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7th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018


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7th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018

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7th Semester Civil Engineering Question Papers June/july 2018

  1. 1. 1 I I -Lh - a"" frrr,* CV @ffiffi,ffiffi a. Explain the different shapes of se-overs and their appliu'ations on the b. Erplain r,r'ith neat sketches oi'the following : o() o ti o. ,',/ o t)l< D7 -ttoo" coo .= c.l (s+ 'i c) .)=eA P!l a.- D7 a-3a1 5t) *L o0tr >!,6 !wJ a,a- o- 5- .); .h! .rE a<) r_ t) o.- > q- ooc c otJ 0J- 5j. dJ = a-) VL ,J- (/< -N o Z L c. USN ser"enth semester B.E. Degree Examination, April 2A78 Environmental Engineering' ll Max. Marks: 100 Time: 3 hrs. Noie: .tr. Answer ony FIW full questions' selet:{"ing " ' $tleast TWO questions from euch parl' t, 2,. Draw nest sketches wherever necestary). PART_A.. ^. a. Explain ..Combined systenr,, and ,'s.puilt.-yrt.*" of sewerage giving their merits and b. Explain ..Dry weather Flow (p'Wp)" and explain its'variations patterns. Explain the factors on rvhich nWf dePends. (12 Marks) a. What are the factors that govern the selection of server materials? List the types of materials used for sewer construction. (08 Marks) b. Explain the concept of self cleaning velocity' ..,, r,- r^, (04 Marks) c. Design a circular sewer to serve a iesidential colonl]r^i town with the following data : Area of the colony : 40 Hectares ; Prrpuiation : 80,00 ; per capitu .onrurption : 220 Lpd ; Critic;al t'ainfall intensity : Scm/hr , Available Ground slope : I in 900' (08 Marks) field. with neat sketches. (10 Nlarks) (10 Nlarks) i) Manhole ii) Grcase & Oil traPs. a. Explain the concePt' List their limitatioirs. ot'goo & coD, giving their ability in the rvaste water management. laboratory on2o/o clilutiott of waste u'ater : of Strcam River. (04 Marks) (0.1 [{arks) (04 lvlarks) (08 Marks) b. The following obsei:r'ation were made in the D.O. of aeraterJ dilution water : 7.0mg/lit' PART - B a. Definc Self purification. Explain the factors involves in self purification b. W6at is Oxygen sag curve? Explain with neat sketches. c. Explain the various zones of purification, with neat sketch' ci, UZiite short notes on : i) Sewage sickness ii) Sewage farming. D.O. of diluted sample after 5 days :2'0 mg/c lit' D.O. of originai sample of *utt. water : 0.5mg/liter. Calculate tlie de,oxygenation rate constant .-,t i0oc on 0.23 (08 Marks) a. Explain with flow diagram. sewage treatment scheme for a large city. Indicate the different (10 Marks) (05 Marks) (05 Marks) options of secondarY treatment. b. Explain the working of a 'grit chainber', with a neat sketch' c. Diicuss with a neat sketch any one method of disposal of septic tank effluent. I of2
  2. 2. !t t, 'l-, rCIcv71 Expiarn.yith a neat sketch, the working of a Trickling filter. What is the principal on which it works? I (12 Marks) Design a rectangular tanli to treat 4.2 million litres/day of a av,erage demand. Assume velocity'of llow 250 m/min. Detention period 2 hrs , total depth of tasfi.Omwith free ward of 4ocm. ---r -" (08 Marks) What is meant b5'activated sludge? Describe rvith neat sketches ilre treatment of sewage by activated sludge prc,cess. .' (tzMarks) Explain with neat sketches. the working of ',,, . , , '' i) Rotating biological corrtiaction ii) Sludge dr;,,ine beds. (08 Marks) la. b. 8a. b. ,r**r(* 2 of 2
