.) -"o ll =co .= c.l (!$ oJa -cq Eg gs bU do a0c Gl co o>e)(tt s=tcs 5c) EEA- rr o- 5cc()-t 9E5oca tE EELd) t=>! bo-cc0 0)= :" -C) = 6-) a t< - C-l 6) z t- o E Sixth S emester B.E. Degree E xami n atio r,'J4.'n g/Jlly 20 1 8 Design of Steel Structural Elciinents Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80 Nole: 7. Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing one full question from each module 2. Use of 15:800-2007, SP(6)-I or Steel table is pennitted Module-1 I a. What are the advantages and disadvantages of steel structures? (08 Marks) b. What are rolled steel sections? Mention any six shapes used as structural elements with sketches. (08 Marks) OR 2 a. Identily plastic hinge distance 'X' is 0.414t from the simple support ofa propped cantilever lream supporting a UDL of w kN/m over the entire span. (08 Marks) b. Analyse the continuous beam ABC subjected to working loads shown in Fig.Q2(b) and determine the maximum plastic moment. Take load factor of 1.85. (08 Vlarks) Fig.Q2(b) Module-2 What are HSFG bolts? What are the advantages of HSFG bolts? Design a bolted connection for a lap joint of plate thickness t0 mm and 12 mm to carry a factored load of 150 kN. Use Mro and 4.6 grade bolt. Assume the bolts as fully threaded. (10 Marks) OR a. What are the advantages and disadvantages of welded connections? (08 Marks) b. 18 mm thick plate is joined to a 16 mm thick plate by 200 mm (Effective) butt weld. Determine the strength ofjoint if, (i) A double V-butt weld is used (ii) A single V-butt weld is used. Take fu: 410 N/mm2 ancl yn,* : I .25 . (08 Marks) Module-3 a. Explain Laced and Battended columns with sketches. (06 Marks) b. Determine the design strength of a column section ISHB 350@67 kg/m. The column is 3m height with one end fixed and other end hinged. Take fr:250 N/mm2. (10 Marks) OR Design a compression member using double channel section (2ISLC3 00@33.1 kg/m) face to fall to carry a factored load of 1600 kN. The length of the column is 5 m with one end fixed and one end hinged, Assume Mra bolts and fcd : 200 N/mm2. Also design single lacing system. (16 Marks) .Y$ EJ R E d IYI e E SATg 3orru r 3oKx I of 2
  4. 4. __-'r " I tscY62 Module-4 a, What is lug angle? Explain briefly with sketch. (04 Marks) b. A single unequal angle ISA 100x75x6 urm is connected to 10 mm thick gusset plate with six 16 mm Q bolts to transfer tension. Determine design tensile strength if longer legs are connected to gusset. Assume pitch and edge distance of 40 mm each. (12 Marks) OR a. Briefly explain types of colunm bases. b. Design a slab base for a column ISHB 300@58.8 kg/m subjected 1500 kN. The grade of concrete for pedestal is Mzo and SBC of soil slab base and concrete base with welded connection. (04 Marks) to a service load of is 180 kN/m2. Design (12 Marks) Module-S A floor of hall nreasuring 9m x 2lm is of 150 mm thick R.C. slab Supported on steel beams [I section] spaced at3.5 mclc.The finishing load of floor is 1.5 kN/m2 urO tiu. load is 3 kN/m2. besign the steel beam and apply the necessary checks. Assume self weight of beam : 1 kN/m and ttrickness of wall : 0.3 m. (16 Marks) r0 Simply strpported beam ISMB 350@52.4 Udl live load of 20 kN/m and dead load check the safety of the beam. OR kg/m is used over a 15 kN/m. The beam ,({<**{< span of 5 m. The bearn carries an is laterally supported throughout (16 Marks) 2 of 2
  5. 5. l.') !-< t" (08 Marks) how it is (08 Marks) 8t0 {::: E f- x 7{)t} LU UJ .), $t ** tLi ol fii stn IU Z c ? 4oo t". J .{ i; 3o0 i- 2fi) u a P o dtr a 4 F 0 t9 t oP oL€ rsoo_ 6.x ? -y- EO - t/a 'o, oo" cco,-r I .= c{ tv d fiob io ol.r- oeP P F'F HH o>-*,a YC, -.r9 AA (,X U- bUEL do - .... o ''5 bogci(d Er-v>! 