  3. 3. $ USN Time: 3 hrs. Note: Answer any FlvEfuil questions, selecting st least TWO questions from each part. PART _ A I a. What are the advantages ancl Oisaauantages of steel structures? b. Mention different types oi'loads and load combination. c. Explain design consideration of steel structures. toicvtz Max. Marks:100 (08 Marks) (04 Marks) (08 Marks) (06 Marks) thick plates. : 40 ffiffi, (14 Marks) Fie. Q2 (b) (06 Marks) Take size of (14 Marks) and 20 mm thickness, (08 Marks) factor 2. (12 Marks) Seventh semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/Juty 201g Design of Stee! Structures ci .9 o tr = rr) o (! ot< E9 x- X- 6q, 5i oo ll tr00 .= .$$ io0 Ytr ()tr_Eo 8e 6:Y ,J() o.oootr(gcu -d 'od 3a, oi=(r- o-X 6$(Jj 9EtoqtE L 0.) > (+- ooo tr50 6J= -- =c,5r< (., < C) z 1i o. 2 a. Explain with neat sketch on modes of fbilures in bolted joint. b' Determine ilie strength and efficiency of lap joint consist of l0 mmand g mm Use Iv{18 grade 5.6 black bolt and pei+o grade plate. Edge distance Pitch: 50 mm of Fig. e2 (b). Assume fully threadld bolt. .*" _+1n _"{ 3 a. what are the advantages and disadvantages of welding? b' Determine the Bracket load 'P' the column can carry as shown iri F'ig. e3 (b). weld as 8 mm, f, = 410 Nimm2. All dimensions are in rnri Fig. Q3 (b) 4 a. Calculate the shape fretor of a T section having a flange of 200 mm web of 180 mm depth and l0 mm thickness. b. Calculate plastic mc'rment for the beam shown in Fig. e4 (b), Use load u;a-'LfrXt{1,'l :xr: 5tu f} -0 ti _{,__ I of2 Fig. Qa (b)
  4. 4. PART _ B a. Explain the different modes of failure of tension members. b. Determine the strength of the plate l60mm x i0m;rr thick, a force as shown in Fig. e5 (b). Lise MIg dia fu=410 N/mm2. -*s' p . ' ;'!. 'l'i1. .. .,it' (06 Marks) bolts subjected to f, =250 N/mm2, (14 Marks) Fig. Qs (b) section to carry a load of 1500 KN, the channels are arranged back to back. (10 Marks) a box shape of size is 5 M with .:ne end (I0 Marks) .. _1...;. ; ', ' connected with bolts, take 6a. b. la. b. Design a compression member using double channel height of column is 6 m and both ends are fixed. Assume f., = 150 N/mm2. Design a compression member using four angle sections arranged in 400mm x 400mm to carry a load of 2500 kN. The height of the column fixed and other end hinged. Assume lo = l80N I mm2 . Mention type of column base. Explain the terms with a neat sketch. (06 Marks) Design a column base (slab base) and concrete base for a column ISHLT4[rC subjected to an axial load of 1000 KN. Use M20 grade concrete, safe bearing of'soil L zoo rN/rr. Draw neat sketch with bolted connection (M22 grade 9.8 HSiG Bolt). (14 Marks) The RCC floor of a class room 6mx l2m is supported on beilm kept @3 ^ClC.The beams are simply supported at ends over a span of 6 m, and rest on 300 mm thick mason-ry walls. Assuming the thickness of slab : 125 mm, Live Loacl on siab :4 KN/m2. Design an interior beam using IS specification. Apply all the necessary checks. (20 Marks) *{.*dr{< 2 of 2