26 634 ri vlu ->ts 5r(/) _ -sV o-X Fd v a.j a)L'F 9Hta0tE E'sVF r- 0) 3B>a: oov coo.aA ! F 0)= :i s) Fra Xo)VL o- -aL- -/ < -N C) o z o O. Fig.s(b) CBR design chart CSA of 1.0 to 10 msa. ?3456788 CSA VAt.tJE 0F DESIGN TRAIIFlC. ms;r for. determination of total pavement 10 thickness for traffic with GffiM""' USN 15CV63 Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examinatior, lune/Joiy 2018 Highway Engineering Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80 Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing one full question from each module. M.odule-1 a. Explain the various characteristics of road transport. b. What are the significant reconrrnendations of Jayakar committee report? Explain implemented in the road development of a country. OR 2 a. Briefly explain about planning surveys for a highway project. (08 Marks) b. The areaof adistrict is 13400 sqkm and there are 12 towns asper 1981 census. Determine the length of different categories of roads to be provided in the district by the year 2001. Assume over all density of road length is 82 km per 100 sq km area. (08 Marks) Module-2 3 a. Explain with sketches the various factors controlling the alignment of a road. (08 Marks) b. What are the objectives of preliminary survey fbr highwuy ilignrrent? Enumerate the details to be collected and the various steps to be followed in the conventional method. (08 Mar*s) OR 4 a. Derive an expression for finding the extra widening required on horizontal curve. (08 Marks) b. The speeds of overtaking and over taken vehicles are 70 kmph and 40 kmph respectively on a two way traffic road. The average acceleration during overtaking may be assumed as 0.99 m/sec2. Calculate safe overtaking sight distance and show the details of overtaking zonewith sketch. (08 Marks) Module-3 5 a. What are the desirable properties of sub grade soil? Enumerate the identification and classification tests of soils. (08 Marks) b. Design a flexible pavement for a two lane undivided carriage way using the following data: Design CBR value of subgrade 5.0% initial faffic on completion of construction is 300 C.Vlday. Average growth rate is 6.0% per year. Design life is l0 years VDF value is 2.5 . Lane distribution factor is 0.7 5 . (08 Marks) L of 2
  6. 6. 6a. b. OR What are the desirable properties of road aggregates? &ftat tests are conducted the'desirable properties? Mention the significance of each test. 15CV63 for judging (08 Marks) I i A plate load test was conducted on a soaked sub grade during monsoon using a plate diameter of 30cm. The load values colresponding to the mean settlement dial readings are given below. Determine the modulus of sub rks)w. Determrne the modu ot'sub grade reaction for the standard plate. (08 Ma Mean settlement values, rnrrf 0.0 I a.z+ 0.52 0.76 r.02 t.23 1.53 t.76 Load values kg 0.0 i 460 900 I 180 I 360 1480 1590 t640 10 Module-4 a. What are the desirable properties of Bituminous mixes? Discuss briefly. (08 Marks) b. What are the essential requirements of soil properties suitable for the construction of highway sub grade? Explain the method of construction of highway sub grade. (08 Marks) OR a. Explain the method of construction of water Bound Macadam base. (08 Marks) b. What are the functions of granular material sub base? Explain the construction method of granular sub base. (0g Marks) Module-S a. Discuss the importance of highway drainage. (08 Marks) b. The maximum quantity of water expected in longitudinal drains on clayey soil is 0.9 m'/sec. Design the cross section and longitudinal slope of trapezoidal drain assuming the bottom width of the trapezoidal section to be l.0m and cross slope to be 1.0 vertical to 1.5 horizontal. The allowable velocity of flow in the drain is 1.2 m/sec and lr{anning's roughness coefticient is 0.02. (08 Marks) OR a. Discuss the various components of quantifiable and nonquantifiable benefits to the road users due to highway development project. (08 Marks) b. Calculate the annual cost of a stretch of highway from the follorving particulars: Item Total cost lakhs Estimated lifb years Rate of interest Land 3s.0 100 6% Earthwork 40.0 40 8% Bridges, culverts, drainage s0.0 60 8% Pavement I 00.0 15 t0% Traffic signs and road appurtenance 15.0 5 r0% The average cost of maintenance of the road is Rs.l.5 lakhs per year. (08 Marks) ,l({<t*{< 2 of 2
  7. 7. I USN 15CV64 Sixth Semester B.E. Degree d .9 Q d ! o. (( a o (s q) E9 J) 6U 7 ta, -co ll coc .= c(s$ gil o)i -0)E !.1 8e 2S bU cdO o!c0tr63c0 o }E -O GJ -2. ts 6 .!r =cd r}0- tro.x(! ()i 6: t(J(, t{= EELr() = .(, o.; >'k eo- c' co o= o.U =o)I o< J C.i (l) o z (n t< a. b. Design the dimensi<ln of the tank. OR a. Briefly explain design elements of a rectangular sedimentation tank. b. What are the characteristics of good coagulant? c. Explain the causes for Fouling of membrane and how it can be controlled. Water Supply and Treatment Engineering Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80 Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing ONE full question from each module. Module-1 a. Enumerate points to be considered for water supply scheme. b. What is fire demancl? Compute fire demand for a city having population formula. OR a. What is peaking factor? Explain the factor governing design period. b. The population of 5 decades from 1970 to 2010 are given in the table. after one, two and three decades beyond the last known decade by : i) method ii) incremental increase method. Year t970 1980 1 990 2000 2010 Population 25000 28000 34000 42000 47000 (08 Marks) ModuIe-2 What is the purpose of analysis of water point out significant of each unit in water treatment? (08 Marks) What is sampling? Explain the steps involved in collection of river water sample. (08 Marks) OR a. Enumerate the necessity of microbiological examination of water. Explain membrane filler technique for bacteriological examination of water. (08 Marks) b. Write the permissible limits and effects of following water quality parameter according (IS10500 -- 1991) i) Turbidily ii) pH iii) Chloride iv) Lead. (08 Marks) Module-3 a. Briefly explain mechanism of filtration. (08 Marks) b. A rectangular settling tank without mechanical equipment is to treat 1.8 million liters per day of raw water. The seclimentation period is to be 4 hours, the velocity of flow 8cm/min and the depth of water and sediment 4.2m. If an allowance of l.2m for sediments is made. (08 Marks) 1,40,000 by various (08 Marks) (08 Marks) Find the population geometric increase (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (04 Marks) (04 Marks) I of 2
  8. 8. a. b. 15CV64 Module:4 What is permanent hardness? With the help of chemical formula explain zeolite process of removing hardness. (08 Marks) Discuss the importance of nano filtration and explain different forms of chlorination. (08 Marks) OR a. Discuss the characteristics of ideal disinfectants and explain the mechanism of disinfection. (08 Marks) b. Explain reverse osmosis principle with the help of neat sketch. (04 Marks) c. Enumerate importance of deflouridation. Mention the methods of deflouridation. (04 Marks) Module-S Brietly explain economical diameter of raising main. (04 Marks) Mention the points to be considered for selection of a site for intake structure. (04 Marks) A city has a population of 1,50,000 water is to be supplied at the rate of 160 liters per head per day. If the static lift of the pump is 40 meters. Calculate the B.H.P of motor. The raising main is 300m long and its diameter is 50cm. Assume that motor efficiency is 859/0. Pump efficiency is60oh f :0.04 and peak hour demand is 1.5 times of average demand. (08 Marks) OR Briefly explain the following : a. Sluice valve b. Reflux value c. Post fire hydrant d. Air valve. a. b. c. l0 (16 Marks) *d<{<*(r( 2 of 2
  9. 9. t I V l USN a. b. 5a. b. . 'i .. 1 ' l5cv651 Exam ina'tion, June/July 20 1 8 Managc*ment 1) () C) a t) ul- t; co- (cv -o -,.1tJ] a'CC .il .=N d+ -O0{.t cJc -C a.) 't) -- u'2 C'r) r;l :- 'c >P -6 !'tt a* c-X o; (t) a 6= ,h rc r< 4) J- ooo co0'== 1-' u =()o.. .r< - C'.1 6J Z i o. Sixth Semester B.E. f)egree Solid Waste Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80 Wood 20 20 240 l 8600 Note: L.Answer ary) FIVEfull questiorts, ch.oosing onefull questiottfrom euch module. 