  5. 5. USN Examination, Valuation C) .9 C) L =E a () (.) tr oX _y. c3 q, 7tn -oo ll troor!l .E c.r E;i E() -':- ?a rr= ur() -t< ooc ?9 /(6 ivJ 4 o-r =va- o-X o.{ 3rE 3<) l< (J O.= ),'* boo C OIJ o= o- hi =>=drVL o J< J ..i C) Z r o- r000 i r040 1 080 I120 I 160 1200 1240 *rll:zol , -T--f5r.40 I I 5 i si 0o 50.90 50.s0 50.80 50.60 50.70 51.20 52.00a dor,vnrvard gradient of I in 200 , (40 Marks) (15 Marks) (15 Marks) (08 Marks) (07 Marks) Calculate (15 Marks) PART _ B a. , Briefly explain different types of estimates. b. Explain different types of contracts. Fig.Q6 shows the longitudinal section of RCC beam of size 300 mm x 600 mm. the quantity of steel required, diameter wise if the weight of rod/mt is as follows: 8 mm ) 0.4 kg/mt 12 mm + 0.9 kg/mt 20 mm ) 2.A kg/mt l0 mm + 0.6 kg/mt 16 mm -+ 1.6 kg/mt 25 mm + 3.8 kg/mt I ofZ ffiffiHmffiffiffiffi Sev.enth Semester B.E. f)egree : , Estimation and Time: 3 hrs. lv'lax. Marks:100 i*otff 1. Answer Q.NO.I ond any FOUR of tlte remaining. PART _ A The plan of building is shown in nftffiIw*nout the quairt.ities and cost of the following item of work. a. Earth work excavation for fi>r;ndation in hard soil at Rs.2i!,00/cum. b. CC l:4:8 bed for foundation at Rs.4329lcum. c. Size stone masonry in CM I:8 fiir foundation and Cl4 I :6 for basement at Rs.2354lcum and Rs.2 862/su m respect ive ly. d. Burnt brick masonry for superstrur.:trlre in CM 1.5 at Rs.5326lcum. Note: Cut Lintel of size 0.3 x 0.2 a:nd 0.75 m chejja projection. Write detailed specification for any three of tire t?.rllowing: a. Size stone rnasonry for basement in CM l.5. b. Providing and construction BBM for super structure in CM l:6. c. Providing and laying CC l: lt/z: 3 for R(lC roof slab. Workout from first principles, tlre safelianalysis for:any three of the following: a. Size stone masonry for foundaticiu CM l:8. b. 20 mm thick plastering to well ivith CM l:6. c. B.B.M for superstructure irr Cll l:6. d. R.C.C. l: lt/z: 3 for roof siab rvith l% steel. Estimate the quantityl of earth work for a portion of road following data. Foi'rnation width of the road is l0 metre side: for 400 m length from the sicpes are 2:l in banking and lt/z:l in cutti r*.- I i t0, RL of ground m RL of fonr:ation r l5 Marks)
  6. 6. 7 Write short notes on any Three of following: a;. Earnest money deposit (EMD) and security deposit (SD) b. Nominal Muster Roll (NMR) c. l'eclrnical sanction and administration approval d. Speciiication and its importance IOCV/CT73 (15 Marks) k tTc 3arl IM hr ,#, - trNDe-41 D= lm'z'lI Dr = 09N l2' lU [:0''lSr't 12'r N q )rNlNta p6i1-Lsntx3n aFrrl ? ','.i#*'"d d r l'qi,uxl'35'-r *t; llll;rJ ,,i. , t'-* l0lsI ffi *eur-! -[Sskncss $ED Boom L)ll^I S h.E&tx'l.tN H&u l'Sh'l 0 y6P-,tFll24lt t+'SMAN BB n-, 4* .t{",3^, Sl, "thn'io r n Socm ehl. l'' ,{ Fig.Q6 y-he 11-'1@ Fig.Q6 - $rr,{l" C6.".,'rtde I'3 J Ss* -{* h;"'*."^1": I ln 6vnlU ** 1 d,(m d -wV l l'lLP Fig.Q I I" Dxr fou.d*{r -a- r qN C,"[-,t ** 2 of 2
  7. 7. @ffiffiffiffi '-:,'.,.,i . Irr' l:l : ?-( r, -l!f ,;'abr.:) , .., /, il 13i,,,ni :fiitocvl 4 USN d() C) L tr a E() aL ox dU 7t/) -ot, ll troo .=N 6 ?.n .JE -aJ i':- o> C) .- D? 6= ijo -t- o0c )e ,G !wJ 3 {.) o- 5- oj tt! 6J= 'h ,C (tr; LaJ >'1- oo-c00 4)i o-U =>=uU" (-,< - (tl (.) Z tr a- 1a. b. C. Sevr-'nth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, April 20tB '' Design of Prestressed Goncrete Structures Time: 3 hrs. lMax. Marks: 1 00 Note; tr. Answer any FIW.full questions, setecting : {ttleust TWO questions from eqcl, ptrt' ,: 2. Lise of IS : 1343 is Permitted- - : 3r. Assume ony missing data suitafi-!1t. Explain the principle of Pr'estressing. Diiferentiate between bonded and unbounded members in PSC' Explain with a neat sketch. '"Hoyer's Long Line'', system of pre-tensioning. a. A pSC beam of rectangular section 400mm rvidth and 600mm deep is provided rvith a tendon having a parabolic cable with an eccentricity of l00mm at the centre. lf the total external load on tle beam is 35kN/m on tlre whole span,, calculate the extreme fiber stresses for the mid span section using Load Balanaing Method. The tendon carries a prestressing force of l000kN. (08 Marks) (04 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) 4a. b. b. A beam of symmetrical I section spanning 12rn has a flange width of 300rnm and thickness gOmm. Tlre web depth is 80mm. The overali depth of the beam is 800mm. The parabolic cable has an eccentricity of 300nini at the centrbr and zero eccentricity at the end and it carries an initial prestressing fb6c. of 150kN The, live load on the beam is 3.5kN/m. Assuming a loss of ZOyo, bi-strength concept, caletilale the stress at the mid span section during thl transfer of pre-sriess and working load condition. Assume density of concrete as 25kN7m3 (12 vlarks) a. List ditferent losses Of prestress in PSC members (06 Marks) b. A post tensioned conci'ete beam 250mm x 400mm is prestresscd by 12 wires of 7mm diameter initially srres:sed to 1200N/mm'. The profile of the c3bl; is parabolic with zero eccentricity at supports and 120mm at the centre. Estimate.the ilss in prestress due to various / acterrs o^nd ulto the percentage loss for the following ciata. : Span: lOm, f.r:40Nlinm2:::. Er: 2 x 105 N/mml , relaxation of stress in steel ='4o/o ., shrinliage slrain:3 >^,1(i-4, creep coeft'icient: 1.6, co-efficient of friction betw,gen cableand duct, [.:0.55 , flriction coefficient for wave effect. K:0.0015/m length, anche)rage slip :3n1I' E: : i,6 , 103 N/mm2. Assume all cables are tensioned and prestressed simultaneous_ly. : t14 Marks) List the factors influencing deflection of a PSC beam. (0o Marks) A,prestressed concrete beam l20mm x 300mm deep. spans over 6m. The b,egl .is p."rtr.rred by a straight cable carrying an effective force of 180kN at an e:50mm. lf the beam supports an imposed load oi+t Xl, and E. : 38kN/ffiffi2, compute the deflection at the following stages and check if they comply with the lS code specifications. i) Upward deflection under (prestress + self weight) and ii) Final downward deflection under (prestress + self weight + imposed load) including the effects of creep and shrinkage. Assume creep coefficient: 1.8. Take Selfweight. wr:0.86 N/mm. I of2 (14 Marks)
  8. 8. TOL'V74 PART _ B a. Explain the fLexural failure of an under reinforced PSC section. (05 Nlarks) b. A post tensiorred bonded PSCT - beam has flange width of 1500nun and flange thickness l75mm. Thickness of the rib is 300mm. Area of steel is 5000m*t , located at an effbctive depth of l80Cnrrn. lf fi : 1600N/mm2 and f.t:40N/mm2, calculate the flexural strength of the section. (15 Marks) a. A PSC beam having unsynlmetrical I - section has a fiber stress distribution of 13N/mm- (compression) at the top edge linearly reducing to zero at the bottom. The top fange width and thickness are 240}mtm and 400mm respectively. the bottom flange width and thickness are l200mm and gOOmrn respectively and the depth arrd thickness of the web are l000mm and 600mm respectivety. I'he total service load shear in the concrete at the section is 2350 kN. Conrpute and cornpare the principal stresses at the centroidal axis and at the junction of the web with the lovrer f,ange. Assurhe