2. Missing data ,f an!, may be suitabli; assumed. Module-l BrieflyexplainphysicaIandchemi.utffiicsofsolidwaste. From the following data esiimate the rvaste generation rate per day for a residential area consisting of 1200 houses, The observation location is a local transfer station that receives all the waste collec'ied for disposal. The observation period is for one week. Assutne 5 persons in eagflggla (06 Marks) Vehicle Uf::,,-=. ior truck No. of loads Vol. ofvehicle (m') Sp. Wt. of solid waste (kg/m-') IO 15.30 296.50 lcad 08 1.53 133.40 cars/trucks 25 0.23 88.90 OR 2 a. With a neat sketch, explain the operational sequence of Hauled Container System. (t]g N{arks) waste r,vith the following composition. Also estimate energy content on dry weight basis and on ash free dry basis. Take ash content as 7 percent. (08 Marks) (10 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 N{arks) (08 lVIarks) Component Food waste Paper Cardboard Plastir:S oh by mass 15 5 r5 t5 Moisture 7o 70 6 5 2 50i65 6300 i rzooo Bulk density kg/m' 290 85 Energy content kJ/ke 4650 16750 a. Explain with a neat sketch, working of a municipal incinerator. b. Explain briefly the following processing technique : i) Mechanical volume reduction ii) Mechanical size reduction. 4 a. Explain briefly the following comp,,n.o,9nIparation techniques : i) Magnetic separation ii) Air separation. b. Write a short note on fbllowins : i) Garbage chutes ii) Ilailing and Campaction. E,xplain the factors that govems tn. rffiilf site for sanitar,v land filling. Determine the amount of air required to oxidize one tone of waste having the chemical equation Csiil.l i ooo+oN. t' 4a +b - 2c-'o-lo, -) aco" . [+l + H,o + dNH,C"Hnc).No*Lffil L z l 9sqpestqr (08 Marks)
  10. 10. 1scv651 ,,' OR a. Explain with neat sketch. lndore process and Bangalore process of composting of municipal (08 Marks) population 50,000. given that, (08 Marks) Module-4 a. Define Hazardous waste. Erpiain briefly about collection and disposal of hazardous waste. (08 Marks) b. Explain the characteiistics of Bio - medical waste and its disposal method. (08 Marks) solid waste. b. Determine the landfill area required for murricipality with i) Solid waste generation rate:450 gmlpersonlday' ii) C-ompacted Jensity of landfill: JQ4 k"g/m3' iii) Avg. depth of compacted solid work = 5mt' OR a. Briefly explain ahout E - Waste and its environmental significance. b. Explain niieny about reuse of construction and demolition waste in Construction Module-5 a. rhat are 3Ts of incineration process? Explain brietly. h. Define Pyrolysis. Briefly explain about process of Pyrolysis. (08 Marks) lndustry. (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) OR !CIa.E,xplainwithatIowdiagram,energyrecoverysystemfromsolidwaste.- b. Define Incineration. Explain briefly about air pollution control methods adopted in an ,(?t*** 2 of 2
  11. 11. lI I I I I I I t.l I,I lrlrt.lI -I I I II I I I I I ! I I I I I I I ! I I I I l.;lL) le t(J IEl_slcs IElnl(3 IrlcJ l=IJ ldJ l! I 8qI co*l-- I &=l- t-y,) t; tL-. I dq, I E'n I "ollI cOOl.-r I .=c I .d '<l - EY o=.c ,:) !- t'- I - -8s-L, nrr .;, r,i;. -'trV ,jo ,<L ,a 9U ryErl< .v 2e -(E 4 -v9 --'i 5!q -' o-X Fg ""<.h9 :U(tr 3<)atE t9- =EO.= >r '* ooo coo.<- I H 0J= =.9d> =d)VL o L- o< -i c-i g ZI / li O. F - _-t ,..1;iri- Oi'-, .l USN Time: 3 hrs. b. Explain the various deficiencies in 15CV661 (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 NIarks) : studies, e,xplain Sixth semester B.E. Degree Exa'rn.ination, June/July 20lg Water Resoureds Management Max. Marks: 80 Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, r,ltbosing onefull questionfrom each module. I a. With a sketch, explain hydro'iig,. .rHPd b. Give a summary on globai rvater resources and Indian water resources. OR 2 a- With a sketch, explain confined and un-confined aquifer. (08 Marks) b' What is watei scarcity? Summarize the contributing factors of rvater scarcity. 1oa uart<s; Module-2 3 I lxpfain the necessity of water resour@ffii:ng and management. b. Explai.rl the spatial and temporal scales of planning and management. :oR 4 a. With a typical analyical frame work for water resources management ' inception. development and selection phases. 