the tendon to be straight. (10 Marks) b. The support section of a PSC beam l50mm x 300mm deep is required to support an ultimate shear force of l00kN. Compressiv'e prestress at the centroidal axis is SN/mmr. Adopt M40 grade concrete and cover io;tension reinforcement as 45mm. Design suitable reinforcements at the section using IS : 1343 recommendations. Use 8mm O 2 legged a. What is transmission length? List the factors atibcting transmission length. (04 Marks) b. The end block of a P.S.C girder rs 200mm by 300nrm. The beam is post -tensioned by 2 anchorages each of l00mm diameter with their cen'rers located at 75mm from the top and bottom of the beam. The fbrce transmitted by each anchorage is 2000kN. Compute the bursting fbrce and design suitable reinforcements acctlrding to IS : 1343 provisions. Also sketch the arrangement cf anchorage zone reinforcement, LIse : l0 Q links, Yield stress of steel :260 N/mm2 (16 Marks) Design a symmetrical I - se.'tion of span l6m to carry superimposed load of lSkN/m. Assume compressive stress r.rf <:rincrete as l5MPa at transfer and l2Mpa at working load. The permissible tensile stress in concrete at boththe stages of loading are lI'1Pa. Assume the loss of prestress as20o/o and the initial prestress in steel shall not exceed 1000N{Pa. (20 Marks) ***** 2 of 2
  9. 9. rl b. a.) C) o l- E et () (.) L ax oo- (!! 7r i, tt troo .= c.l i1) - 0., 'a) -- ;l .' 27) c0c €5'ee ,63 2a =e.J) - =9 =c-C); ?.= 6-- ArE LiJ C.= otcC OIJ '5= 0)= Li C) =aVL ()- (/< Jc-i 7) z r' C* @NffiffiMffiffi$8ffi.I USN ,S'eventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, April Solid Waste Managementrrlrllll ru cla, atE rllClr lcrlrrE: Tinre: 3 hrs. per home , l0 compactor loads and 25 flat bed truck loaci,/r,i,eelc. c. Write explanatory note on : i) Garbage chutes ii) Route optinrization. a. b. C. Max. Marks:100 ,, . 20r I ,: 10cv757 (06 Marks) (06 Marks) Note: Answer any I-IVE.full questions, selectirlg stleast TWO questionsfrom eoch part. PART _ A a. What is Land Pollution? Highlight the major sources of lanel pollution. (06 Marks) b. With a flow diagram. expiain the functional elements cf solid waste management. (07 Marks) c. Estimate the energy content of solid waste sample lvith following composition. Assume moisture content :2lo/o, Ash content :5Yo. Whai is the energy content on dry basis and on ash free dry basis? (07 Marks) Component Food waste Faper T Cund I uoare Plastic Garden waste Wood Tin cans oh bv mass l5 4s I tu l0 l0 05 05 Energy content kJ/ke 4650 167s0 i 16300 32600 6500 r 8600 700 Distinguish between Hauled container and stitionary container system with a schematic diagram. (08 Ntarks) An area consisting of 800 homes corrtlibutes solid rv,aste. Estimate the unit rvaste generation rate. If the observation location is a local transfbr station and period of generation is one week. The rvaste is carried out in two typ3s of vehiclcs viz. compactor trucks and flat bed trucks whose volumes are l5 and l.t5m3 respectiveiy.'L-he densities of the materials are 300kg/m3 and lO0kg/rn' for (;ompactor and flat bed tru.:!<s respectively. Assume 6 persons a. Explain briefly different processing techniques used for solid waste lltanagement. (12 Marks) b. Discuss the importance of waste transformation in solid waste managcrnent. (08 Marks) a. Explain the paranieter 3T's factor affecting the Incineration process. (06 Marks) b. Explain Irtcinel. lion process. What are the products of Incineration? (06 Marks) c. List anci explain eflbct of common hazardous gaseous emission from iin Incineration process. (08 Marks) PART _ B Expiain the physical , chemical and biological process involved in composting ol'organic sotid waste. (0S ltarks) Write brief note on Vermi Composting. (04 Marks) Determine the amount of air required to oxidize completely I Tonne of rvaste having the chemical equation Cso Hroo o+o N. (0g Marks) I of 2
  10. 10. I l0cr/757 Witiithe help of aneat diagram, explain the salient featuresof a sanitary larrdfill. (08Marks) Write a brie.f note on "Landfill Gas Collection and use" .i, i (04 Marks) Estimatc tire required landfill area for a community with a population of i 1000. Assume the fo llowing i) Solid waste generation:2.9 kgicapitalday. ii)CompactedEensityofsolid*uiteinlandfill:474.6kg/m3. iii) Uncompactr;d Oeltity of solid waste is 907.2 kg/m3. iv) Average depth cf compacted waste : 3.1m. a. Explain the characteristics of biomedical waste and its disposai method. b. Write brief note on Process of pyrolysis with neat sketch C.Writenoteonoceandisposaiofsolidwaste. ,, rl l 6a. b. c. (08 Marks) (07 Marks) (08 Marks) (05 Marks) a. Explain with a flow diagram. tlr€ l'€:covery of waste components from municipal solid waste. : ,, , (06Marks) b. Explain E,nvironmental significance of plastic waste. (07 Marks) c. Describe the reuse and recycling of solid waste tnaterial. (07 Marks) ,r *:k r<:t 2 of 2
  11. 11. ffiMHffiW USN sev-enth semester B.E. Degree Examination, Air Pollution and Gontrol Time: 3 hrs. Note: 1. Answer FIVEfull questions, selectittg 2. Missing dato tf any mu-y be suitabljl ussumed' 10cv765 Max. Marks:100 on*,o,rn,s into diftbrent .il:riljilj o; o C) L a rlt E IJ CJ L 6)X oo- de -oo ll coc .= o] r cll |!, a D= -a) -'- 'J) ,- D7 ;'l ! au -L Ir ;, 3J !-J 'i a- ;_3 (JJ .hJ t):6 ,,J atE =c) >,,i co- C CJI cJ- o- >j =>;avL O -<: r-i (.) Z tr c- La. b. 2a. b. 3a. b. 4a. b. Define Air Potlution? How do Explain with examPle. Explain photochemical sn'log and Describe with neat sketches. how different of plumes. Write an explanatory note on air inversion' atrnospheric condition give rise to diffbrent kilds ( l0 IVIarks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Nlarks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) PART _ A you classity the atr its effects. Explain with specific examples the harmfu[ effei'ts criAir pollution on human beings. (10 Marks) Explain briefly two important cases of Air poiiution episodes' (10 Marks) 7a. b. Explain the factors influencing the irrdustrial plant iot;ation and planning. Write short notes on the follov', ing : i) Wind rose ii) Metrotogical instrumeilis. PART - B a. With a neat sketch, explain the rvorking of an electrostatic precipitator. b. Discuss the advantagcs and disadvantages of wet scrubbing' a. Explain briet].v tire phenomenon of Green Home effects, with neat sketch. b. nxptain the c'ause, and effects of Acid Rain' ' ' Writ short note on any four of the following : a. Acid Rain b. Global warming c. Ozone depletion in stratosphere d. Indoor Air pollution e. Environurental policy act and standard f Bhopal Gas tragedY. Explain tiie different control measures adopted to check of air politutaflts emitted by automobiles. . ,. (lo Marks) Expiail the automobile pollutant into different categories, indicating their sollrces. (10 Marks) >kr<*{<i< (20 Marks)