'a' Summarize the questions addressed in adaptive integrated policy an activities resources planning and management. ((18:IVI*i'ks) oI water (08 Marks) (08 Marks) the existing legal framework of water resources (08 Marks) Module-3 5 a' With a sketch showing the comporents, e*plain the principles of integrateci water resources management (IWRM). (08 Marks) b' Explain the guiding principles : Dublin statement and Rio declarat,ion of integrated water resources management. (0g Marks) oR 'l' ' 6 a' With a f,rgure of three pillars: Economic e_fficiency. equity and environmental sustainability. explain the implementation process of IWRM ,' b. Summari ze thesectors benehted uv rwnrra. [;: ffif:i Module4 : 7 a' Explain the existing legal framework and crrnstitutional provisions for rvater in tndia. OR 8 a' Summarize the salient features r:f Indian National Water policy 2012. (08 Marks) b' Summarize the scope of Water User's Association (WUA) and list it's functions. (0s Marks) , Module-S 9 a' What is rainwaler harv'isting? E*pluilGEl-r for rainwater harvesting. (08 Marks) b' Explain the diffi:renitypes of lining done to control seepage in ponds. (08 Marks) l. oR 10 a' Yl:l,l:, Fercoiation tank? Describe the general guidelines to be followed in proposing a percoiation tank. ,area [: ffiil:i {<*{<*r<
  12. 12. :5.-- Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Exarn:ination, June/July 2018 Finite Elemomt Method Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 80 No te : " Hff ffi i'rlT,'# 1|3 ffi,;:il';:XXls i n g Module-l a. Explain plane stress anil piane strain problems with example. Also give constitutive laws for USN 5a. b. o o o t< -+ A) (.) (.) tr /?a d(J 7rn -oo ll cco .= a.l = oir'ta clE -() a_^ o? ca i.: 2O -L o0c ?P/6 Oj= a- o-X oj lrEttcf, tE 3< (J 5.v>',* boo tr o{J * a-) =>7a 5- U< - .-l () Z L o E these cases. b. Mention the atlvantages and disadvantages of finite element method. a. Explain tirel basic steps involved in the finite element method b. Write a short note on the following : i) Principle of minimum potential energy : ii; ::Rayleigh-Ritz method. ,: , Module-2 3 a. Explain the following terms : i) Natural co-ordinate ii) Local co-ordinates iii) Global co-ordinate iv) Element aspect ratio. b. Discuss the convergence and compatibility requirements for FEM. OR 4 a. List the finite element shapes used to descritise one., two and b. Using Lagrangian method. obtain the shape furrcti,tn:for : i) 3 - noded bar element ii) 5 - noded bar element. (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 h{:rrks) ' ,' (08 Marks) good displacement fi;nction (08 Marks) three dimensional structures. (06 Marks) I4s.Iule-3 Determine the shape function fur a uonstant strain triangular [CST] element co-ordinates. Using "Serendipity Concept", generate the shape functions for 4 / I il. (10 Nlarks) using natural (10 Marks) noded rectangular element (06 Marks) Fig.Qs(b) I of2 sq EJ fl HlrYr E E
  13. 13. 1scv664 OR For given truss in Fig.Q6, determine nodal d,isplacernent and stress in each element. Take modulus of elasticity as 200GPa. Area cf members AC : CB :2000mm2. AB : 1500mm2. (16 Marks) Fig.Q6 1 ,{" 1 l: ;tr* * r'* , I I I I j I J* 7a. b. ModuIe-4 Llxplain isoparametric, super parametric and subparametric Obtain consistant nodal vector due to the loads acting on {-'n4 rd fr: tir{f lry-r elements the beam *-t'- 4 i i j I C) r, i I j *-7f;- I*-"s}t li"-! I ....*...-_ ..J - '$ -LL -L..- d1 r^.-. ! ' Fig.Q8(i) : i Irjt lrit't I I X,../ N ' c1 Fig.Q7(b) OR Evaluate the Jacobian matrix for the elements shown 4Y t Module-S a. Explain the structure o:f computer program for FEM analysis. b. Explain material a,nel geometric non - linearities. OR 10 a. List the desilable features of FEM packages. b. Write a trrief note on pre and post pioc.tiing. *{<*:F* 2 of 2 in Fis.Q8(i) and Q8(ii)., ,l , : *j l.r{-? i :l;{-,f *__."*t'*_"__*_{ with neat sketches. (09 l}{arks) as shown in Fig.Q?(b). (*^7 Marks) (16 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (10 Marks) (06 Marks) Fig.Q8(ii)